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A bench with many views and a windmill

This bench is only a short walk from our house, although a bit of a steep haul up Windmill Hill. The windmill itself is quite a landmark in Much Wenlock, although much about its history, and how it looked when in use, remain to be discovered by the stalwart Windmill Trust whose members take care of it. 308 more words


Eclipse Database Development Perspective - setting up driver definition

In case you want to access any Database tables and schemas directly from Eclipse, you can use the ‘Eclipse Database Development Perspective’

To set up a particular ‘Driver Definition’ do the following in eclipse Juno SR2 (should be similar in any other variant): 68 more words

Eclipse Database Development

Serial Terminal View in Eclipse Luna

If you have read my article “Serial Terminal View with Eclipse Kepler“, then you are aware that using a Terminal view to a serial connection (COM port) under Eclipse Kepler is pretty much broken. 354 more words

Tips & Tricks

SWT Development, a comprehensive guide. (SWT -> Gtk)

I typed up a comprehensive guide on SWT Development (Gtk side).

It covers:
– SWT Develeper Setup.

– Navigating SWT code base.

– Building SO images to run latest master. 37 more words


UART with the FRDM-KL02Z Board

In my classes I’m mainly using the Freescale FRDM-KL25Z board, as it provides the best value for the money, and 128 kByte FLASH with 16 kByte of RAM is enough for many smaller projects. 499 more words


Updated P&E GDB Server for Eclipse: Connect/Attach and Advanced Flash Programming

P&E has upgraded their GDB implementation and interface used in combination with the GNU ARM Eclipse plugins: they support now advanced flash programming options plus the ability to attach/connect to a running target :-). 634 more words

Tips & Tricks