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First they came for the 500 Euro note

Back on the 2nd of February I discussed a disturbing development in the world of monetary policy and central bank action.

The use of high-denomination notes, in particular the €500 note, is a problem reported by law enforcement authorities,” according to a draft of the plans seen by the Financial Times.

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Notes From Underground: Chinese Economic Policy Is Modeled on Kelly's Heroes Paradigm of Sgt Oddball

It is time to invoke one of the great war movies of the anti-war decade, Kelly’s Heroes. The theme is relevant in two ways. First, a ragtag group is trying to steal a hoard of German gold from a heavily guarded town and divide it up among themselves as booty from the war (similar to Chinese desire for Western-owned gold). 729 more words


Notes From Underground: A Question of Imbalance

Yesterday, it was the issue of imbalances and the need for currency manipulation as seen through the eyes of a hegemon in decline. Today there was more criticism of German intransigence as Mario Draghi was pushing back against criticisms from Wolfgang Schaeuble that ECB policy was igniting the fire of the radical right. 697 more words


Banks, markets coping well with ECB policy, may change if more cuts: ECB's Coeure

(Source: www.businesstimes.com.sg)

Banks and financial markets are coping well with the European Central Bank’s ultra-low interest rates and money printing but this might change if rates were to be cut much further, ECB Executive Board Member Benoit Coeure said on Tuesday. 263 more words

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European Fixed Income: Still Value in Euro Subordinated Debt

Quarterly Outlook 2016

Tanguy Le Saout

Head of European Fixed Income


Negative Interest Rates: a breakdown

What are negative interest rates?

This is where certain central banks have lowered their interest rates to below zero. In economic terms, this is known as the zero or effective lower bound. 947 more words

Would you like to receive 300 EUR?

Have you ever heard of helicopter money? The term comes from an image the economist* Milton Friedman used to in a theoretical discussion of what would happen if you simply inject extra money into an economic system (whereby you would throw it out into the streets from a helicopter). 998 more words

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