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EBA publishes credit institution application standards

EBA has published its final draft RTS on information applications to be credit institutions should provide to competent authorities, and the templates they should use to provide it.


EBA publishes final PSD2 PII guidelines

EBA has published the final guidelines under PSD2 on how to stipulate the minimum amount of PII cover or a comparable guarantee that undertakings intending to carry out payment initiation services or account information services should hold. 70 more words


EBA calls for evidence from investment firms

EBA has started a supplementary data collection exercise aimed at supporting a response to the European Commission’s call for evidence to help it shape the new prudential framework for investment firms. 46 more words


ESAs answer questions on the KID requirements for PRIIPs

The ESAs have published the first set of question and answers (Q&A) related to the KID requirements for PRIIPs. The purpose of the Q&A is to promote a common supervisory approach to the implementation of the KID. 22 more words


EBA publishes consumer data usage report

EBA has published a report following its recent observations that a growing number of financial institutions use consumer data in innovative ways, often combining internally held data with data gathered from external sources such as social media. 224 more words


EBA consults on PSD2 central contact points

EBA is consulting on draft RTS addressing how to determine whether there should be a central contact point under PSD2 and what the functions of that contact point should be. 53 more words


EU to relocate agencies from Britain

The 27 EU member states that will remain after Britain’s exit from the bloc discussed a possible process for relocating two London-based EU agencies during its Ministerial meeting on Tuesday. 312 more words