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Trad media got prosh

Last week the PROSH students were out and about in their fancy dress, collecting money for charity ($150,000 all told) and distributing their newspapers at almost every intersection into and out of the city. 386 more words


SM for SME's -

Social media is not only a tool for the big guys but also a valuable tool for small businesses. As New Zealand is a small business economy we are a great example. 229 more words

Blogging at it's best?

The number of social media users is constantly on the rise. Blogging websites such as WordPress have become a highly popular platform for getting a message out to the masses. 253 more words

Fatwallet.com bonus, now the fun stuff

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When you list on ebay the title is what is used to be found on the internet, i.e. 187 more words


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I will sharing my insight and experiernces about selling on Ebay on a weekly or ┬ámore….

Things that sell best for me aren’t necessarily the things that I like… 477 more words

Rookie Freelancing

Alright so I have come to a point in my freelancing journey where I no longer trust people and need to figure out a reputable way of distributing my work AND getting paid for it. 565 more words

Web 1.0 vs. Web 2.0

With Web 1.0, you could read articles and reviews etc. but there was no interaction between the reader and the poster, this was all before the phenomenon of Social Media and the introduction of Web 2.0. 181 more words