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Solving the 8192 Character Command Line Limit on Windows

There is a really annoying issue with using command line tools on Windows: the maximum length of the command line passed to cmd.exe is 8192 characters (see… 958 more words

Tips & Tricks

Moon shadow

It’s no Cat Stevens song, this is the real deal!


The Churning

The period between eclipses should be renamed, given a term all its own in an effort to describe this peculiar no mans land. For when your feet feel leaden yet strangely not on the ground. 849 more words

Human Behaviour

Are You Feeling The Healing? > Kari Samuels

a message from Kari Samuels

Wednesday, 25 March, 2015

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“Oh yes, this is an intense week.” 8 more words

International Space Station pictured against the eclipse

Photographer Thierry Legault filmed the eclipse, and for 0.6 seconds the ISS crossed in front of the sun to form this amazing (composite) image!


Eclipse Yourself

Season of the eclipse is here. That rumble stumble tumble you are feeling? Those winds of change that are gusting through your house, your heart, your head? 1,178 more words