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Eco-Friendly Dating

Going Online Makes it Easier

Americans are staying single longer these days. Instead of marrying in our early 20s like in the 1960s, today we’re more likely to be upwards of 27 before committing. 251 more words

Green Living

Why I sleep on a bamboo pillow!

Bamboo pillow

There is an enormous amount of environmental issues, which we know about but do not consider being essential. Many specialists and experts of natural products and environmental protection help us to understand the importance of using eco-friendly materials in our cozy apartments and houses. 363 more words


Bamboo bed sheets, are they worth it?

Bamboo bed sheets

One of the trendiest way of getting organic and eco-friendly home goods is to invest in the bamboo bedding products. During the last couple of years people strive to purchase bamboo bed sheets regarding the amount of benefits. 293 more words


Am I going granola?

Think everyone is familiar with the term “nesting” in regards to pregnant women, and if not, it’s basically when your hormones kick in and turn you into a neat freak. 439 more words


HBK is a design team based in Brooklyn, New York specializing in screen printed and letterpress goods. Brought together by fate and driven by circumstance the HB team works diligently towards creating a variety of  handcrafted goods. 23 more words


How to Have an Eco-Friendly Valentine’s Day

For those looking to celebrate Valentine’s Day to its fullest without making a big impact on the environment around you, there are many options! By foregoing the classic fixed-price meal at a fancy downtown restaurant and shelling our hundreds of dollars, you’ll have a great V-Day with a purpose. 307 more words

Winter is still coming!

It looks like winter is finally arrived in the rest of the continent and some models are predicting it could be here a while. According to sources like the Weather Network and NOAA, We may see a return of the Arctic outflow which could push temperatures back down to levels seen the last two years in the east and extending far south. 82 more words

Ice Melt