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Crop top, white with blue and red geometric motif, made of upcycled vintage round tablecloth.




Triangle bra top with floral motif made of upcycled vintage round tablecloth.

Original design inspired by the Summer of love.



FTC Cracks Down on Labeling

One of the luxuries of being an American consumer is that we have many choices. Should I choose a 4-door sedan or an SUV, a wool sweater or a cotton sweater, organic food or non-organic food? 236 more words

Benefits Of Organics

Made in USA: Is America's garment industry making a comeback?

I’m the kind of person that dives in first and researches later, or rather I make up my mind and then I deal with it! It wasn’t like I looked into if China-free living was possible, or made a budget for shopping local, before I started the challenge. 805 more words


Forget 5p Carrier Bags. Go Eco-Friendly With Stylish Totes

With the introduction of the 5p bag charge hitting shops across England, much of the country is in an uproar over the ‘disgrace’. We however, have seen it as an opportunity to break in some new reusable tote bags.  153 more words