Making jam tarts with toddler tomorrow

My writing warm up blog post today was going to be about upcycling packaging from amazon (ludicrous amounts for the tinniest item so plenty of materials to play with) into toddler art wrapping paper and underwater scenes, but whilst search the pictures on my computer I realised the one I want was on my phone and the lead is somewhere on my desk, this should not be a problem but if you had ever seen my desk you would know it is! 133 more words


Come and walk the lavender labyrinth this Easter weekend

The lavender has grown well and is looking good. The grass has been cut and the weather is pleasant so join us this weekend. Open Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.



This weekend was great thanks to Emily, Phil and Guillermo. We cleared and built and drank a lot of beer. Eco is looking wonderful so for those of you who have not been for a visit do it soon. 17 more words

Eco Building

The green Truck

One day last year while processing plastic bottles for the green house I heard and then saw an old green truck. It had stopped on the hill going past our property and then re started. 210 more words

Aguas Blancas - Lavalleja

Hot weather with some rain expected

Day 24 at Eco and the day started off with a clear sky and a warm breeze, 7.15am and already hot. The black headed woodpeckers were all over the place with their distinctive call. 436 more words

Aguas Blancas - Lavalleja

A Saturday morning at Eco.

January has slipped through the door and today is the tenth already. I am still trying to deal with December, the most over rated month of the year in my opinion and with so much hype. 544 more words

Aguas Blancas - Lavalleja