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The Unpopular Opinion: We are Raising Our Daughter Pagan

The idea of raising Pagan children is a controversial one even inside of the Pagan community. Some Pagans view it as harmful to raise a child within a religion and instead opt for exposing a child to many religions and worldviews and letting the child figure out what fits them best. 911 more words


The Importance of "Fluffy Paganism"

Very early on in your exploration of Paganism (and especially Wicca), you will come across the term “Fluffy Pagan” or “Fluffy Wiccan.”

Like most derogatory terms, what exactly constitutes a “Fluffy Pagan” (sometimes also called a “Fluffy Bunny Pagan”) is never clearly defined. 1,717 more words


The Athame Debates

There’s a range of daggers suitable for use as athames at my Dad’s shop: http://www.spiral.org.uk/acatalog/Daggers.html ¬†

Out of all the numerous tools that Wiccans may use in their rituals, the athame seems to be one of the most important – and the most controversial. 978 more words

Musings & Miscellaneous

Of the long, dark night

Tonight I will dress in the sable colors
of lengthening shadows
and the sands on the bottom of the hourglass
and the deep, cold earth… 120 more words


Twilight Bound

The highways will give way to
winding roads and rolling hills
and I will find my way
bruised, weary
to the Mountain

The colors shifting from green to gold… 153 more words


Reflections on "To Walk a Pagan Path: Practical Spirituality for Every Day," Alaric Albertsson

There are so many books on Paganism out there that it can be quite difficult for a beginner like me to choose which ones to read. 683 more words


The Good Things about the New Age Movement

In recent years, the New Age movement has been subject to plenty of bashing. At best, its detractors call it tacky, insincere, self-indulgent and a rather silly mash-mash of cultural appropriations. 1,145 more words