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Notes From Underground: What Was Learned From Draghi and Yellen

In reviewing the March 9 ECB and March 15 FOMC meetings, the press conferences emceed by President Mario Draghi and Chair Yellen revealed little but raised questions about serious issues confronting the world’s two key central banks. 762 more words


Notes From Underground: Things That Go Trump In the Night

Please Donald, will the POTUS STFU, PLEASE. This is not a political statement. It is free advice because the more you communicate the less impact you will have. 950 more words


Notes From Underground: Today, It Was Europe (Or, a Preview of Things to Come)

Notes From Underground has been concerned that 2017 would be the year of Europe as the ECB’s  quantitative easing policy and NEGATIVE interest rates would be an issue for many of the elections taking place this year. 781 more words


Notes From Underground: Now Starring in the Music Man ... Mario Draghi as Professor Harold Hill

Oh yes, we got trouble right here in Frankfurt City! It rhymes with T and starts with G and is spelled Germany. Today (and of no genuine market surprise), the… 784 more words


Notes From Underground: What a Long Strange Trip It's Been

This year has been a year of surprises as conventional wisdom-based forecasts have proven to be like oral agreements: not worth the paper on which they are written. 570 more words


Notes From Underground: Mario Draghi and the Wisdom of Samuel Beckett

“When you’re in the shit up to your neck, there’s nothing left to do but sing.” This is what Samuel Beckett wrote and it was the way President Mario Draghi performed today. 491 more words


Notes From Underground: How Many Syllables, Mario?

In the 1969 cult classic Putney Swope written by Robert Downey, Sr., the film opens with the death at the board room table of the firm’s chairman, Mario. 751 more words