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Random Eclipse Questions

Isn’t Eclipse really hard to use?


Why won’t my generated EMF Model Editor let me add children!?

If you have a model where one element should have children and the generated editor won’t let you add children, make sure that the “Containment” box is checked in the properties view… 56 more words


How do you use OSGi? (part 1)

Two weeks ago I sent a form to OSGi dev mailing list. My goal was to have an idea how others use OSGi in their projects. 639 more words


I’ve seen this tag on Night Train Books blog and decided to give it a go even if I wasn’t tagged because it looks so fun to do to wait for someone to tag me before I do it. 606 more words


Build and Clean Selected Files in Eclipse CDT

Sometimes it is very useful to clean or build a selected set of files. For this I select the file(s) in the Eclipse Project Explorer and use the context menu: 596 more words

Tips & Tricks

[W7500]Eclipse에서 W7500용 새 project 생성하기

이번 포스트에서는 Linux 기반의 Eclipse에서 W7500용 프로젝트의 생성부터 바이너리 파일 작성까지의 과정을 설명한다.

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Technical Tips

[W7500] How to make a new eclipse project for W7500 on ubuntu

This post illustrates the process from creating a new project for W7500 to building a binary file with Eclipse on Ubuntu.



Technical Tips

Applying Eclipse formatting using Maven

I had an issue recently where a branch had been formatted by eclipse and made a merge from Trunk to Branch reasonably difficult. These things happen – so the solution was to find a plugin that would allow me to format both HEAD and Branch consistently outside of eclipse. 171 more words