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Just released! Horror-Satire "THE BUREAUCRAT"

A story for anyone who has ever wanted to burn down a call center.

Libby Frower loves crushing veterans’ hopes and dreams.

Libby Frower works at the VA pharmacy. 38 more words


Importance of eBook Cover Art

Unlike traditional books whose covers were mainly designed conventionally to attract casual readers, modern authors use bright, interesting images and racy cover designs to catch the attention of the modern reader and probably make them want to buy the book. 360 more words


Art WIP: Heroes of Houndsmouth

Worked on this during General Conference (#ldsconf) today. Time to break for the weekend so I can see the errors (Pro Tip: They’re probably all on that wonky shield uuugh.) 49 more words


How do I: design book covers

The past several books I have written have all been on very niche topics that are not visual at all. These are complex, niche topics which many people do not understand and are not familiar household terms nor concepts. 732 more words

Henrik De Gyor

Coming soon - Monsoons and Mayflowers

Coming soon, my next book – Monsoons and Mayflowers.

A book about nature and life in Mumbai city. It will be released online as a Kindle ebook. 18 more words


Sensual Harassments (Excerpts)


Being single long after twenties begets curious questions like “Is my sexual life normally functioning?” “Am I normal?”  “Am I destined to celibacy?” etc. 1,952 more words

Christian Short Story

City of the Wiccad book cover

Yesterday we had a title and now we get a book cover. I’m pretty sure you might be able to work out just where the City of the Wiccad is located when you see the book cover. 37 more words