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The balance between bat and ball

Being a University student obviously means I have had a great deal of time to procrastinate and watch ball by ball the current series between India and England. 474 more words


Daily fromWall Street, Jan 20

  • US Enters the new Trump administration
  • Strong Dollar receives Trump
  • Stock markets mixed and government bond yields move higher
  • Trump Takes the Reins of a Deeply Divided Nation…
  • 1,230 more words
North America

Notes From Underground: Now Starring in the Music Man ... Mario Draghi as Professor Harold Hill

Oh yes, we got trouble right here in Frankfurt City! It rhymes with T and starts with G and is spelled Germany. Today (and of no genuine market surprise), the… 784 more words


ECB Chief Draghi to Germany: Calm Down, Yo

European Central Bank leader Mario Draghi has a message for Germany: Just chillax.

Germany’s media isn’t normally as breathless as, for example, the British press, but it’s always willing to whip Germans up into a frenzy over the ECB’s zero interest-rate policy, especially in an election year. 574 more words


Πλησιάζει το «κούρεμα» λόγω ιδεοληψιών ...

Εγκλωβισμένο στις ολιγωρίες και τις κομματικές της ιδεοληψίες διατηρεί η κυβέρνηση το εγχώριο τραπεζικό σύστημα, διατηρώντας «ζωντανά» τα σενάρια για «κούρεμα» καταθέσεων.

Όπως εκτιμούν τραπεζικά στελέχη, κάθε μέρα που περνά χωρίς να ψηφίζονται από την Βουλή μια σειρά από διατάξεις απαραίτητες για την ανάκαμψη των τραπεζών, τόσο απειλούνται με αποψίλωση τα διαθέσιμα κεφάλαια τους.


Daily Kickstart (ECB Preview; Why Did Tarzan And Suicide Squad Suck So Bad?)

It feels quiet out there on Thursday morning.

On Wednesday, a fairly potent one-two punch from CPI data and Janet Yellen (she’ll speak again on Thursday evening) pushed Treasury yields higher across the curve and I for one, will be watching to see the market’s reaction to comments from Trump Treasury pick Steven Mnuchin who faces a Senate Finance Committee confirmation hearing on Thursday. 1,124 more words


Central banks face an inflation inspired policy exit dilemma

Later today the ECB ( European Central Bank) will announce it latest policy decisions on interest-rates and extraordinary monetary policy such as QE ( Quantitative Easing) asset purchases. 1,378 more words

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