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Conservatives plan to scrap the Human Rights Act

The #Conservative party #manifesto was published today 14 April and as promised, there is a plan to scrap the Human rights Act #HRA.  The manifesto says on p73: 747 more words

Human Rights Act

Human Rights and the Conservatives' Manifesto: Four Comments

The Conservative Party published its manifesto earlier today. It contains two principal statements about human rights law. Page 60 includes the following passage:

We have stopped prisoners from having the vote, and have deported suspected terrorists such as Abu Qatada, despite all the problems created by Labour’s human rights laws.

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Human Rights

Equality and Human Rights Law Already Adequately Protects Freedom of Conscience

There is something about compelling private citizens in the running of their private business (even if that business involves the provision of goods and services to members of the public) to do or support something against their will and in contravention of their strongly-held and fully-legal personal beliefs that I find problematic and troubling (no matter how provocative, irrational, unpalatable or unsavoury I might personally find those beliefs). 2,836 more words

In Defence of Rights

Philippe Sands, Professor of Law at UCL and practising barrister in international law, and Helena Kennedy, a leading barrister and academic in human rights law, civil liberties and constitutional issues, were members of the 2011 Commission on a Bill of Rights.  1,141 more words


Casual Cannonballs

Tom Tugendhat, Conservative candidate for Tonbridge and Malling, claims that it “is ludicrous that European and British courts now expect our forces to operate in violent combat conditions according to a system more suited to the regulation of police powers on a Saturday night in the West End of London.” I agree that the military should not be held to the standard of Saturday night policing; but not for the reasons he does, and not with the same conclusion. 360 more words


Liveblog: The Human Rights Act - the Bill of Rights for the 21st Century?

I went to a talk at Inner Temple on the Strand, in London all about the future of the Human Rights Act (HRA). The Human Rights Act came into force in 1998 in the UK, but many felt it called into question the entire concept of… 925 more words

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