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Culmination Points, New Moon & Eclipse Transformations - Sandra Walter

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Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~

We are at the culmination point of our Seven Sacred weeks, which completes with the New Moon Tuesday, January 16 at 6:19pm. 514 more words

Dealing with Eclipse and Very Small Icons on Ultra High Density Displays

More and more these very-very-high-resolution¬†(UHD, Ultra-High-Density) notebook displays show up in my class rooms.These displays have 3100×1800 or even more pixels, making it great for watching high-resolution videos or for playing games (maybe?). 144 more words


How to fix an Eclipse Workspace that does not open any more?

It can happen to everyone using Eclipse: launching Eclipse with workspace, and then it is stuck loading it. As a last resort, create a new workspace and go on? 232 more words


A Total Eclipse Family Event - 8/21/17

My wife and I (and Sandy Paws, the dog,) journeyed about 750 miles (1200 km) from New Jersey to see and photograph the Total Solar Eclipse last week, meeting up with most of our immediate family for an unforgettable, awesome event which none of us, including the youngest, will ever forget. 272 more words


A Mermaid Emerges

Photo: Robert Fuhro

This Solar Eclipse has turned our heads in America. We will look up and catch sight of Sun and Moon in an intimate moment of visual contact. 856 more words


Using Eclipse with its local Version of Java Virtual Machine

Eclipse is probably the most used and de-facto standard IDE for any development for ARM Cortex or any other devices. It is very easy these days to construct an unlimited and unrestricted IDE (see “ 280 more words


Lunar Eclipse with Gold and Silver Notes

A partial lunar eclipse on August 7th won’t be visible in the United States, yet it carries the energy of Sun and Mars in Leo. This explodes the power of the element of Fire and the Life Force. 768 more words