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Ecclesiology is Politics

The greatest political events take place in the church.

Empires have fallen. Kingdoms have crumbled into dust. Kings and rulers have died and are forgotten. The church of the living God marches on. 211 more words


Active and Healthy

Read Matthew 11:1-6 …

While the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus is certainly the climax of His redemptive work, the sum of His earthly work also helps to define the mission of the Church. 580 more words

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Theology of Public Worship

Worship must be carried out according to God’s revealed will. We want to worship God in the way that He has prescribed as best as we possibly can. 1,651 more words


Biblical Church Leadership: Elders 2

Having laid out the duty and work of the Pastors/Elders in a previous blog, I feel that it would be beneficial to add a glimpse of how the Diaconate and Elders fit together. 593 more words


Robert Baillie on the Brownist and Independent error of regenerate membership

Concerning the matter of the Church, the Independents have learned all their unjust scrupulosity from the other; as the Brownists require every Church member to be a Saint, really regenerate and justified, who at their admission have publikely satisfied the whole Congregation by convincing signs of their true holiness: the other requires the same. 13 more words

Scottish Reformers And Early Covenanters

Church Discipline


The subject of church discipline is a difficult but important one. Many things must be understood regarding church discipline if we are going to faithfully carry out the task that Jesus has given to His Church. 1,314 more words

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Worship and Assembly

Read John 4:21-24 …

Ferguson’s book on the Church of Christ wouldn’t have been complete without a section dealing with worship and assembly. Indeed, both worship and assembly are so ingrained in one’s understanding of church that often those are the only avenues ever considered while contemplating what it means to “do church.” In view of this, Ferguson outlined some common misunderstandings of worship that have infiltrated parts of the religious community. 567 more words

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