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~ Where was your fire burning yesterday  – -and – – has it settled down? A good many of us are still flying high. 218 more words


Full Pink Moon April 4, 2015

After the long winter it’s time to throw your head back and howl at the full pink moon.  This is a wonderful time of year because it expresses rebirth and growth.  515 more words


Born Today 28 March + Born on an Eclipse

Your creative impulse has perhaps been forced to take a back seat for awhile–but not anymore, dear Aries. The creative urge within is building momentum, and you may find, consciously or not, that you are seeking a form into which to pour that spark, a way to translate the energy into a shape others can perceive–but at this point, creating may seem like a distraction. 176 more words


Must Be Something in the Water...

Don’t know if you heard, but we had a solar eclipse here in the UK recently.  Perhaps understandably, the focus for most people is on the spectacle it creates as the Moon edges across the face of the Sun.  543 more words


A bit of Foragery

Seeing the fruits of labor is always a wonderful thing. Understanding the patience is an integral part of the process. From start to finish, there are many parallels that shape our reality. 201 more words


Spring Equinox Solar Eclipse

Today’s photo took a bit of work. Much of this was anticipated, but some was not. I can safely say that this was a technically challenging photo, and I learned a few things processing it. 275 more words


Hello world Tutorial in Android Studio

Before going to tutorial make sure that both Android Studio and Java are installed properly including the set up of environmental variables . 606 more words

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