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Is This the Most Dangerous Queen's Speech in Living Memory?

The talk of coming out of the ECHR is all hot air because rights are natural and inalienable, it would therefore mean that these rights are not rights but privileges. 1,245 more words


Queen's speech just as notable for what wasn't in there as for what was


   The Queen, who will become the country’s longest serving monarch on September 9th, has just delivered her 62nd Queen’s speech. The last time she did so for a Conservative-only Government was in the mid 1990s when John Major was in power. 611 more words


Why a Sovereignty Act makes no legal sense: A short response to Daniel Hannan MEP

Daniel Hannan MEP argues on ConservativeHome today that the UK Parliament should enact a “Sovereignty Act” to reassert its supremacy in the face of European Union law and the European Convention on Human Rights.  887 more words

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UK To Scrap Human Rights Shock Horror!!

Okay, prime minister David Cameron isn’t planning to scrap human rights in Britain (I hope).  The plan, which was (i’m told) in the Conservative election manifesto, is to dilute Britain’s obligations under the Convention on Human Rights, in particular to withdraw from the European Court of Human Rights, and to create a British Court of Human Rights to enforce whatever rights the government decides all humans deserve (which, to judge from the Conservatives’ record, doesn’t seem too appealing). 299 more words


The Human Rights Act: What's All The Fuss About?

You’ve seen the media coverage, you’ve seen the social media backlash, you’ve seen the petition. But you may be wondering what the Human Rights Act is, and why it so quickly seems to have gone from non-issue to national game-changer. 1,274 more words


Why You're All Wrong About The Human Rights Act

The Tories aren’t getting rid of the whole concept of human rights, but they aren’t scrapping the act for ‘legislative control’ either

The Machiavellian figure of Michael Gove is strangely likeable in some anti-hero way (for me at least). 592 more words


Is it because we don’t sound Scottish?

This question has been asked, apparently in all seriousness, by a landowner* in a recent Spectator article.

A lot could be said about that article. I will restrict myself to one point in this blog, namely taking one straw man set up by the writer of the article, making sure the straw is nice and dry, adding something flammable, then setting fire to it. 258 more words

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