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Greenwashing: What Is It and How to Spot It

Here’s a hypothetical situation: you’re at the shop and are staring at the wall of cleaning products, trying to decide which one you buy. You see that one brand has an enviro friendly label on the bottle! 516 more words

Eco-friendly Grape County gives you a taste of luxury and beer in wine country Nashik

What happens when an Architect comes across an intricately crafted space? I think they fall in love with their profession all over again!

This is what happened when we visited Grape County Eco Resorts in Trimbak, near wine country Nashik. 657 more words


Sources for household items.

Clothing is not the only thing we can change within our household to be more ethical, there’s plenty of alternatives to everyday products that can come from a place of fair trade and environmental sustainability. 449 more words


Ethical sources for clothing.

Fast fashion has become increasingly popular as of late, especially in Australia, as more and more stores such as H&M and Uniqlo pop up (Perth only recently got their first Uniqlo store). 638 more words


How to Create an Eco-Friendly Classroom [Infographic]

This useful guide shows how you can make an eco-friendly classroom by making some switches regarding energy, water and supplies and encouraging recycling. 145 more words


Article number 3 will surprise you.

I’m ugly, I’m a cancer stick,  I stink, I’m small, usually smashed and I pollute. And still, you put me in your mouth.

1) Animals eat me… 53 more words

Plastic Bottle Washes Up Looking 'Almost New' After Nearly 50 Years At Sea

A plastic washing-up bottle that is at least 47 years old has been found washed up on a beach in the UK with its lettering and messaging still clear, prompting warnings about the enduring problem of plastic waste. 244 more words

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