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Install Puppet 3 in Amazon Linux

The most recent version of the Amazon Linux VMI (2015.09.1) seems to install version 2 of Puppet by default.

However, if you need to install Puppet 3, that is also easy enough. 50 more words

Connect with MongoDB on separate EC2 Instance

  • You need to open mongoDB port to world so that you can listen inbound traffic. To do so:
    In instance security group -> Inboud Open 27017 port or whatever port on which your mongoDB is currently running.
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Connect to a Ubuntu Instance Amazon EC2

Today, I needed a new Amazon EC2 instance to learn docker. So, I decided to create a Free Tier Ubuntu instance, but a few minutes ago, I realized it doesn’t work in the same way that windows instance. 134 more words

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EC2 Lambda Python TimeZones

Sometimes you need your AWS Lambdas to timestamp your data. However, Amazon runs all Lambdas on a UTC server, which is not helpful if you don’t live in the UTC timezone.  84 more words

Optix Fire & Security Ltd, Camden, 2013

Optix Fire & Security Ltd, Bastion Highwalk, Camden, London, EC2, England, 2013


Finding EC2 Instances Using Tag Filters

We have a large number of EC2 instances in our infrastructure and we use tags to help us organize and configure those instances. For our aircom infrastructure, our instances use tags containing the string ‘aircom’. 265 more words


install fish shell in amazon ec2 instance

Switch to root

First we need to be root to install it. do
sudo su –

install using yum

go to : http://fishshell.com/files/2.1.0/linux/index.html

follow the ‘ 12 more words