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Adventures in AWS: Understanding the Price List API

The AWS Price List API

In December 2015, AWS announced a new Price List API that exposes access to current prices for several of their products, including EC2 and RDS. 1,238 more words


Webpagetest setup in Windows

   In this both the server and agent will be setup  in the same windows machine.           



Server Config


Getting started with Amazon EC2 part 1

This post will walk through the preliminary steps when starting out with Amazon EC2 (Amazon Elastic Cloud Compute).

  1. Create your AWS account
  2. Create an IAM user…
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Setup a simple ELK on AWS

ELK is actually an acronym for ElasticSearch, Logstash and Kibana.

  • ElasticSearch: Built on top of Apache Lucene, ElasticSearch is the work engine behind ELK that performs real-time data extractions and analysis on structured as well as unstructured data.
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How to setup supervisor.

  1. Install supervisor on the machine with the package manager like apt-get, yum etc.
  2. Supervisor will be setup under /etc/supervisor.
  3. There will be a supervisor.conf file which should contain the below details.
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Elastic search simple cluster creation

  1. Download the latest ES on 3 servers which will be used for clustering.
  2. untar the zip file and edit the conf file “elasticsearch.yml” and edit the below details…
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Reduce Insecurity for free, HTTPS now democratized by LetsEncrypt

I am typing this with my fingers crossed, that I could just get someone to acknowledge that HTTPS is not only prudent but damn easy to setup. 744 more words