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Desertification – Agriculturally Induced Ecological And Climatic Shifts Created The Sahara Desert

When thinking about the Sahara do you picture a green landscape, lush with vegetation and teeming with life? Of course not! Because today the Sahara is a desert, dry and arid: a harsh and unforgiving landscape. 468 more words

The Ghosts That Roam Among Us

To many of us who live near to nature the idea of ghosts is far from fantasy.  The concept is neither childish nor macabre either.   761 more words


Pipeline Resistance Dangers and Quashing Dissent in Florida--Why We Must #StopSabalTrail

This is a report provided by a friend/contact, who is involved in the resistance to stop the Sabal Trail Transmission Pipeline.

Photo of Manatee by Jill Yelverton… 668 more words

Zebra Finch Parents Sing To Their Eggs To Warn Them Of Climate Change

A study published in Science has found that Zebra Finches change the songs they sing to their young while they’re still in their eggs, varying with temperature differences. 288 more words

73% Of British Beaches Littered With Plastic Pellets Known As Nurdles

A search of thousands of British Beaches has found that almost three quarters of them are littered with lentil sized plastic pellets, known as nurdles. 35 more words

Sudden reversal in Antarctic sea ice. #auspol #climatechange 

Sudden reversal in Antarctic sea ice complicates argument by climate-change doubters

Arctic sea ice

In recent years, one of climate change doubters’ favorite arguments has involved the floating sea ice around Antarctica. 775 more words

Climate Change

#ThesisThursday: Deforestation and the Collapse of Easter Island & the Classic Maya

The collapse of the Easter Island (also known as Rapa Nui) and the Classic Maya population has remained a mystery since their discoveries. Despite substantial research, anthropologists still debate over what caused the fall of these ancient societies. 3,695 more words