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'Micro' Java EE on the cloud with 'dockerized' Payara

Thankfully I don’t have to write much because I have a screen cast.. Yay ! My second one [ trying to get better at this ;-) ] 140 more words


Deploying a Java project to AWS

Not able to find any documentation short and sweet enough I had to write this blog. My requirements are pretty simple.

A web service that interacts with a mysql database on the backend.  698 more words


Connect to your AWS EC2 Instance with RDP

If you are paranoid about security, you may have set up a security rule restrict the RDP traffic source traffic.

If you get a different public IP from your workstation (due to location change or release of IP address), you may no longer be able to access your AWS EC2 instance remotely. 72 more words


Getting Help for Mental Health in Singapore

Seeking help early

Seeking help for mental health problems early on is crucial to your healing process. The first step is recognizing that something is not right. 261 more words


Status page with Cachet on Docker and EC2

Cachet seems to be one of the better open source status page solution with nice visuals and powerful REST APIs.

Cachet works very nicely and easily on Docker. 487 more words


Windows EC2 Pricing with BYOL License Type

You can import your own Windows VM image to AWS and launch EC2 instance based on it. During this process, you have a chance to set using your own Windows license instead of the one AWS provided. 188 more words


Scheduling EC2 Start/Stop by Data Pipeline + Lambda

有用過AWS的知道, EC2是依照時間收錢的, 所以不用的時候就該關掉, 所以很自然地會覺得應該有個功能是可以設定什麼時間開機什麼時間關機, 但很抱歉, 它沒有!
好吧, AWS沒有自然有人做出來, 果然搜尋一下就有Skeddly這種公司提供, 但是天下沒有白吃的午餐, 它要錢!而且還是照開關次數計費!
到頭來還是得自己想辦法, 開一台EC2跑cron去開關其他機器? 不如拿石頭砸自己的腳 !AWS服務這麼多, 一定有繞過EC2的方法, 於是有一天靈機一動就想到了, Data Pipeline + Lambda或許就是解法.
AWS Data Pipeline提供了cron的功能, 可以設定時間啟動AWS的服務但必須跑在EC2或EMR上(別著急,往下看), AWS Lambda則是提供跑NodeJS程式而不需要開EC2, 所以理論上應該可以用Data Pipeline設定時間然後想辦法觸發Lambda跑AWS SDK去執行開關機. 472 more words