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Makers with Agendas

Every day we see dozens of images. A few stick. Time goes by and one day, we come across an image that reminds us of something we have already seen; it goes click. 127 more words


Fiddle Creek Dairy draft design

Mission statement: To create a design for the client that will give them a clear vision of the possibilities for increased yields and ecosystem services from their farm. 1,498 more words

Stories, Happenings, Principles And So On

Pure Shit (II)

This building in the Catalan Pyrenees is a perfect example of the kind of “pure shit” that constitutes 98% of everything that is designed and built today. 413 more words


Registration Open for Community Training in Ecological Design

UNH Cooperative Extension is offering a four-part training on ecological design from January 14 through February 4, 2015. Using permaculture design principles, the training targets community leaders, planning board members, conservation commissions, landscape designers and architects, agricultural commissions, and energy committees, town road agents, maintenance personnel, and engineers. 229 more words

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Architectural Ficciones I - Beijing

I – The Warehouse

Geming Tang sits smoking Double Happiness, wearing only an open Zhongshan jacket, silk boxers, tea shades and a pair of 1957 low-cut oxford All Stars. 1,887 more words


Extending Scenario Design: A Technological Perspective of the Future

What follows is a summary of the key points relating to technology within the group scenario project. I have dealt with the technological perspective of the groups STEEP analysis, although there is some overlap into social and political aspects of the scenario. 664 more words

Primary Research: Interaction Analysis

Interactions are often complex and multi-faceted, requiring and outputting direct and indirect signals in various modalities throughout their duration. In the example below I explore a particular dining interaction geographically and culturally specific to Japan in Nielsen’s multi-level interaction analysis framework (Nielsen, 1986), taking into account semiotic modes and sensory modalities, and discuss how automation has influenced the dining cultural of Japan. 741 more words