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This Eberhard Faber flat pocket pencil has got me wondering something. It’s similar in design to countless other versions made by the company but this one has a… 183 more words


Eberhard Faber Hevi-Check 6339

I had always thought of the Hevi-Check as being a colored pencil: either red, blue, or half of each. It turns out there was a graphite version too. 60 more words


Not Any Old Faber Will Do

In a previous post I mentioned that there are minute differences in dimension found between the flat cedar pencil refills manufactured by Fabers Eberhard, Johann, and Lothar. 287 more words


Eberhard Faber Dart 1172

I suppose it looks a little bit like a dart, but past that I’m not sure where the name comes from. The design for this pencil dates back to 1937/38; the designer, H.J. 147 more words


War Mongols

These Eberhard Faber Mongols were made in 1944, near the height of U.S. production for the Second World War. Pencils from this time period are often found to have plastic or cardboard ferrules because the metals used in traditional ferrules were vital to the war effort, so they were rationed and prioritized: 366 more words


Just When Was The Mongol Introduced?

  • The book I Heart Design says it was in the mid-nineteenth century.
  • In Stamps of the Philippines, Lisa Mapua says 1999 was the Mongol’s 150th anniversary (i.e.
  • 258 more words
Eberhard Faber

Two Cents Worth Of Difference

An issue of Business Screen magazine from 1939 made mention of a short film called Two Cents Worth Of Difference. It’s a 38-minute “sound film” made by the Eberhard Faber Company for training and advertising purposes. 183 more words