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3 Things the European Investment Grade Fixed Income Team Talked About Last Week

1. Inflation – Some Like It Hot

Central bankers in two of the world’s major economies have recently been discussing their thoughts on the appropriate level of inflation, and what their reactions might be to any breaching of their inflation targets. 1,042 more words


Last Week - This Week

Good Afternoon,

The US dollar took a break but eventually renewed its strength, with new seven month highs against the euro and the loonie. Mark Carney and Mario Draghi’s speeches, US Durable Goods Orders, and GDP data from the UK and the US. 1,753 more words


Notes From Underground: Mario Draghi Brings New Forth a New Standard of Bureaucratic B.S.

The Mario Draghi brought forth a new and improved standard of “truth obfuscation” at Thursday’s ECB press conference. When Draghi answered a question about the ECB basing its policy on politics he answered: “We are not in a political game.” In his “perception” there is NO POLITICAL WAR BETWEEN THE ECB AND ITS MEMBER NATIONS. 867 more words


It's time to rediscover ECB's reference value for M3 growth

A couple of days ago I read an interview with ECB’s former chief economist Otmar Issing about the euro crisis. I frankly speaking didn’t find the interview particularly interesting and Issing brings little new to the discussion. 1,211 more words

Wall St. Anjlok Seiring Turunnya Harga Minyak Serta Keputusan Kebijakan ECB

Monexnews –  Bursa saham AS ditutup lebih rendah pada hari Kamis, setelah penurunan tajam di harga minyak, disaat investor mencerna data ekonomi penting AS dan mempertimbangkan keputusan… 157 more words


Risks Posed By The War On Cash

By Mark O’Byrne & Jan Skoyles – Re-Blogged From http://www.Gold-Eagle.com

Cash is the new “barbarous relic” according to many central banks and regulators. Moreover, some economists believe there is a strong, concerted push for a ‘cashless society’. 5,656 more words

Monetary Policy

Mario Draghi Finds Brevity Is the Soul of Winging it

If the European Central Bank’s press conference were a bond auction, people would be freaking out about how badly today’s failed.

As a matter of course, the ECB’s head of press Christine Graeff routinely brings the curtain down after one hour, usually leaving plenty of attending journalists disappointed, with their hands still in the air. 623 more words