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Writing basic wrappers to R basic commands to facilitate scaling up.

Although there are R packages that help implement disk-based data structures, R is positioned as memory based.

  • Simply put, the most straightforward way to handle memory issues on R is to simply run on…
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Install Oracle 12c on Ubuntu Ec2 instance

=====Enable remote desktop access


A graphic interface is necessary

=====Install Oracle

1. Access the ec2 instance from remote desktop

2. Follow the steps in this tutorial, … 94 more words


Knife EC2 Server Create Error: Authentication failed

Sometimes with all of the rush and trying to keep track of a 1000 moving parts you might get stumped by a fairly simple issue. Here are a few things to check if you get hung up with an “Authentication failed for user” error when running a “Knife ec2 server create” command. 183 more words


A Python & RabbitMQ bi-directional message queue abstraction from 1 server to N-clients.

RabbitMQ is a message queue server (which uses underneath a database repository (SQLite) to add some level of persistency to message abstractions in a communications channel. 406 more words

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Launching an Amazon EC2 Server - The easy and fast way - AWS!


This is a very quick tutorial on how to setup your first Amazon EC2 Linux instance without much hassles. Please note that this is a very INSECURE way but it is fine as long a you understand how is it insecure. 317 more words


Amazon Launches New File Storage Service For EC2

At its AWS Summit in San Francisco, Amazon today announced the launch of the Amazon Elastic File System (EFS), a new storage service that provides a common file system for multiple EC2 virtual machines on AWS through the standard… 250 more words