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Sugar to the Smiles

Nothing like a beautiful day to make me and my kid want to spend the whole day at…home. I have to say, it all sounds good and fine to talk about making the most of the sunshine, clear day etc etc but let’s be practical here for a second. 385 more words


 If you like red velvet cakes, if you like cakes, if you have a sweet tooth in general, i urge you to try this! It’s one of those “best of both worlds” kind of desert, and you know when it leads to a desert, it can never be bad. 220 more words


Chocolate Éclair Cake

This Chocolate Eclair Cake is so easy to make, beautiful, and so deliciously rich! It is equally good regardless of the type of graham crackers used, but I personally prefer old-fashioned honey graham crackers instead of chocolate graham crackers.


January: Rony - Eclair#2 and #3

This was my second try and this time I used Mary Berry’s recipe for the choux pastry (the one that worked so well for Noga. Sorry Paul, you do have dreamy blue eyes but that didn’t get my eclair all nice and puffy). 445 more words

Bake Off


This is certainly the most complicated bake I’ve attempted this year. (Uh … out of three, but still.) Éclairs are made from choux pastry, a pastry first cooked in a pan, then piped into shapes and baked in the oven. 1,146 more words


No Bake Samoa Eclair Cake

My son in law Jaren does not have as big a sweet tooth as the rest of us so instead of a traditional birthday cake I decided to make him this cake as I know he loves Samoa and it was a success, he liked it!  205 more words


Patisserie Paris Je T'aime (Cakes)

On my same visit to Patisserie Paris Je T’aime (in my earlier post under “Macarons”), I bought some cakes too as they looked appetizing from inside the cake shelves. 391 more words