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Developing an E-Government Strategy

Governments go through a number of phases in their implementation of web based service strategy. Their web focus and direction is based as much on available skill sets, technology, and resources as it does on the mandate granted to them by the citizens they serve. 1,281 more words


Bye bye TV ... Hello Online stream

If we think back to the early 2000’s television was the most interesting piece of technology that we can lay our hand on! VCR were useful tool for recording our favourite shows while we were at work or school. 1,430 more words


Farewell iiNet

Tomorrow TPG take over Perth’s (as yet only) billion dollar tech startup, Australia’s #2 internet service provider iiNet, with financial settlement on the deal.

Founded in his Mum’s Padbury garage in 1993, because newly graduated Michael Malone wanted to continue to use the internet post university, the rise of iiNet is testament to Michael’s audacity, vision and hard work, and in latter years, as an example of a company that truly understood (and lived and breathed) that the customer was always at the centre of things. 710 more words


E-Business models

Cost Per Click (CPC)

This business model charges the advertiser a fee each time their ad is click on, this is in contrast to charging per views. 387 more words

Introduction to E-commerce

I followed the first lesson E-commerce, and I like it! This lesson we discussed a several facts about E-commerce like the Customer Journey, What is E-commerce? 351 more words


E-Business Models

During a business’ life, there will be ever changing business models, it is up to the owner and managers to continually adapt and/or change to match the ever varying business environment. 313 more words

Internet Marketing

E-business Models

Before jumping into a full comprehensive content of various differences between different types of business models. Lets start with a simple overview of what a business model is. 286 more words