Not as Dairy Free as I thought

I have considered myself basically dairy free since about half way through my last pregnancy, my asthma had become terrible, I was taking my inhalers more than I ever had in my life and was even waking in the night having asthma attacks, my asthma up to this point was fairly mild and usually only triggered by exertion. 555 more words

Eco Living

Zero Waste = Scary, LESS waste = Totally doable

I love the Zero Waste movement and think it is amazing that there are people achieving so much for the environment, but I doubt that I am alone in feeling rather overwhelmed by the very idea of ZERO waste and sometimes the all or nothing part of our brains kick in and unfortunately it’s not the Zero Waste that wins but the no action, so lets put zero waste aside for a min (probably more like years at the moment) and say instead “I am going to waste LESS” less is a great word, less is so achievable, there are so many ways we could waste less, less is inclusive, less is accepting, less is out friend. 465 more words

Eco Living

Better late than never to the Homemade stock party

So I am rather late to this party, it’s always intimidated me, the idea of making my own stock from the chicken carcass, I think a certain amount of it was thinking I would muck it up because the boys would distract me and with homeschooling and a business time was a huge obstacle. 312 more words

Eco Living

Open Day...Cottage and Gardens

Details of this month’s Open Day just posted on the Bealtaine Cottage Good Life website…