This weekend was great thanks to Emily, Phil and Guillermo. We cleared and built and drank a lot of beer. Eco is looking wonderful so for those of you who have not been for a visit do it soon. 17 more words

Eco Building

The green Truck

One day last year while processing plastic bottles for the green house I heard and then saw an old green truck. It had stopped on the hill going past our property and then re started. 210 more words

Aguas Blancas - Lavalleja

Hot weather with some rain expected

Day 24 at Eco and the day started off with a clear sky and a warm breeze, 7.15am and already hot. The black headed woodpeckers were all over the place with their distinctive call. 436 more words

Aguas Blancas - Lavalleja

A Saturday morning at Eco.

January has slipped through the door and today is the tenth already. I am still trying to deal with December, the most over rated month of the year in my opinion and with so much hype. 544 more words

Aguas Blancas - Lavalleja