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Update - I fixed my broken adrenals

I feel like I have not been doing my duty of updating my blog. Its for a good reason, I’m doing better and have less to rant about. 276 more words

Where I'm at now

Read My story Part 1 and My story Part 2

8 months after receiving a diagnosis, I am doing much better. I have many days where I feel well, I have energy, and I can spend time doing the things I love, with the people I love. 407 more words

Chronic Illness

Event: Life and work of late seiyu Miyu Matsuki celebrated with charity event

The much-missed voice actor Miyu Matsuki passed away in October 2015, with lymphoma caused by a rare case of chronic active Epstein-Barr virus (CAEBV) taking her life at the age of only 38. 213 more words


30 Day Weight Loss & Healing #1- My Journey Overview

As a healer, it has always been my goal to be able to help those who have not been able to heal by traditional/mainstream means. Those who have searched and searched, been to countless doctors, spent many thousands of dollars on supplements, tried a variety of diets, etc. 1,698 more words

Family Life

Mast Cell Activation, Histamine, Autonomic Dysfunction or M.E?

I believed for many years that I had M.E. after Glandular Fever. I had all the symptoms for decades.

There was the heavy unrelenting fatigue, pain in my nerves, muscles and joints. 240 more words

Healing Salve for Chronic Pain / the language of 'autoimmune'

Each one of us has the right to heal.‘ – astrologer Chani Nicholas on the March 2016 Solar Eclipse in Pisces

I open with the quote from Chani because I started this salve on the Solar Eclipse in Pisces, and so much of what I wanted for it and how I came to make it resonates through the language of her post – although, like most medicines I make, I am not aware of the significance of the transits I am making them under until after the fact (fact: my double lunar eclipse Cleavers Succus was an accident). 929 more words