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I Go To the Sea to Scream

I go to the sea to scream

one of those ‘from the bottom of my ocean gut twisted red with rage’ sorta screams

a deep heartache ‘WTF is going on!?’ kinda wail… 257 more words


The Normalization of Perpetual Disaster

In case you missed it…

A hole the size of the Netherlands has opened in the middle of the Antarctic ice sheet. 40,000 penguins… 821 more words


Death by 1,000 Cuts: Why the Forest Carbon Sink Is Disappearing

GR:  While we’re on the subject, here’s more evidence that deforestation is not stopping anytime soon. The research reported below found that 69% of deforestation came from small-scale projects. 255 more words

Climate Change

Ecocide of Puerto Rico

Quakers believe there is that of God in every single person, and that every one of us is capable of communicating directly with God.  My experience has been with a God of compassion and justice.  209 more words

Everyday Ecocide

I’ve started a new Medium-based platform for my Everyday Ecocide project.

I thought I should share something about that project here on my main blog, as it’s increasingly important for me. 585 more words


The Real World

                 “You must love nature,” she said as she passed; a stranger noticing me picking up the careless refuse dropped by another who apparently doesn’t.  Her comment strikes me as a somewhat absurd but common sentiment, and it stays with me throughout my hike. 780 more words


Rewilding Scotland Documentary

This is a documentary on ecological rewilding in Scotland.

My sympathies, like most eco-radicals, are with wildlife over farms.