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So, what have we learnt? 

I started this journey with several objectives to make my home uber efficient, to save money on bills and to be more conscious as a family of ways and methods to help the environment. 433 more words

Progress so far.....

Since signing up for Live Lagom, I’ve found myself being more aware of my environment and surroundings.

Every bottle, piece of card, plastic and paper now gets picked up and placed in the appropriate pile ready to be distributed between the relevant bins. 396 more words

Two car team!

I have definitely never been a car person. In fact throughout my life I have been spotted driving a 18th century Nissan Micra and a 2004 ginger Ford Fiesta called Rupert, so my car expertise is somewhat lacking. 1,174 more words


2016 Ford Focus RS

Ford has just released details on it’s Ford RS hot hatch with a 257kW 440Nm (470Nm available for up to 15 seconds overboost) twin turbo 2.3-litre EcoBoost 4 cylinder under the bonnet, AWD grip, adaptive dampers and dynamic torque vectoring the Focus RS is going to really bloody the nose of some more expensive cars on the market. 1,135 more words

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