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Sowing the GMO Seeds of Depopulation?

By Colin Todhunter

Global Research, May 23, 2015

If physical violence is to be used only as a final resort, a dominant class must seek to gain people’s consent if it is to govern and control a population. 1,038 more words

Current Affairs

Ecocide An International Crime.

by Jerry Alatalo

here is a global movement to add ecocide to the list of four international crimes in the Rome Statute, and then prosecutable in the International Criminal Court (ICC). 1,216 more words

Earth Matters

Avian Flu Side Effects: Propaganda & Denial

The Washington Post — a bastion of corporate media credibility (sic) — recently ran an article about a wave of mass bird deaths.

No, it wasn’t about the 80 million birds killed each year when they collide with plate glass windows in tall buildings or the 60 to 80 million birds killed by motor vehicles. 94 more words