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Notes From Underground: From One Italian Crooner to Another, That's Life

The markets are playing with ECB President Mario Draghi. Just a few short weeks ago the suave performer of the ECB press conference only had to be concerned about being doused with paper confetti from an anarchist demonstrator decrying the dictatorial powers of the central bank. 534 more words


Notes From Underground: CNBC's Santelli Exchange -- Draghi Will Be `Screaming'

Click on the image to watch me and Rick discuss crude oil, Mario Draghi and why it’s better to be short French OATs, not German bunds.


Notes From Underground: Today's Surprise Announcement

It is the day before the beginning of the IMF and G20 meetings in Washington,D.C. In preparation for dissecting the communiques that will be released this weekend it is important to digest some of the key data and speeches that have forced the markets to rethink some of its previous certainties. 674 more words


Notes From Underground: An Open Letter To the Davos Ruling Elites

We  are in a period of great political uncertainty. The Greek election is a wake-up call for all the established elites and their sycophants who drink high-priced alcohol to celebrate every new IPO and record high made in global equity indices. 1,021 more words


Notes From Underground: `Germany Is a National Tea Party'

Click on the image to watch Rick and I discuss the political ramifications of the ECB’s QE announcement.


Notes From Underground: Thursday, January 22 ... "The Day The Earth Stood Still"

In the famous 1951 sci-fi movie, an alien with a ROBOT has the power to threaten the entire Earth and bring human civilization to an end. 940 more words