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Make Money Messing Around On Facebook?

Today I want to describe how I marketed my writing skills to a higher level and make some money. I’m talking about a website named ‘Paid Social Media Jobs’ I have been very fond of. 185 more words

Inventory Management in the Age of Big Data

We are on the verge of a major upheaval in the way inventory is managed. This revolution is a result of the availability of the huge amounts of real-time data that are now routinely generated on the internet and through the interconnected world of enterprise software systems and smart products. 501 more words


Pass Me the Quill and Ink Bottle. I've Got a Post to Write.

I  am a techie. Always have been. In 1981, I begged my parents to purchase a computer and was THRILLED when they finally agreed. They brought home a brand-spanking-new VIC20! 568 more words

Funny- Ha Ha

The Wireless Revolution

Let’s talk about wireless technology, shall we? To be honest I think this is the future for all of us, the wireless industry is booming because wireless technology is the ideal way to connect to the Internet. 463 more words


Blogging as a Strategic Communication Tool

The emergence and further development of the Internet across the globe has transformed businesses, but not only did this have an effect on the businesses alone, but more importantly it changed the relationship between business and consumer. 245 more words


Trad media got prosh

Last week the PROSH students were out and about in their fancy dress, collecting money for charity ($150,000 all told) and distributing their newspapers at almost every intersection into and out of the city. 386 more words