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What size of cloth pad to choose?

What size of cloth pad to choose? There are so many sizes and types it can make your head spin and it can be very overwhelming when you start your reusable menstrual products journey. 459 more words

Stargazing Seamstress

Sprout Pencil: Sustainable pencils that sprout flowers, herbs or vegetables

Looking for a pencil that is sustainable and has more than one use? Sprout Pencil are plantable pencils – meaning once you are done with scribbling and drawing, you can stick the pencil top-down into a plant pot and watch it sprout herbs or flowers. 93 more words

Rosa Medea

11 eco-friendly everyday essentials

The seemingly small things we use every day all add up to make a huge impact on our planet. They use up finite resources, release chemicals into places they shouldn’t and our everyday essentials end up piling up in a landfill, or worse, in our oceans and waterways. 513 more words


CredoBags: Reusable bread bags made from sustainable fabrics

Montreal based CredoBags is making it easier and smoother for people to make small, simple changes in their everyday shopping habits to help the environment. 140 more words

Rosa Medea

Elephant Box: Stainless steel canisters a perfect freezer solution for soups, liquids and stocks

Looking for a sustainable storage solution for freezing liquids such as soups and stocks? Elephant Box’s leakproof and airtight canister, made from stainless steel, is the ideal freezer friend. 121 more words

Rosa Medea

Scotch-Brite Disinfecting Wipes Review

After I found a coupon for these wipes, my family and I  wanted to try them out. So far we’ve used them for sanitizing our homeschooling areas, kitchen counters, and even our bathrooms. 376 more words

Eco-Friendly Products

What are the Advantages of Cool Roofing Systems?

Living in a tropical climate makes you realize how important it is to rely on energy to save yourself from the all-penetrating heat. And this huge supply energy comes with large figures on the energy bills. 347 more words