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sparklyr + Spark 2.0 + AWS


The new ‘sparklyr’ package provides a ‘dplyr’ backend to interacting with Spark. It also opens the ML Spark library, which in effect expands the functionality previously available to R via SparkR. 1,434 more words


ODOO (Open ERP) AWS setup notes for your unforeseen startup


Setup ODOO on EC2 & RDS (Insecure)

Go to https://www.odoo.com and make sure you understand the needs for an ERP system at your startup. 491 more words


Setup a Spark 2.0 Cluster + R in AWS


I have been compiling step-by-step documentation, using help guides, blog posts and insights from previous exercises. Now that Spark 2.0 is out, I figured it was a good oportunity to update my 1.6 documentation and to make it available to others. 1,615 more words


RStudio Shiny Server in AWS

AWS/EC2 Setup

  • Step 1- Amazon Machine Instance: Ubuntu
  • Step 2 – Instance Type: m4.large
  • Step 3 – No changes
  • Step 4 – Storage: 30 Size GiB…
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Automatically Make Snapshots for EC2

A quick Google search reveals that there are quite a few different approaches for automatically creating snapshots for EC2 images (such as herehere… 59 more words


OpenVPN and ec2 Jumbo Frames

While troubleshooting site to site links running OpenVPN recently I ran into an issue with MTU sizing on the ec2 end. When we originally setup the links we followed the performance tuning advice found… 294 more words