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"Le tabac tue 73000 personnes en France. J'ai choisi de combattre ce fléau."

Une vaste opération de communication nommée “Un Moi(s) sans tabac” va démarrer à partir du 10 octobre 2016 par la remise gratuite d’un kit censé aider les fumeurs souhaitant stopper toute consommation de tabac. 552 more words

To Vape or not to Vape..?💨 

Good Morning Bloggers – our hot topic on BloggBox today is Vaping..

admittedly I am a dreaded smoker (I know I know give up, save money 💰, better health etc) but I still can’t fully kick the smoking habit! 281 more words

Benefits of electronic cigarettes over tobacco made cigarettes

No tobacco, no tar, no poisons associated with tobacco smoking

Electronic cigarettes don’t contain tobacco. That means you can even now get your dose of nicotine without ingesting the four thousands plus chemicals, including over forty known carcinogens, which are produced by the smoldering of tobacco. 605 more words


E-cigarette Manufacturers Who Are They? Where Are They?

Most of the world’s e-cigarette manufacturers are located in China. Most of the electronic cigarette factories located in a single area in an industrial park in Shenzhen, China. 15 more words

Vape, Experiences and Expectation from its users

Philippines, Cubao Quezon City -Tobacco smokers are traceable way back the ancient history when the people living in the high altitude cold mountains were puffing some smoke to make themselves warm and keep control of their body temperature to do their daily chores , works and others. 383 more words

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How Electronic Cigarettes Can Help You Quit Smoking Cigarettes

It’s known that smoking tobacco is harmful to your health. Whenever you smoke a cigarette, you put yourself at risk for various types of cancer, lung disease and even death. 251 more words