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Review: The Aerobic House Cleaning Lifestyle by Stevie Markovich

Simply put, The Aerobic House Cleaning Lifestyle by Stevie Markovich is a ‘how to’ guide on turning housework into an aerobic workout or exercise.

While the author was able to provide a number of useful and interesting tips for turning housework into an aerobic workout or exercise, I found the text to be underwhelming. 451 more words


Holiday Island Mystery

Holiday Island Mystery is a story about a hired car,
which turns a lovely holiday into counterfeiting and
espionage, on the beautiful island of Jersey. The… 11 more words


Alan R. Ryan releases new eBook: Emperor Forever

The war is over, and Shudaii has returned to Catharus. As more than twenty years have passed, Catharus has become but a speck in an ocean dripping with all forms of life, and bubbling at the seams with rebellion. 111 more words

Darkness Descends


THE BIRCHWOOD HALL TRILOGY Three separate, read alone, rip-roaring tales of anguish and romance but along with the conflict comes a little kink in the form of a domestic discipline theme and dominant men who might make you want to pull out and dust off that riding crop or leather tawse from the bottom draw of your dresser. 242 more words

Erotic Novels

Akak Pun Nak Jual Air Mata Kucing lah!

Rutin pagi sebelum sampai ke ofis, saya akan singgah ke gerai tepi jalan untuk beli breakfast. Bungkus saja, macam selalu. Pagi ini kakak pembantu gerai sedang rancak berborak dengan kawannya, kakak penghantar kuih donut dan akak supplier karipap sardin. 408 more words

Pasar Ramadhan

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If I sent him a copy, then that means I have his address . 202 more words

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