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Persephone's Descent: Perception, Reality, Truth?

Persephone, perception, truth and reality may be related. In the best known version of the Greek myth, Persephone, daughter of Demeter is raped, split away from her body (the earth) and whisked into the underworld against her will by Hades. 1,562 more words


September, the Moon Bear's Full Moon

This morning the sun rose blood red over the trees splashing crimson fire over the ground…The first frost has come and gone and now the humidity is on the rise as thunderclouds float like specters above the mountains. 376 more words



The wind is roaring through the trees here in Marin County, the sun alternating between brightness and clouded. It already feels eerie and anticipatory for tomorrow’s cosmic event. 1,196 more words

Blueberries for Bears

Above: Andrew Wyeth Print

This morning I went to our local blueberry festival and ate blueberry pancakes with blueberry sauce and started home with three quarts of blueberries, one of which was delivered to my friend Roy who is almost 102 years old. 458 more words



Driving through the redwoods of California I feel vibrant and wild. I take in the beauty of the trees’ majesty and the mist of the Mendocino fog.

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Female Body

The Turning of the Wheel

Today heavy mist shrouds the apple trees and rises like puffs of smoke over the mountains. Every twig is still covered with lush green leaves and every time I look out a window I feel that gratitude pulsing through me – the wonder of being alive. 766 more words