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Let Us C by Yashwant Kanetkar (13th edition & solution)

Let Us C is a popular introductory book to the world of C programming. Its simple and approachable style has kept it a popular resource for newbies for many years. 347 more words


One Wild Ride You Are Certain To Enjoy Repeatedly

There’s so much to say about Debbie Zello’s new novel “Why you don’t die in Dreams”. Though if one were to attempt to describe, detail or outline the plot for another, they would ultimately wind up saying, “It’s one of those you just have to read to fully understand and enjoy”. 263 more words


Clean, Organize, and Declutter Your Home

12 DIY Household Hacks Under $10: (DIY Projects For Your Home) (DIY Hacks For A Better Home)

by Michael Smart (Author)


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Pizza Making For Dummies

20 Most Delicious Homemade Pizza Recipes: (Perfect Pizza, American Perfect Pie)

by Charlotte Cook (Author)


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When Life Comes Calling... #Poetry #NoSanctuaryForCowards

When life demands more
Than I can humanly supply
Help me to trust in Your Grace
And not opt out…

ForI was never built
To handle life…

26 more words

The Voyage of the Minotaur - Chapter 13 Excerpt

It was chilly and wisps of mist hung in the air. On the distant shore, beyond the wall formed by impossibly tall redwood trees, large spruces, massive maple and bay trees, filled in between by thick huckleberry and azalea bushes and wave upon wave of rhododendron, some giant and no doubt frightening monster roared out a challenge. 1,088 more words