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Ecosystems is the new HOW in IoT

All IoT solutions span at least three industries – collection of data (sensors, gateways, datacom, telecom, etc), managing data (cleaning, matching, analysing, combining, etc), distributing information (IoT value is created when a piece of wanted data is delivered to the right place at the right time, i.e. 277 more words


Earth Notes #2 by Rani Iyer: The Chorus

Preparing for monsoon is an intense period in the forest. On the one hand the forest is parched for moisture, on the other, the intense rain will test the recovery of everyone. 557 more words

Earth Healing

The Laws Of Ecology And The Survival Of The Human Species

Captain Paul Watson Founder of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

I was raised in a small fishing village on the Passamaquoddy Bay in New Brunswick, Canada and I still vividly remember the way things were in the Fifties. 483 more words

Killing With Vegneance

There have been some sad stories in the news recently about human lives being lost to animal attacks.  A young surfer in Western Australia died after being bitten by a shark, and shortly thereafter a diver was killed after being mauled by what was thought to be a Great White.  627 more words


Eco Systems

It is independent software which runs on top of HDFS(Hadoop Distributed File System) & Map Reducer this means for that Eco systems back end storage is HDFS.when you submit job (statement of eco system).The statement will be converted into “Map Reducer”. 54 more words


They filter our air, provide a habitat for many creatures, give us shelter, as kids we all climbed them and we have favourites to sit under. 25 more words


Cakes & Whales

mad cows derail trains

jaffa-cake or biscuit chat

light or dark matter

one suspicious lump or two

Serengeti radio

yawning hippopotamus

could eat the lot of us