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Electronic Cigarette Parts

An Electronic Cigarette is quite simple is design, but there are multiple parts that can make up or be used with the electronic cigarette. Below is the basic parts that make up a complete electronic cigarette. 539 more words


Juice Review! El Cadejo by Digbys juices.

Hi Everyone,

Got another juice review, this time a juice from the good old U.K.


Another cool design for this bottle of juice has a cool old school feel to it, the label has a style that looks like it could be an old doctors remedy. 611 more words


Juice Review! Carnage by ANML.

Hi everyone, going kick off my blog with a quick juice review.

I must admit that this Juice was an impulse buy, but I’m so glad I did! 440 more words


What Is E-Juice

So now that you understand that vaping isn’t smoking, the next question most people have is whats in that liquid that’s being atomized into vapor? 286 more words


Premium Line

Vapor 13’s premium line is now fully in stock! **Also introducing a summer flavor “Ice Ice Vappy”! Stop on by today to pick up your next Juice


SMOK BEC PRO Bluetooth Mod

The SMOK BEC PRO(Provec) is so far the most intelligent and smartest personal vaporizer in the market.

Suitable for Android 4.3 Plus ,IOS 6.0 Plus… 53 more words


Kanger SubOhm Mini Update

Since I wrote my last I’ve noticed a few things about my Kanger SubOhm Mini, and I figured an update was in order.  I still think the Kanger got a lot right.   323 more words