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Show Floating Point Variable Bytes in Eclipse CDT

My preferred variable format in Eclipse is hexadecimal (see “Debugging Variables in Hexadecimal with Eclipse“). However, this does not work well with floating point variables: 291 more words


How to Add Undo/Redo Toolbar Buttons to Eclipse

By default, there are no Undo/Redo toolbar buttons in the Eclipse toolbar. With Eclipse as an open and extensible framework, how to add them? 394 more words

Tips & Tricks

Xtext: Getting errors and warnings headless

I was thinking about creating a headless validator for my DSL. There are alot of possibilities how to use it after that. For instance you can validate the file headless and bind the validation to every another editor which can show errors and warnings. 299 more words


Preprocessor Listing for GNU gcc with GNU ARM Eclipse Plugins

In case there are problems with the C/C++ preprocessor, it is useful to generate the compiler preprocessor listing. Here is how to create a preprocessor listing with GNU gcc compiler and the… 190 more words


Useful shortcuts for FO-Editor in abas Tools

SSH Plugin

The SSH Plugin is used to download FOPs from the server and to synchronize them.


Eclipse error: Java was started but returned error code=13

You need to add the following line before “-vmargs” parameter in “\eclipse\eclipse.ini” file, additionally make sure eclipse and java architecture are same, i.e both are 32 or 64 bit. 14 more words


Atollic TrueSTUDIO Lite for ARM with Unlimited Code Size

Good news for all the Eclipse and ARM lovers: Atollic have announced this week at ARM TechCon 2015 in Santa Clara that their TrueSTUDIO ‘Lite’ is now free of charge with unlimited code size. 479 more words