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Eclectic Method Is Back!

This kind of annotated video isn’t something we see very often, but just in case you wanted a little refresher on the origins of the music you’ll be dancing to all summer, check… 95 more words


This 'Terminator' Supermix Will Have You Dancing To Arnold's One-Liners

Eclectic Method (also known as Jonny Wilson) brought you the sassy R2D2 video and the Tina Belcher supermix, amongst other things. His latest release is a track that mixes the sound effects and dialogue from the Terminator franchise. 58 more words

Web Culture

Musical Terminator is pretty catchy

Eclectic Method uses sound clips from the Terminator movies to make music.


Video: A brief history of sampling

This is a video remix that tells the history of sampling in a “meta” way, sampling other videos.

It was made by the Eclectic Method. 22 more words

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'R2-D2 With Subtitles' Proves Artoo's The Sassiest, Surliest Droid In Any Galaxy

While Eclectic Method was making their Droid-remix, they put together this “R2-D2 With Subtitles” video on the side. Artoo’s bleeps don’t really translate directly to binary ( 85 more words


Oxfam, Simon Pegg & Eclectic Method Team Up To Talk Inequality.

Almost 1/2 of the world’s wealth is now owned by just 1% of the world’s population.

I know, not exactly the subject matter you were expecting on this Thursday morning, but Eclectic Method got about 18,000 people to send in videos of them making songs & dances.

87 more words

Binge on This Bob's Burgers Tina Belcher Mix from Eclectic Method

I’ve been a fan of Eclectic Method ever since I started working at Dailymotion. Every time this dude puts out a new mix, it’s lava hot. 254 more words