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Human Beliefs and The Ecocentric Alliance

The Future of Human Understanding of Nature

If we come through global warming, overpopulation, and overuse of the Earth, our experience will have reforged our view of the world. 1,122 more words

Nature Conservation

Against agriculture & in defense of cultivation by Witch Hazel

Originally published in Spring 2003 in Fifth Estate, this green anarchist text has been taken from The Anarchist Library.

“It doesn’t take a health food nut to see that modern society has a dysfunctional relationship with food. 3,166 more words

A Message to the Fragile Heart

Since the recent death of the prolific singer/songwriter Chester Bennington I have seen the usual spat of nasty or unfeeling comments regarding those who take their own lives.   848 more words


Resist Specicide in Devon!

This year the badger cull zone has, despite what the scientific evidence reveals, has been expanded to include the entirety of what has been coloured red in the above picture. 333 more words

the fall

At Real Toads, Brendan is hosting the weekend challenge and asks us to ‘Imagine a Changing Earth.’ He links in to an essay by David Wallace Wells… 553 more words



A neologism created to adequately describe the extreme anger unleashed within those who can clearly see the self-destructive tendencies in the current forms of industrial-technological society, but feel unable to change the direction of such tierracide and ecocide. 50 more words


Dams could permanently damage Amazon

GR: Deforestation on the land and dams on the river are eating away at the Amazon rainforest ecosystem.

Dams Threaten Amazon Ecosystem

“The Amazon basin could suffer significant and irreversible damage if an extensive dam building programme goes ahead, scientists say. 202 more words

Human Impact