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The E-Card

I would put the average cost of a birthday card between two and four dollars, plus 30 cents on postage. There are those people who also like to give birthday cards on top of a present that they are handing to the person. 395 more words

More writing prompts added to my 'expo' of teacher resources

Time for more writing prompts for my Ride the Seven C’s Teacher Expo

  1. She/he was my last chance…

  2. Hidden in the cereal box…

  3. The closer I got to the painting, the more I smelled fresh-baked bread/salt air/roses… …

  4. 59 more words
Teachable Course

Ecards added to my 'expo' of teacher resources

To my Ride the Seven C’s Teacher Expo, I’m adding a selection of tongue-in-cheek ecards that teachers might want to send to each other. I’m also including a short set of suggested uses and methods for sharing.

A few samples:

Teachable Course

Saturday Surprise -- Who Knew?

Good morning, my friends, and welcome to the weekend!  I almost skipped out on Saturday Surprise today, for I’m afraid Jolly is very sick, and I wasn’t sure I could do it without him.  892 more words


Lessons From the Flu

I was over it by Day Two… Now it’s Day Five…

Every day I’m moving in the right direction. Slowly… But a little progress is better than none. 168 more words

Life With Lisa

Quote of the Week

It’s almost Christmas and here is a quote from the Paper and Packaging Board that appeared in December’s Martha Stewart magazine, to get you thinking about holiday greetings: 73 more words