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My favourite uses for Dr Bronner's Magic Soap

I’ve used Dr Bronner’s Magic Soap on and off for a good few years now so I thought it was time to share a few of my favourite uses. 533 more words

Natural Skincare

Play It Safe!

Toys are timeless creations which guide children into adulthood. They are an important part of your child’s growth and development. India has a glorious tradition in toys. 540 more words


Researching ethical yarns, and a pinch of mermaid tail.

After a discussion on Facebook about mass production versus quality homemade crochet, I started making a child’s mermaid tail today. I tend to make the patterns up for these as I go along, and throw in all kinds of stuff, kind of like a sampler of stitches, as I tend to get bored pretty quickly whilst making them otherwise. 342 more words


You Matter: The Struggles of a Christian Environmentalist

One of my greatest struggles in trying to be “environmentally friendly” is the realization that no matter how I live my life I will always have a negative environmental impact. 587 more words

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Why Clean Living is Important

Did you know that before you leave the house in the morning you come in contact with over 400 chemicals?! And over 200 of those have cancer causing agents in them!! 203 more words

Artificial Grass: A Great Way to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint |CoolBusinessIdeas.com

Artificial grass for your home is more than just good looks, it’s also about being kinder to Mother Earth. This eco-friendly choice for your lawn and garden goes beyond reducing the ways that you maintain your home. 142 more words

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Go Green, Fashionably

Organic Clothing is the new ‘in-thing’. The world is witnessing the rise of organic clothing. But organic clothing is not a new concept. Human beings have always been doing that. 316 more words