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Red Hat Software Collections 2.3 now beta

Today, Red Hat announced the beta availability of Red Hat Software Collections 2.3, Red Hat’s newest installment of open source web development tools, dynamic languages, and databases. 146 more words

Red Hat Software Collections

Running ctypes in Python 3

I’ve been teaching myself Python lately and I’m working through a few different books to do so. One of them is Gray Hat Python by Justin Seitz. 328 more words


JavaServer Faces with Eclipse IDE #1

The key to be successful developer is to develop a lots of application from scratch. This is the intention of this post. Let’s start with developing JSF application (Tutorial 1) using Eclipse IDE and GlassFish Server.

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Maven Project - statement not supported in -source 1.5

Recently, I was working in a project and I coded a multi-catch statement because…you know…they’re cool.  Multi-catches were introduced in Java 1.7 and are not therefore supported with a compiler below 1.7.   208 more words

Looking inside open source innovation

James Kirkland is one of the architects involved in the new open source Kapua project on Eclipse.org. In this blog post he discusses how innovation happens when industry leaders collaborate to make their customers successful. 477 more words

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