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E-cigarette Manufacturers Who Are They? Where Are They?

Most of the world’s e-cigarette manufacturers are located in China. Most of the electronic cigarette factories located in a single area in an industrial park in Shenzhen, China. 15 more words

Vape, Experiences and Expectation from its users

Philippines, Cubao Quezon City -Tobacco smokers are traceable way back the ancient history when the people living in the high altitude cold mountains were puffing some smoke to make themselves warm and keep control of their body temperature to do their daily chores , works and others. 383 more words

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How Electronic Cigarettes Can Help You Quit Smoking Cigarettes

It’s known that smoking tobacco is harmful to your health. Whenever you smoke a cigarette, you put yourself at risk for various types of cancer, lung disease and even death. 251 more words


Top airflow: Wotofo Sapor RTA brings you sapor

Top airflow system means the structure of the airflow hole stands on top of the atomizer under the drip tip, initially makes convenience for increasing the input of airflow and decreasing the temperature of atomizer.But at first time, this type of technique is not quite stable so it is not widely spread..Since the Joeytech’s taking in this technique to launch CUBIS, this type of atomizer has been widely spread for it avoids oil-leaking.Recently, a number of RTA have caught people’s attention and WOTOFO also follow the trend, after pushing out THE TROLL V2, then launching the WOTOFO SAPOR RTA. 437 more words


Why is your atomizer will get fire?

E-cigarette new vaper often come across the problem of the atomizers’ fire breaking out and people will be confused that why the atomizer will get fire o the low voltage .Today , Cacuq will explain it for you. 488 more words


SMOK TFV8 is coming! The Cloud Beat Come out Again

SMOK TFV8, the larger airflow and deck contributing greatly to the appearance of this cloud beast, has brought to you a true cloud beat–the TFV8 Atomizer that’s equipped with 4 unique patented turbo engines and incredible capacity of 6ml.This item has been in short for a long time and recently it came out and as it stepped to the stock, almost half of it has been ordered so i suggest fans of TFV8 should come to Cacuqecig to order it . 692 more words