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Reverence, Wild Souls and Inner Landscapes ~ TreeSisters Update

Whether or not you know that you are beautiful,
the flowers gaze at you, whenever you walk by.

When your heart feels like stone
and you’ve lost sight of the gifts being given, 786 more words


Is *Feminist* a Dirty Word?

I have said it before and I will say it again – I am a feminist.  No apologies, no explanations, a simple statement.

So, a question – are you a feminist?   803 more words

Reclaimed By Nature

Nature is powerful. We witness this power everyday in big, and small ways. When I came across a roundup of 10 abandoned spaces reclaimed by nature, I was thrilled! 115 more words


Weathering The Signs

Recent (and frequent) rains in Austin this week and last have me quite curious (and a rather worried). Uncharacteristic of this region, for this time of year, the weather has taken a rather wet and soggy shift. 326 more words


Sharmila Rege's Response to Chayya Datar

Sharmila Rege – ‘Real Feminism’ and Dalit Women: Scripts of Denial and Accusation. Economic and Political Weekly. 35.6 (2000): 492-95.

The environment movement has not dealt with the question of caste-community exploitation and the economic issues that trouble the peasantry and the working class, and despite the eco-feminist trend, as Omvedt argues, the movement as such has rarely confronted the oppression of women.

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Alexander MacQueen and Eco-feminism

“Wild women” are surrounded by skulls and bones,  attired in skins and leather, crowned by stag horns, birds heads, and tokens of powerful animals, they look as their allies in the underworld. 1,323 more words



In the indigenous traditions, we see ourselves as a part of the eco-system where we are in tune with the natural elements but not ruling over them, eventhough we might pray and praise when the sun shines or it rains where needed. 415 more words