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So long, 2012

Well here we are, at the start of a new year, and for me that also (roughly) marks the start of my second year of this blog. 1,100 more words

Live Beer Blogging at #EBBC12 Leeds

As part of the European Beer Blogging Conference held in Leeds in May 2012 we participated in a “Live speed beer blogging session”, 10 beers in an hour, a 5 minute pitch and taste from each brewer or brand ambassador.   133 more words


I joked on a few occasions this week that I feel like I was “coming out” – as a blogger. Some, but not all of my friends and family know that I write a blog. 702 more words

Follow the Bear

Bad beers can lead to good times.  Jumping straight to the ‘best’ of anything deprives you of so much fun along the way.  If your first car was an Aston Martin, then you would never experience the joy of climbing into a Vauxhall Nova on a cold December morning and trying to start it using a manual choke, nor would you have felt the fear of looking down into the foot well of your Daihatsu Charade and seeing daylight.   452 more words


EBBC12 - the aftermath (part 4) - something to open at home

Whether you were there or not, you will no doubt be aware that the European Beer Bloggers Conference was a great opportunity not only to taste a wide range of beers (plus a couple of meals and some delicious cheese) but also to bring things away to enjoy later.  312 more words

EBBC12 - the aftermath (part 2) - Post Futures

Over the course of the weekend just gone, someone made a comment about selling “beer futures” – pay now for a beer that hasn’t even been brewed, in the hope of profit later.  334 more words

EBBC12 - the aftermath (part 1)

If you don’t know by now that the European Beer Bloggers Conference was held in Leeds last weekend then you’ve probably either been asleep for a month, or have been comatose through enjoying your beer a bit more than is perhaps advisable! 362 more words