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Weekend Book Buzz - 29/30 July 2017

Welcome book lovers! I hope you have fared better than I have this week. I finally succumbed to the nasty flu virus that has been hanging around and plaguing our home for the last few weeks, but I’m ever so grateful that I can still talk to you all without sharing it around! 458 more words

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Smashwords Summer/Winter Sale

July marks the annual sale at ebook retailer Smashwords, and my ebooks there are 50% off through the end of this month. (Yeah, I’m a little later than I wanted to be with this post, but at least you’ve still got 11 days left.) 39 more words

Weekend Book Buzz - 17/18 June 2017

Well, I’m finally home, safe and sound, with a pile of laundry to keep me busy for the whole weekend! So, once again, there hasn’t been a lot happening around here this week. 535 more words

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Weekend Book Buzz - 27/28 May 2017

Hello book lovers! It’s been another┬ábusy week this week, and as I look at what’s coming up for June there is just soooooo much book love to be buzzing about! 633 more words

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Weekend Book Buzz - 20/21 May

Hello book lovers! Boy has it been a busy week this week! Let’s begin with a recap of what the week brought here at Fiction Aficionado: 658 more words

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Weekend Book Buzz - 6/7 April 2017

Hello book lovers! Welcome to the Weekend Book Buzz. :-) There’s plenty to buzz about, especially this month’s eBook specials! But first, here’s a recap of last week’s posts: 536 more words

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Hear The Monster Roar - Audiobooks On The Rise

Despite early worries that e-books would force print to go the way of the woolly mammoth and Elvis, it appears the end is not nigh. In fact, in 2016, paperback sales were up over 5%, with e-books down over 20%. 533 more words

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