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AWS - Disabling Termination Protection for unwanted instances and terminating them.

If you are new to cloud computing, specially with AWS, you will probably see an annoying message while trying to terminate instances you no longer need. 148 more words


Amazon EC2: components interaction

After first weeks with AWS you’re starting to understand what is the main Amazon service. And, of course, it’s Elastic Compute Cloud (shortly EC2). EC2 instances – virtual machines running on demand. 613 more words


The curious case of AWS_DEFAULT_PROFILE

If you have multiple AWS accounts and use Amazon’s command line interface, you are probably already familiar with setting up multiple profiles. The benefit to this is that multiple profiles are respected in tools that use Amazon’s SDK, for the most part. 127 more words


Elasticsearch in AWS

If you’re using AWS and you need elasticsearch, you are standing in front of a choice.

  1. Use https://aws.amazon.com/elasticsearch-service/
  2. Just standup some nodes and run your own.
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Adventures in AWS: Understanding the Price List API

The AWS Price List API

In December 2015, AWS announced a new Price List API that exposes access to current prices for several of their products, including EC2 and RDS. 1,238 more words


Webpagetest setup in Windows

   In this both the server and agent will be setup  in the same windows machine.           



Server Config


Getting started with Amazon EC2 part 1

This post will walk through the preliminary steps when starting out with Amazon EC2 (Amazon Elastic Cloud Compute).

  1. Create your AWS account
  2. Create an IAM user…
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