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Burning our way towards the ecocide of the human race

Despite all the evidence, that shows our continuing burning of fossil-fuels and biomass, is leading towards catastrophic climate change. The fossil-fuel industry continues with its quest to extract the remaining fossil-fuels. 456 more words


Cult of sociopathy

A disclaimer before I get stuck in. I’m not an expert on sociopathy or related conditions. This blog is about sociopathy as it’s popularly understood in our culture, rather than the condition itself (if there is such a thing). 670 more words


Guatemala News Update: October 26-30

Former Comedian Jimmy Morales Elected as Guatemala’s New President

On October 25, Guatemalans elected Jimmy Morales — a comedian with no political experience and backed by military hard-liners — to serve as the country’s next president. 259 more words


For the Record

When I was a young boy I dreamt of other planets in far flung solar systems in our galaxy.  I would draw pictures for hours of what I thought alien life might look like and try to imagine civilizations that may have evolved to our level of technology or beyond. 322 more words


Walking With Grief in the Anthropocene

It was a couple years ago that I saw my first glacier. I was on a trip to Alaska with my family before my father died. 749 more words


Polly Higgins


determined to make others

sit up and listen

by Scooj

For more about ecocide law, go here.


The Limpkin: A Poem and Short Essay

By Zachary Caple, University of California, Santa Cruz §

The Limpkin

Lover of the trashiest shorelines,
the limpkin is an ibis made plainer, browner. Flecked… 1,468 more words