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If a Three Year Old Can Do It.....

I had a proud crunchy mama moment the other day.

My three year old was sweeping the remains of her younger sister’s meal from off the floor and putting them in the dustpan. 84 more words


Paper Cup Chaos

The media seems obsessed with the Starbucks paper cup controversy and causing people to rethink the meaning of Christams and the colour red.

What a crock. 95 more words

Eco Green

Coffee woes

My favourite beverage is the source of my morning discomfort after a CBC article is blaming convenient packaging, including single use coffee pods, for the increase of curbside garbage in Canada. 269 more words


Here’s How You Can Celebrate Fish Amnesty Day

September 26th is Fish Amnesty Day. We don’t know about you, but we love fish. They’re gorgeous creatures, and they make great, easy-to-take-care of pets. 336 more words

Holiday + Seasonal

To the garden

Stepping through the doorway towards an abundant garden screaming to be harvested is a moment filled with childlike anticipation.

What treasures await? What has grown ripe in the hours since I last wandered that way? 55 more words


Smart Tools To Make Cleaning Fun

Oh, yes, when the weather finally starts to warm up, we’re all given that societal nudge to whip our homes into better shape. But since cleaning isn’t exactly the most fun activity, you’ll need the right tools to get the job done. 222 more words

D.I.Y. + How To

Celebrate Arbor Day With These Plant Accessories

We love holidays here. Holidays are reasons to celebrate! And Arbor Day is today. If you love plants we’ve got the right tools so you can make your gardens grow. 286 more words

Holiday + Seasonal