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Meet Reid; and Noé has hat envy!

My Furry Bella Bo middie Blythe came in, and I took a few pictures, but was too burnt out from work to post. I had bought a green pixie hat, and a cute kawaii animal print dress from Tired Mom Knits again. 105 more words

LWKMD ! GOONS : Kashamu,Fayose Caught Mauling Eba with Champagne |PEEKS

Check out who the eagle eye of journalist caught up with..

.huh is him the irunmole to je boli @ Ekiti State governor, Ayodele Fayose and Senator… 26 more words


So. Middie happened today.

I am hooked on freaking Mandarake for all my Japanese toy import needs. USUALLY, the items need to be checked on, to see if they are in stock, you wait on an invoice and if it’s in stock, they hold the item, and you have 5 days to pay. 125 more words


The Bossy Little Things are going to be MAD at me. I promise you I’ve been watching several middies on Ebay, and have several I was going to bid on, but then I remembered Mandy Cotton Candy Blythe, and how I want one, because , blue hair. 131 more words

Bossy Little Things.

…dammit. I have two middie Blythe. They do even LESS than a regular Blythe, but yet, I want another one.

Mother fucker. I think they have twice the hypnotic powers of their Neo sisters. 10 more words

DOLLSPLOSION! Noé, Lydia Green custom Middie Blythe

And I swear, when it rain, it pours dolls. It always seems like I get all my purchases en masse, which makes me look like I get a lot more crap than I actually do. 96 more words

Blythe Bento Box Hat

I thought I had enough Blythe hats, until I saw this adorable little bento box hat, made by Kawaii Kandy,  and had to commission it. 103 more words