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M2 protein from MHV68 infection can change non-lethal strain of parasite to lethal strain of malaria

PLOS says that it is known that infections with certain viruses can weaken the immune response to another pathogen. A new study reports provocative findings in mice that infection with the mouse equivalent of Epstein-Barr virus can turn infections with certain parasites that cause malaria in mice (which are normally quickly suppressed by the immune system) into a lethal disease.  262 more words


Warning: Improving your methylation may trigger an Epstein Barr virus relapse

What is the Epstein Barr Virus?

Many people know the Epstein-Barr virus (EBV), or mononucleosis, as “the kissing disease” because it forms massive reserves in the saliva and mouth and it easily transmitted through kissing. 994 more words



In no way is this “vent”/article supposed to hurt the feelings of anyone. That’s not its intended purpose at all. It’s sole purpose is to allow me to get a deeper understanding of my own feelings. 2,914 more words


Can kissing really lead to MS?

Can contracting Epstein-Barr Virus really lead to Multiple Sclerosis (MS) in later life? A recent study involving both healthy controls, and those suffering with MS would say so. 457 more words


Niebo gwiaździste nade mną

Ręka w górę, komu niebo gwiaździste kojarzy się z Immanuelem Kantem i jego prawem moralnym.

Dobra, nie będę liczyć, ale domyślam się, że sporo rąk się uniosło. 1,218 more words

Why We Hate OspA: Shortest Explainer Ever

OspA is one of the outer surface proteins of the Lyme spirochete. There are many of them, labeled A, B, C, etc. So A is pretty important, being the first one. 405 more words