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Zero-Waste-Free Kit

I have been trying to finalize my zero-waste-free kit for some time now, as I have had my favourite reusable (and stainless steel) water bottle for many years, and also other reusable items – like snack/lunch boxes and utensils… but I knew that in order to be the environmentalist I really want to be, I needed to invest in eco-friendly items – and that means NO plastic! 122 more words


Old Crow: Hand painted and embroidered vintage

Old Crow is one of THE RADDEST brands we have come across in our journey. Bridget, the mind, body, and soul of Old Crow, is an artist whose canvases of choice are wearable! 121 more words


Edible Schoolyard in Action

This article is so inspiring. The EUSD, a school district in southern California, not only is growing its own food for lunches on district land, and having all the students be part of the experience through day long activities and lessons, they are also certified organic and have partnered with a natural food store so that they can sell their extra produce and raise money for the program. 19 more words


As Time Goes By

I recently dug up an essay I’d read many moons ago by Italian author, philosopher and flaneur Umberto Eco entitled Casablanca: Cult movies and intertextual collage… 1,180 more words

Newborn Essentials for the Minimalist Momma

I have shared with you about my desires to live a more minimalistic lifestyle for a variety of reasons. When you look at the baby industry nothing about it is minimal. 1,306 more words

Did You Know... About Climate Change?

1. The world is getting warmer. 2016 was the hottest year on record since 1880. It will continue to rise as much as 6 degrees by 2100. 105 more words

Fighting the fuzz

As many of us are aware, women are often expected to be hairless from the eyebrows down! I have been lucky enough to develop a lot of self confidence over the past few years, and now I only shave if I feel like it. 306 more words