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The Pinky Show Interview With Peter Weiss About Crimes Against Humanity


Q: Do you have a mission statement?
Yes we do!

“Our mission is to design and create work that cultivates compassion, fairness, and healing through a deeper understanding of the world.” 345 more words


Eye on the Ball-- #ClimateChange, #Biodiversity, #NatureConservation, & #SarahPalin

Nature Conservation

The excellent article introduced below is about nature conservation from the human viewpoint.  The argument is that the current mass extinction of wild plants and animals has harmful consequences for the future of the human species.  433 more words

Nature Conservation

On the wastefulness and inefficiency of capitalism

A good friend of mine was questioning the pro-capitalist logic of “competition brings out more creativity” and asked (semi-rhetorically),

“I imagine that a LOT of resources are wasted on things like marketing, corporate espionage, lawsuits, duplication of efforts, etc. 468 more words

Balancing hydropower and biodiversity in the Amazon, Congo, and Mekong

GR:  Why don’t conservationists give up their pleas for river ecosystems.  After a century of effort, they should have learned that investors will do nothing that might jeopardize profits. 76 more words

Human Impact

Another Year, Another Paradigm Shift

“Our own life has to be our message.” ~ Thích Nhất Hạnh

This month the solstice gently ushered us all into a new year. In times past, this occasion was often viewed as an opportunity for reflection.   836 more words


Trope-a-Day: Terraform

Terraform: Played mostly straight, but note that the general term is “ecopoesis” – after all, different species have different ideas as to how the ideal planet looks, most of which are not at all “terra”-like. 166 more words