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Birds Of A Feather

Some of the many versions of the clamp eraser ferrule.


"Pull Out Clamp To Lengthen Eraser"

This is an Eberhard Faber Van Dyke 601 pencil with a paper insert, explaining how to lengthen the clamp eraser. I’m speculating that this insert was a forerunner to the cutout arrow found on later ferrules: 121 more words


Faber Circular Erasers

Comments from the previous post got me wondering about circular erasers. Whether for typewriters or pencil, the shape was supposed to offer a consistently thin edge. 165 more words


"The Sudden Disappearance of Miss Take"

This promotional package for Eberhard Faber’s circular erasers comes with a story, or rather a short short story: “The Sudden Disappearance of Miss Take.”

The inside has a cavity with room for one eraser. 40 more words


Tsunago Blackwing Rescue

Extenders are a handy way of getting down to the last inch of an Eberhard Faber Blackwing 602. But depending on the design, they can make sharpening the pencil a bit tedious. 181 more words


"The Mascot of Business"

This Mongol “Woof-Woof” was made by the Eberhard Faber Company, sometime in the 1920s or 1930s. Though it’s difficult to see, there is a hole such that a pencil can be held in the dog’s mouth. 21 more words