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"Poisoning Paradise" Film Review: When lawyers go to Hollywood

When the Risk-Monger arrived in Geneva to watch the screening of the new anti-industry shockumentary, Poisoning Paradise, he started to suspect not all was as it should be. 2,078 more words

NGO Lobbying

Bosnians will all die from air pollution before they join the EU

Representatives of non-governmental environmental organizations in Bosnia today held a press conference and pointed out that environmental protection is not at all mentioned in the strategy of the European Union for the countries of the Western Balkans to join the Union, although it is one of the most important commitments that countries have to made in the process of joining the EU. 93 more words

Bosnia And Herzegovina

Cause and effect in climate and ecocide

I’m still thinking about systems, developing ideas about levelling up and leveraging action. This is a refresh of some old work, about the dynamic interrelationships between climate change, resource extraction, biocide and resource scarcity. 75 more words


The 4x award winning film the NZ Govt doesn't want you to see

“The following New Zealand film has won 4 international environmental awards – but here in NZ, TV channels refuse to play it. Why? Because if they did, there would be outrage and riots over New Zealand’s use of aerially applied 1080 poison. 340 more words


Earth is just a tiny Island

Did you know, Earth is an island – that is, an inhabitable island in the vastness of the universe? At first this might seem as a radical way of looking at our existence, but taking into account the current path that our capitalist societies have chosen, and the manifold global crises that are connected to this way of doing things, I consider it as pretty down to Earth. 1,226 more words



In an age where
we humans
are mostly amazed
by the toys we’ve
created ourselves,
the forests
and glaciers,
oceans and skies
are now objects… 91 more words


The Canaries We Ignore

The images and video that have come out of Southern California this past year have been nothing less than apocalyptic. Raging fires consume dry chaparral up to the edge of bloated freeways with 10 lanes. 824 more words