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Duterte Orders Better Access To Birth Control In Majority Catholic Philippines : The Two-Way : NPR

GR: Cultural, social, and religious practices that formed centuries earlier can become destructive. The Catholic Church needs an update that acknowledges the growing population problem. 961 more words

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4 onzichtbare multinationals zitten achter al ons voedsel

Source: De Groene Amsterdammer
woensdag 4 januari 2017

Onderzoek – ABCD, bedrijven die op landen lijken

Onzichtbare voedselreuzen

Een kleine club multinationals verhandelt vrijwel al onze grondstoffen voor voedsel. 5,256 more words


A Warning From Easter Island

Easter Island (Rapa Nui), is the Polynesian island in the southeastern Pacific Ocean, most famous for its 887 giant carved stone statues (Maoi). What many don’t know is that the now desolate island was once a verdant paradise with a thriving culture. 229 more words


Grief and the Unbreakable Sinew

As the close of this year approaches I have been thinking a lot about grief.  I have reached that age in Western society where one begins to lose family, lovers, friends and even childhood archetypal heroes from the celebrity world at a faster and more alarming pace.  1,216 more words


Crash Course in Ecocide Law

I’ve compiled a playlist on YouTube, featuring several videos that will help you learn more about our proposals to incorporate Ecocide into existing law – particularly the… 158 more words

Beyer Introduces Wildlife Corridors Conservation Act To Protect Biodiversity

GR:  Wildlife corridors are elements of healthy wildlife habitat. As part of the Half for Nature movement, they would be broad longitudinal swaths of our continents and oceans. 334 more words

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Park and flood: why do we let planners pave over our green valleys?

GR:  This article points out how tempting the blank spaces are for planners and developers.  Of course, the blank spaces are usually critical bits of nature in otherwise human-destroyed landscapes.  298 more words

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