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Onbegrijpelijk dat #Varoufakis als Griekse minister niet vervangen wordt of heeft ook #Athene de moed opgegeven? #vk #eurozone #Grieksherstelplanblijftuit

Eurolanden werken al aan plan voor vertrek Grieken (Marc Peeperkorn, Ten eerste/de Volkskrant, 25 april)

Huidig hulpprogramma eindigt eind juni

Dijsselbloem: de klok tikt, we verspillen tijd… 295 more words


April 25 2015: You Gotta Have Options...

After an initial rant about the general state of politics in the country, we spent some time talking about current market conditions, as well as what is going on in Europe. 236 more words


The Existential Danger To The Euro Is Elections

By Daniel R. Amerman – Re-Blogged From http://danielamerman.com

There is a respectable chance that the euro will collapse sometime in the next several years, with implications for employment, economic growth and investment markets on a global basis.  1,148 more words

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Week End Blog - Greek Limbo, Chinese Lunacy & Nikkei Landmark

Obviously, more Greece in the Week End Blog. As time is running out, talks intensify, but so far without any tangible result. Also, more doubts are being raised about Greece’s willingness to come up with something European finance ministers can work with. 716 more words


Put not your trust in princes or central bankers (Psalm 146)

This may not be an exact quote from the King James Bible but it could well become increasingly appropriate advice for those investors who have come to believe, whether out of cynicism or naivety, that the various central banks both can and will ‘see them right’.  410 more words