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October 1 - It's That Time of Year

Where do I begin? There was definitely some ups and downs during last week’s breaks. Mostly downs, unfortunately. I must admit this has been one of the toughest breaks that I have been going through, if not the toughest out of the entire three years of treatment. 1,646 more words


I’ve been in hospital since Tuesday. I went to my usual doctor about my persistent headache, and my difficulty being upright due to lightheadedness and feeling short of breath. 604 more words

Chronic Illness

Anthony Komaroff Agrees with CFS Post-Sepsis Model

Who woulda thought that Anthony Komaroff would spill the beans on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome just two days before CDC’s fiasco of a webinar on the next (non)generation of OspA vaccines? 1,680 more words