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What’s new?

We decided to step it up and are now changing all of our bags to eco friendly reusable bags that will be free of charge with your purchase. 80 more words

Eco Friendly Bags

That SIMPLE Dress

We all have those days when we simply don’t have the time or the energy to style up something fresh or over the top. We just want something smart and casual that would speak for itself without any effort. 176 more words


How to buy Dyaryo Bags?

There are many ways to buy Dyaryo Bags for Life!

  1. You can visit our shop location at Galas Maasim, San Rafael, Bulacan.
  2. If we are currently participating in bazaars or trade fairs, you can go and visit our booth. 
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Dyaryo Bags

Does the usage of eco friendlier products effective for our babies?

The word eco signifies the thing which is environment friendly means it has no harmful effect that causes severe problems to every living existence. Eco friendlier bags are the smart alternative against using plastic bags. 282 more words

Baby Bags

Eco Friendly Bags, It’s the Trend Now

Needless to say, girls always have a passion and craze to be a trend setter, so they keep in line with whatever fashion that keeps changing. 543 more words


Advantages of reusable d cut carry bags using

Do you know that every year, the United States uses 150 million plastic shopping bags? It means that nearly 15 million barrels of crude oil had to be used to create these plastic bags. 279 more words

Eco Friendly Shopping Bags