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Creating a truly touching moment in fiction

I always feel a little bit nervous writing posts like these, because the people who read my blog all seem to be really groovy, so I don’t want them to see how incredibly un-groovy I am by talking about this sort of thing. 1,145 more words

13 photos of Lydia Lunch

I’m worried that doing this post might seem a little bit lazy, but the computer is being rather uncooperative at present, so this filler post will have to do for the moment. 106 more words

Flower Milkshake

I am in love with floral lactation.

Flower milkshakes- sweet, but hopefully I won’t vomit them all up.  Flowers can be bitter, but we’ll drink them all up anyway. 270 more words

A Strange Day

Tomorrow has been a strange day.

It always was unusual. But today, tomorrow will be an especially strange one, mostly because of how ordinary it may have been. 89 more words

Top 13 Songs About Ghosts

I don’t like writing introductions to lists.

Intro- Haunted Cocktails Gorgeous, stylish synth-pop.

Skinny Puppy- Ghostman Everylittlethingthatisdiscovered.

Chris & Cosey- Dancing Ghosts

Lydia Lunch and Rowland S. 229 more words

Eccentrics And Oddities

Odd Books: An Unfortunate Woman

This was one of the last novels Richard Brautigan wrote before he died, and was never published during his lifetime. He committed suicide, shooting himself in the head. 346 more words

Strange Girls: Gala

Gala, my Narcissus.

A member (in a way) of the Surrealist movement, Salvador Dali was mostly known for having been a little self-obsessed, with an absurdly large ego.

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