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Phases of The Moon Lesson Plan: Position of The Planets

This is a lesson plan called phases of the moon lesson plan: position of the planets. The lesson can be adapted for grade levels 3-5. It is a multi-day lesson where the students use BrainPop resources to find the position of the earth, moon, and sun for each phase of the moon. 63 more words

MannyMUA X Jeffree Star Collaboration Details!

Finally! There were details given! I’ve been waiting for the big reveal since Manny and Jeffree showed the boxes on Instagram about almost two weeks ago! 236 more words

Into Hades and back: Dillard's 'Total Eclipse'

Those of us who love reading know the sense of exhilaration in coming across, for the first time, the work a writer who makes you feel, once again, the beauty of brilliance you were not fully aware of before. 954 more words


Debugging Grails 3, Spring Boot or Gradle with Eclipse

This is a small post for those who’s primary IDE is Eclipse for developing Grails 3 apps or plugins — and are still wondering how to debug their application. 615 more words


Scala: List data structure

Objective – Generalize tail to the function drop, which removes the first n elements from a list.

object patternmatcing extends App {

sealed trait List[+A] // deifine trait list with sealed i.e all functions ust be declared here… 183 more words

Big Data

Black Angels Of Shame

Don’t you see them glare, from behind that wall?
Through those blistered eyes, ever-kohled in pain
Dare they cross that rampart, hell would befall?
The moons that eclipse, from a thought profane! 91 more words