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Rookie Freelancing

Alright so I have come to a point in my freelancing journey where I no longer trust people and need to figure out a reputable way of distributing my work AND getting paid for it. 565 more words

Web 1.0 vs. Web 2.0

With Web 1.0, you could read articles and reviews etc. but there was no interaction between the reader and the poster, this was all before the phenomenon of Social Media and the introduction of Web 2.0. 181 more words

'Social Shopping'- Will it take off?

Graham Charlton of E-consultancy asked a group of e-commerce professionals what were there predictions of big trends in 2015 and one of the trends mentioned was ‘Social Shopping’. 253 more words

Popcorn video - Social Media Marketing

Click on the link below to view my Popcorn maker video on the future of social media marketing!

The key drivers within the Social Media Marketing Industry

Google Power Searching... How it can help students

Google Power Searching is a really important and valuable tool for students to use. After being taught these tips and tricks, I use them all the time when researching for references and wider reading for my University work. 188 more words

How social media can help businesses - my personal case study at CLAAS UK

At Harper Adams we have a compulsory year out on a work placement. For mine, I worked at CLAAS UK at their headquarters in Suffolk. During this year I was working in the Marketing department, where they were really keen for myself and another Harper Adams student to create an online presence on social media for their retail companies. 532 more words

Using WordPress as a blogging tool and an aid for student reflection

Since using WordPress it has helped me, as a student, reflect upon past work and experiences. Specifically after blogging about our visit to the Wolverhampton Innovation Centre which I can now look back on for future references for assignments and work. 343 more words