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Ecover Design – Some Points to Remember

Running business is not a piece of cake, rather needs a lot of effort. To ensure success for your entrepreneurial effort, it is important for you to create the right impression for your target visitors. 485 more words

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Minisite Design – Importance of Layout Selection

Modes of online marketing keep changing over time. The latest trend dictates a more directly responsive type of internet marketing and that has made minisite templates more pragmatic, relevant and important a choice to catch attention of a larger number of netizens in a quick space of time. 465 more words

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Know Upcoming Trend in Ebook Design

Ebook has brought renaissance in publishing industry. Digital books have a big hit with both the publishers and bookworms since invention of movable version. Ebook publishers and distributors are reportedly stalking a larger claim amidst phenomenal growth in the book market. 474 more words

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Some Effective Ways to Create an Excellent Ecover Design

Ecover is a common word across the spectrum of digital marketing. If you are selling products online, you definitely need a way to make your target customers familiar with your offer and also the brand on the whole. 496 more words

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5 Important Tips to Develop an Effective Ecover Design

More often than not, online marketers face serious problems as to making a digital marketing decision. Digital marketing has become more complex these days and as an inevitable consequence, marketers are facing more challenges. 499 more words

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Creating a book cover for kindle

I just published a 140 page ebook on Amazon called Ebola: Local voices, hard facts. Now there are a LOT of other books about ebola on Amazon. 1,239 more words