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Rover Pipeline Sets Record for Environmental Violations

Energy Transfer Partners’ controversial $4.3 billion Rover pipeline has more negative inspection reports than any other major interstate natural gas pipeline built in the last two years, according to a new Bloomberg analysis. 127 more words

Live Balanced

Ecooking - A review of the newest brand to hit Cult Beauty

In the last year I have changed career, city and pace – embracing the non-stop craziness of a tech start up and slowing down the weekends to spend time with friends and family. 485 more words


Why I avoid battery powered toys

Firstly, a little disclaimer. TheĀ  opinions contained within the following post are entirely my own, and completely subjective. If you are a parent/grandparent/other relative or even generous friend who just loves to bestow flashing lights and cheerful tunes upon your little one, please understand that I am in no way judging you, or insinuating you should change your ways. 1,054 more words


My fashion come back

First of all, this is not only another fashion blog, I hope to focus on different subjects that are somehow related to sustainability, social and environmental awareness, however, what made me start this blog was actually fashion, to be more specific sustainable fashion. 590 more words

Fashion Industry

(Bad) News From #Bure, #France

In Bure on the 15 August 2017, around 800 people set off on a demo (numbers like this had never been seen before for a non-declared demo in Bure). 1,364 more words

The Beauty Of Zero Waste- Vintage Tech

Vintage technology has a soul, crafted from natural materials with care taken over form as well as function, older devices are often beautiful to behold. Add to this the tendency for vintage items to come without packaging and the fact that they are often easily repaired and it becomes easy to see why vintage is becoming the choice of those pursuing a more sustainable lifestyle. 311 more words