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Notes From Underground: Draghi Checks; Will Yellen Raise?

Mario Draghi failed to deliver any new stimulus from the ECB and his press conference was very low-key in presenting any form of tweaks to the programs in place. 628 more words


Notes From Underground: Looking for Headwinds In All the Wrong Places

It’s tough to enjoy the final days of summer when the FED can’t just relax their wind pipes. The continued contradictions emanating from those who sit in the same meetings is jeopardizing the Fed’s credibility … … 896 more words


Notes From Underground: The Coup Nobody Discusses, Generalisimo Mario Draghi

Tomorrow the ECB announces its next view on the European economy and the central bank’s unveiling of its efforts to keep DISRUPTING GLOBAL BOND MARKETS… 800 more words


Notes From Underground: Things That Need To Be Watched

As I ponder things in the 118 degree heat, it is time for some reflection and perspective:

a. The Bank of England performed beautifully today and took a breath before cutting rates further and/or increasing the BOE’s balance sheet. 808 more words


Notes From Underground: Allow Me To Play Fed Chair

Every once in a while I entertain the fantasy of being at the helm of the Federal Reserve. In a moment of megalomania I am proposing this solution to situation that the… 657 more words


Notes From Underground: It's So Simple ... NOW YOU CAN'T LEAVE

I am posting today’s story on the Santelli Exchange I taped today. Rick and I were back on the most important topic facing the world: … 763 more words


Notes From Underground (Repost): A Celebration to the End of Q2, "A Single Spark To Light a Prairie Fire" (January 11)

The world is sitting on piles of tinder. Two of the potential dangers have passed in the last seven days. The Brexit vote has taken place and the Spanish elections have finished without any new disruption to the European political scene. 1,195 more words