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Setting up PostgreSQL on Amazon Instance

  1. SSH into your EC2 instance:
    ssh ec2-user@ (using password for authentication)
    ssh -i <filename.pem> ec2-user@ pem file for authentication)

    You should see something like this:

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Footers not identical issue when import VHD to AWS AMI

This issue happened several times when I try to import the VHD file which I uploaded to AWS S3 to AWS EC2 AMI or snapshot. 174 more words


[ISSUE]: AWS EC2 instance Permission denied (publickey) error [FIXED]

I have faced the above error on two occasions:

  • When trying to transfer files between instances using SCP
  • When trying to transfer ssh keys through ssh-copy-id…
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How to install Hadoop 2.7.1 multi-node cluster on Amazon (AWS) EC2 instance

This post describes the installation steps of a basic two-node Hadoop cluster on EC2 instances. It does not put into consideration Hadoop memory configuration and optimization. 1,127 more words


Adventures in AWS: Automating Service Limit Checks

In this series, I explore some of the everyday challenges facing an AWS developer/sysadmin. Today: Can you script service limit checks in Powershell even without service-specific APIs? 1,411 more words


Setting up Ruby on Rails with Passenger and Apache on a fresh new Ubuntu Box (AWS EC2)

I’ve been setting up multiple Ubuntu machines from past 1 year and so writing down the steps that I have compiled after hours of frustration and research. 304 more words


Install Redis on EC2

1. Install Linux updates, set time zones, followed by GCC and Make

sudo yum -y update
sudo ln -sf /usr/share/zoneinfo/America/Indianapolis \
sudo yum -y install gcc make… 159 more words