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Wes Moss's "Starting from Scratch"

I’ve listened to Wes Moss for years now. He’s the host of “Money Matters” on a local radio station, and he seems to be an approachable, common-sense guy. 275 more words




The Assassin has been patient – a one man sleeper cell, waiting for the perfect time to exact his nation’s revenge in spectacular and shocking style. 210 more words

Are You Going Deep Enough?

–Sondi Warner, Writer/Blogger for Wrought Iron Reads

Has it ever been this easy to find great books? At no other point in history has the world’s best writing been merely a strike of keys or mouse-click away. 774 more words


Writing during the Thanksgiving Break...

Thanksgiving 2015 was a nice little holiday break. My boyfriend and I decided not to go to his family’s dinner this year, so I did all the cooking for Thanksgiving dinner. 279 more words


New Cover for Brechalon

Brechalon, Senta and the Steel Dragon Book 0 ( a free download) now has a new cover, to match the design aesthetic of the new book in the series– The Price of Magic. 20 more words


Everybody Wanna Fly - poem from eBook

You and I are closely linked

But what am I supposed to think

I failed

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Well, I guess I’m supposed to drink 98 more words