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Good Day

Today’s a good day. I woke up to Rick Ross singing at 5:00am and didn’t have an issue getting out of bed. Hudson on this other hand was still sleepy and even though I opened his crate, he stayed in the fetal position snoring away. 240 more words

Rest Day

Rest day for a homeschool mom trying to complete a kitchen remodel before summer just seems counter productive. Unless your also a homeschool mom/ renovator/ with an auto immune disease. 469 more words

To Do Lists


Today is a bad day. Not in that, ‘goodness today sucked’ but like an actual bad day. I attempted to go to work, but around non finally taped out; I usually only miss a day of work when I have an appointment or surgery. 393 more words

Sporadic Blindness???

Sporadic blindness is what I have been facing lately with all my crazy symptoms. I have lost my vision many times over the past month. My neurologist wants to wait until I get the lumbar puncture (LP) done before prescribing anything or to see how to proceed. 279 more words


Lumbar Puncture (LP) ... Still Waiting and Still In Massive Pain!

I called my neurologist last week hoping for some form of relief from all this pain and fatigue I am in … I am still bedridden. 1,760 more words


CEBV: Do Not Suddenly Stop Taking Vitamins

Over two weeks ago, I saw my neurologist and she is doing a complete workup from blood work, MRI of brain, cervical and thoracic spine and a lumbar puncture (LP). 1,022 more words