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Etsy Pep Talk #2 - Daisy Chain talks about being in a niche market

Whenever I’m feeling like I’ve failed I want to take a moment to remind myself that failure is part of the process. I love having my own business though and day dream about making enough on the side to go back to school. 298 more words


February Quilt Block

After a few days’ break from trying to cut my quilt pieces, I was finally able to focus on pulling all the fabric out and working on the project again. 251 more words


Earth is amazing!

Our world is a beautiful place and it has sustained everything living on it for millions of years. Although our presence has done much damage to it, we still have a chance to change it. 289 more words


Did You Know?

Did you know, that…

  • Each ton of aviation fuel is 3.15 tons of CO2.
  • A plastic bottle left in the forest will take 500 years to decompose, chewing gum 5 years and cigarette butts 2 years.
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Recycling - FAQ's

Why can’t I recycle all plastics?

Just as with different types of paper, all plastics could be recycled if there were a market, i.e. a manufacturer who would use them to make a new product. 542 more words