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This morning, in the early hours, I walked around and through the flowers–again overwhelmed by  volunteers–the plants that keep giving and giving.  Reappearing each year through no effort of my own.   219 more words

The power of making aware

It’s common wisdom that what you measure becomes important. That’s how we humans work. A clock makes you focus on time and so on. I consider myself a good driver having been driving 39 years without serious accidents and only a few speed tickets. 314 more words


One Person's Trash....etc.

I’m drawn to discarded stuff. Not garbage exactly–but things that can maybe be reused or have some sort of intrinsic value–to me at least. This holds true for most areas of my life. 195 more words

Episode 62: Home Grown Drama

Crimson hadn’t wanted to see it. She’d tried to avoid it. She’d tried to pin her eyes on the leader of the settlers and avoid contact with rest. 1,534 more words

Autonomous cars not around the corner

The car industry has its challenges. From being the ultimate provider of freedom, personal transportation and quality of life it now is supposed to solve the safety and sustainability issues it created. 507 more words


Smog the Grump

There once was a black rain cloud

Who hovered in the sky

His name was Smog the grump

And it was no wonder why

He didn’t like blue skies… 257 more words


How about a Cruise ship terminal?

As of June 2014 it was reaffirmed that the proposal for a cruise terminal and other tourist attractions such as another casino is becoming increasingly liked by the Gold Coast City Council. 694 more words