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Improve Eclipse Performance with Increased Heap Size

I noticed that especially working with several projects in my workspace, Eclipse got sluggish and slowly responding. I have in Eclipse the Heap Monitor/Status enabled (see “ 404 more words

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FRDM K64F Data Logger using FatFs with KSDK 1.2.0

This blog is a guide on how to setup using the FatFs library included with the Kinetis SDK 1.2.0 using mostly the Processor expert within Eclipse Luna. 3,263 more words


Erich Styger reblogged this on MCU on Eclipse and commented:

Check out the article by Wesley Hunter about how to use the FRDM-K64F as a data logger. He describes all the steps how to use the Kinetis SDK v1.2.0 with FatFS. Happy Logging :-)

How to update Eclipse to bleeding edge (Rawhide)

Sometimes you want the latest and greatest Eclipse on Fedora, as it includes the latest bug fixes. E.g

To do so, you will have to install the rawhide repository (1) and then update the Eclipse packages to those of Rawhide (2) 231 more words


Don't use Eclipse's web viewer for Cobertura reports...

… or Javadoc, or anything with frames.

It doesn’t appear to refresh correctly, and I was missing updates to my coverage.

Load them in a real browser instead.


Freescale Freedom Board Tutorials on Element14

I have found several excellent tutorials created by Bheema Rao on element14: He uses many of the McuOnEclipse components, features Kinetis Design Studio/Eclipse and shows how to use the… 71 more words

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Show Opcodes in Eclipse Disassembly View

One new feature in CDT 8.4 or later is the ability to see the instruction opcode in the disassembly view: 156 more words

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Set OutputConfigurationProvider programmatically

If you want to configure your generator programmatically, you need to create a custom output configuration provider like this:

public class MyOutputConfigurationProvider extends OutputConfigurationProvider{
	public Set getOutputConfigurations() {
		OutputConfiguration defaultOutput = new OutputConfiguration(IFileSystemAccess.DEFAULT_OUTPUT);
		return newHashSet(defaultOutput);

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