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Air pollution is damaging children’s brains before they are even born

Brain image (Shutterstock)

By Frank Kelly, King’s College London and Julia Kelly, King’s College London

Exposure to air pollutants during pregnancy may contribute to childhood abnormalities in the brain, … 579 more words


This Is Absolutely Terrifying: “There Are Really Only Two Big Patches of Intact Forest Left on Earth”

Alias 0591 (CC BY-NC 2.0)

Lindsay Abrams writes at Salon:

Can a forest that exists only in the spaces between roads and patches cleared for human settlement and agricultural development truly be called a forest? 361 more words


Going Green for April Challenge

April is the peak of spring and Earth Day is on April 22nd this year. To celebrate, RecyleBank has a list of daily things for you to do and change in your life during the month of April. 338 more words


5 Online Eco Fashion Stores

1. Elroy Apparel

Women/Men | Price range: 30 euros to 175 euros | International Shipping | Payment Options: ….

Elroy Apparel has the focus to let you know everything about your garments of choice. 401 more words


Japanese start-up invents faucet gadget to reduce water usage by up to 95 percent

Although over 70 percent of the Earth is covered in water, over 96 percent of that is salty. As anyone who’s gotten a mouthful of ocean water knows, we can’t drink that, and bathing in it is a big no-no. 786 more words