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Isn't It Time For An Eberhard Faber Postage Stamp?

Not only is it time, I’d say it’s long overdue. Based on everything that the U.S. Postal Service asks of a stamp proposal, I put together a prospectus and created the samples pictured here.  94 more words


A Handsome Black Pencil (1)

An iconic pencil must be assigned an iconic color. It is certainly the case with most flagship pencils. That said, black often seems to be the paint of choice when a manufacturer wants to signal that a particular pencil is a cut above the rest. 134 more words

Eberhard Faber

Basteln mit dem Musikaliker

The title of, and idea for, this post were inspired by stolen from some of my favorite posts at Gunther’s blog; a series called Basteln mit dem Lexikaliker… 22 more words


more sketches and toughts on pencils

found a good pen yesterday…

this blog was started by my love for drawing with blue pencil – hence the name “Blau” meaning blue, “Stift” being the pencil. 313 more words

The Eberhard Faber Mongol Gets Its Stripe

The Eberhard Faber Mongol is an iconic pencil, whose origins date back at least to the turn of the twentieth century. Its most distinguishing feature is the black-and-gold ferrule — a design that the Eberhard Faber Company would eventually refer to it as “the characteristic… 155 more words


Pencils, Onscreen and Otherwise

For the dreary winter months down here in the southern hemisphere, I have joined fellow Montevideanos in what seems to be one of their favorite pasttimes: Netflix binge-watching. 163 more words


Cooperation Among "The Big 4"

This was originally going to be a “this date in pencil history” kind of post, but I would have had to wait until October.

The letter above was written by George Smith, who in 1920 was the president of the Joseph Dixon Crucible Company. 120 more words