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Slaughter of the Mother

 When we forget that the entire orange doesn’t belong to us, we fell the tree and never get to taste the sweet fruit again


Who Really Feeds the World?

“Nature is living and she is intelligent.”

I had the privilege to listen to environmental activist and eco feminist Dr. Vandana Shiva speak at Drake University this week.

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On the morning of the introductory Webinar to an online course on “The Way of the Wild Feminine”, I drew this Tarot card for the group from the Motherpeace (Vicki Noble) deck: XX – … 905 more words

Women And Leadership

"Fields of Love/ Campos del amor"

Poetry can heal… La poesía sana…It takes us deep into our emotional self, our inner psyche. I wrote this poem in one of my many life transitions, and it helped me to cope with my direct experience of sadness and letting go.

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Female Body

"The Coiled Serpent"

“When I was nine my little girl body faced the challenges of patriarchal authority. The silencing of my voice opened my eyes to class and ethnic distinctions as well as the cathartic power of the serpent as metaphor for women’s solidarity and transformation.

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Female Body

Saphira dan #JadiAIRIS | Perspektif Eco-Feminis

Jadi ceritanya, saya tau AIRIS dari postingan instagram kak Saphira.

Begini extended story nya…

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