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Automated Deployment with EC2 and Bitbucket

First, I am going to split this into several parts in order to be able to handle the wordpress editing process.

1. I am going to describe how I bring up an ec2 instance with boto3… 437 more words

Software Development


Microservice architecture is a growing approach to deliver robust solutions, with many companies moving to a cloud based environment with a focus on team based DevOps, Microservices are a great way to handle this. 537 more words


Understanding AWS VPC Flow Logs

Why Use VPC Flow Logs?

VPC Flow Logs track all inbound and outbound traffic to and from instances in your Amazon Web Services Virtual Private Cloud.   1,033 more words


AWS Batch simplifies batch computing in the cloud

Amazon’s new AWS Batch allows engineers to execute a series of jobs automatically, in the cloud. The tool lets you run apps and container images on whatever EC2 instances are required to accomplish a given task. 217 more words


Running Java app server on AWS EC2 Ubuntu instance

Today I will be writing about setting up an Ubuntu instance on the Amazon AWS cloud and running a Java web application on it. We are working on a hobby project that has its back-end written in Java. 627 more words



Cloud is the trending topic in Data Management area, it was “Big Data” before, but the word “Big Data” became infamous mostly because inside companies (traditional or startups) decision makers didn’t know what to do with so many buzz tools, success articles, google-sized use cases, Gartner magic quadrants, vendors pressure and business non-existent use cases. 822 more words


Hardware Sizing Guide for AppDynamics On-premises Controller

AppDynamics Application Intelligence Platform has been a game-changer in the APM (Application Performance Management) industry redefining the very definition of application monitoring and performance visualization through its unified approach and deep-visibility features. 609 more words