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I am convinced that in one of my past lives, I must have met Rumi. How else can I explain the magnitude of love that I feel whenever I read his poetry. 345 more words


Ma Vie En Rose: Denver, Colorado.

This past week, I left part of my heart in Denver. The other part, of course, always belongs in San Francisco.

The reason behind such comforting abandonment is that all of my three children are currently in Denver. 2,016 more words


Ma Vie en Rose: Majestically Resilient

Here’s a story.

One summer, my husband and I decided to look into planting trees around our yard and we looked around to determine what to plant. 508 more words


Ma Vie en Rose: A message from the First Born.

A message from the First Born on Mother’s Day:

“Your children sucks, but you’re a good Mom.


Your Children….

or don’t love them.

I wouldn’t. 67 more words



Truth: I am writing this essay completely stripped of the full mask of make-up I wear each day. My hair uncombed is gathered up in a messy bun and expressing what adventures I may have stirred in my sleep. 1,024 more words


Ma Vie En Rose: Alaskan Spring

Folks, there are people who know me who are often shocked at the fact that there are things that I do that they wouldn’t fathom that I would do. 811 more words


Surviving the 80s and 90s: The Filipina-American Version

My daughter has no idea how easy she has it.

She walks into a Sephora and finds a plethora of make-up that will suit whatever kind of looks she wants to portray on her face on any given day. 981 more words