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PowerShell and AWS

Happy weekend everyone!

I’ve been having fun recently getting into the PowerShell toolkit for Amazon Web Services. Firstly, I must say that this tool is incredibly well built so big ups to the team at AWS for giving us the flexibility within this tool. 447 more words


AWS Announces X1 Instances For EC2 With 2TB Of Memory, Launching Next Year

Amazon today announced a massive new instance type for its AWS EC2 compute service. The new X1 instances will feature 2 terabytes of memory. That’s a huge.. 14 more words

Product Update

AWS Launches Container Registry To Simplify Container Management

Amazon announced Amazon EC2 Container Registry, a tool designed to simplify container management for developers today at the Amazon re:invent conference,..

Source: AWS Launches Container Registry To Simplify Container Management


AWS Wish List : VPC Name Tag to be shown in EC2 Details

It is the very small piece of information which makes job lot easy by avoiding the need to query and search. It is generally easy to remember names rather than IDs. 116 more words


AWS Wish List : AWS Tagging Support for EIP

Elastic IP in AWS gives us ability to have the ownership of the IP Address as long as we want and have the complete liberty to attach and detach them to instances. 43 more words


Resolving connectivity problems to AWS EC2 instances via SSH/RDP

I hear of many people congratulate AWSon how easy it is to spin up and create new EC2 instances, but then fail and struggle to connect to them using simple tools such as SSH  and RDP and their feelings quickly turn to frustration. 83 more words


Ping test between EC2

Today, I’ve tried to do some ping test to test the latency between different machines on Amazon Ec2

To make it work, we need to change the inbound rules of the security group and add following rules: 61 more words