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Allura Media and Art Festival

Allura is a national media and art festival. It’s where students, professionals, enthusiasts, thinkers, and dreamers converge. This forum allows them to exhibit their talents and come together to connect, create and celebrate!  148 more words

A World Without Plastic

A new report shows that humans have produced 8.3 tons of plastic since the 1950s with the majority ending up in landfills or polluting the world’s continents and oceans, threatening a near permanent contamination of the natural environment. 62 more words

Live Balanced

De Ceuvel, Amsterdam

I am always on the look-out for innovative, ethically driven alternatives to services that we tend to use in conventional societies. In Amsterdam, a friend that I was staying with works at an absolutely wonderful cafe, named De Ceuvel. 211 more words


The Problem with Zero-Waste & Environmental Advocacy (and my opinion on how to personally address it)

The goal of the zero-waste movement is right in its name: to create zero-waste, or as little waste as possible. Environmental advocates outside of this niche group oftentimes talk about how they want to lower their carbon footprint. 321 more words