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The Real Me, The Real You

My True Self

It’s strange to think about all the roles I have played in my life. I was a daughter, then eventually an adopted daughter, only child, competitive figure skater, good little Catholic girl, a Duranie, rebellious teenage runaway, juvenile delinquent, friend, lover, teen mom, college student, wife, heart-breaker, teacher, occult student, Tarot reader, Priestess, & one who lives with chronic pain. 508 more words

Finding Balance

Finding Balance

As a Free Spirit, there is no set prescribed dogma or rules about how much, how little, how long, or even where I decide to practice and honor the Divine. 859 more words


The Unpopular Opinion: We are Raising Our Daughter Pagan

The idea of raising Pagan children is a controversial one even inside of the Pagan community. Some Pagans view it as harmful to raise a child within a religion and instead opt for exposing a child to many religions and worldviews and letting the child figure out what fits them best. 911 more words


Mirror, Mirror

Life is full of mysterious reflections. Some are clean and clear while others are distorted or deceptive. The mirror of our soul reflects back to us all aspects of our hopes and dreams, our love and passion, and ultimately our true self. 1,726 more words

The Importance of "Fluffy Paganism"

Very early on in your exploration of Paganism (and especially Wicca), you will come across the term “Fluffy Pagan” or “Fluffy Wiccan.”

Like most derogatory terms, what exactly constitutes a “Fluffy Pagan” (sometimes also called a “Fluffy Bunny Pagan”) is never clearly defined. 1,717 more words


The Athame Debates

There’s a range of daggers suitable for use as athames at my Dad’s shop: http://www.spiral.org.uk/acatalog/Daggers.html  

Out of all the numerous tools that Wiccans may use in their rituals, the athame seems to be one of the most important – and the most controversial. 978 more words

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