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Brent Lengel reviews “Occupy this Book” by Mickey Z.

“In the grand tradition of social radicals like the late, great Abbie Hoffman, from whose seminal work, Steal this Book, the author draws from and pays homage to, Mickey Z. 61 more words

Millions at risk from rapid sea rise in swampy Sundarbans.

BALI ISLAND, India (AP) – The tiny hut sculpted out of mud at the edge of the sea is barely large enough for Bokul Mondol and his family to lie down. 170 more words

Climate Change

Personhood for the Planet

When I learned that the micro-organisms that populate the human skin and gut outnumber human cells by about 10 to 1, something clicked. This… 224 more words


Dare yourself to be great

I have a theory that within all of us is a deep yearning to be free, to follow our dreams and find the greater purpose of our lives. 785 more words


Great Barrier Reef: warmer waters helping coral-eating starfish thrive.

The survival chances of crown-of-thorns starfish increase by as much as 240% if sea-surface temperatures rise 2C, say Australian researchers.

Warmer seas are creating an additional threat to the Great Barrier Reef, with new research suggesting rising temperatures are helping a key coral predator thrive. 175 more words

Climate Change