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Benefits of Oils

What are Oils?

Oils are fats that are liquid at room temperature. Oils come from mainly plants and fish. It can be commonly used as for cooking, hair, skin and as cosmetic. 278 more words


It Is All About Silicone in Your Kitchen!

Sometimes the hardest thing with kitchens is trying to maintain their cleanliness. If you spend a lot of time cooking, then you probably spend as much time cleaning up. 582 more words

Kitchen + Dining

Pahe 2: Jatim Park 1 dan Eco Green(2/2)

Well, sudah puas main di Jatim Park (baca Part 1) kita berencana langsung ke Eco Green Park sebelum kesorean. Jatim Park menyediakan fasilitas antar jemput untuk yang mengikuti Pahe-Pahe disana :D… 785 more words


Pahe 2: Jatim Park 1 dan Eco Green (1/2)

Pagi itu hari Kamis, tanggal 22 September 2016. Memasuki akhir bulan dari sekian kegabutanku dirumah. Aku dan teman-teman sudah merencanakan liburan asyiq ke kota Batu Malang… 2,748 more words

Harian Adin

Natural Beauty

What is Natural Beauty ?

We have asked our selfs countless of times what is Natural Beauty. Does it has to do with our beauty alone ? 389 more words


Go To "Batu Secret Zoo"Jatim Park 2

Batu Secret Zoo is  a beautiful place where we can see many kinds of  various animals such as various types of birds native to Indonesia and around the world, various types of primates such as lemurs, orang utan, siamang… 185 more words


Convenient Travel and Lunch Containers

Eco-friendly has nothing on these. Transport your meals to and from wherever with unique conveyances.  Whether eating at work or traveling and not wanting to pay exorbitant amounts for airplane food, this is one way to assure you can always have a good meal. 202 more words

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