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The Internet in real time

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This animation keeps things in perspective!

Watch as the number of tweets, youtube posts and watches, Linkedin searches, Skype calls, Instagram photo uploads, Google searches, App downloads, Facebook likes, emails sent, Dropbox files saved, Amazon items purchased, Netflix views … and much more, changes in real time in front of your eyes. 55 more words


Some Factors Affecting Online Customer Satisfaction

Success of any business is primarily based on user satisfaction which is a major predictor of online consumer behavior, and online business is no exception. But, what builds up this user satisfaction and motivates a user to like and use an online system or website and keep coming back. 514 more words


Why an E-Business Makes Me Happy

Have you like many others considered starting (or growing) an online business? A business owner who does any, or all, of their business using the internet, is running an online business (also known as an ebusiness). 543 more words

5 Reasons Why You Should Have a Home Based Business

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After studying my time and chatting with some other work-at-home folks, I discovered five reasons to embrace the schedule

One of the attractions of working at home is the vision of freedom it invokes — no time clock, no time sheets, and no one to account to for how you spend your time. 501 more words


Intend To Start An eBusiness? Ponder About Things You Cannot Afford To Ignore

So you are giving a serious thought to starting your eBusiness? Well, I take this opportunity to congratulate you on your decision as you have selected a definite path to succeed and view growth. 336 more words

Make Money Messing Around On Facebook?

Today I want to describe how I marketed my writing skills to a higher level and make some money. I’m talking about a website named ‘Paid Social Media Jobs’ I have been very fond of. 185 more words

Inventory Management in the Age of Big Data

We are on the verge of a major upheaval in the way inventory is managed. This revolution is a result of the availability of the huge amounts of real-time data that are now routinely generated on the internet and through the interconnected world of enterprise software systems and smart products. 501 more words