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Notes From Underground: An Open Letter To the Davos Ruling Elites

We  are in a period of great political uncertainty. The Greek election is a wake-up call for all the established elites and their sycophants who drink high-priced alcohol to celebrate every new IPO and record high made in global equity indices. 1,021 more words


Notes From Underground: `Germany Is a National Tea Party'

Click on the image to watch Rick and I discuss the political ramifications of the ECB’s QE announcement.


Notes From Underground: Thursday, January 22 ... "The Day The Earth Stood Still"

In the famous 1951 sci-fi movie, an alien with a ROBOT has the power to threaten the entire Earth and bring human civilization to an end. 940 more words


Notes From Underground: Interest Rates In Limbo (Or, How Low Can You Go)?

Today it was the Danish Central Bank that lowered its interest rates in order to prevent the markets from trying to break the Danish KRONER/EURO… 824 more words


Notes From Underground: What Has the Swiss Wrought (Or Why 2+2=5 Is the Paradigm of Global Macro)

We at Notes From Underground have been pondering the global macro landscape and waiting for the inevitable ECB meeting January 22, and, of course, the Greek elections on Sunday, January 25. 670 more words


Notes From Underground: Wishing Everyone a Very Festive Holiday Season

TO MY READERS: This is the festival of lights in which the bright lights of the menorah and the festive lights of Christmas Trees and ornaments seek to brighten the day when darkness envelopes the world. 574 more words


Notes From Underground: Hail Mario, the Conquering Central Banker Is Now AVE MARIA

Open letter to Mario Draghi: Grow some cojones! If the onset of deflation scares you and other ECB members, why is it that you do not have the intestinal fortitude to enact the… 671 more words