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The Cherry or Ecological Footprint? The Effect of Mental Images on the Environment

Photo credits: Pixabay

Lately I’ve read some authors who have led me to contemplate the mental images we keep fixed in our minds, images that guide our lives. 826 more words


Succulent Style; Problem-Solving with Stonecrop Sedums

Want to solve the world’s problems? Yeah, me too…but today I’ll settle for a few specifics in the garden.

The movement toward using less water in the landscape, along with the human urge to seek novelty and beauty, has created a huge interest in succulent plants for years. 1,062 more words

Low Water Garden

An ARK Angel Account

I caught up with the Rt. Hon. Norman Lamb MP at the end of his 2015 village tour – the photograph (above), was taken by a friend outside the Village Co-Op in Briston, to mark the occasion. 3,174 more words


Celebrating Our National Parks; Inspirational Landscapes of the West

You could say that America’s National Parks changed the course of my life. So I want to add to the chorus, in celebration of 100 years of the U.S. 1,190 more words

Garden Inspiration

Reporting From the Affront

The Venice Biennale is a huge event; architecture’s biggest. It’s so big, if we include the many so-called “collateral events” that take place throughout the city in addition to the Arsenale and the Giardini pavilions of the Biennale proper, that it’s physically impossible to see everything in three days with the attention that is required and deserving. 621 more words


Green Stormwater Infrastructure Symposium Connects Students and Environmental Professionals

“I want to end by saying two things…it’s possible to do very good things in very bad places and it’s possible to go carbon net-positive and have a grand time while doing it.” UVM Professor Emeritus John Todd ended his keynote speech at the Green Stormwater Infrastructure Symposium with these inspiring words. 465 more words


Ecological architect

Dr. Ken Yeang is a Malaysian architect, ecologist and author known for his signature Eco architecture and Eco masterplans. Dr. Yeang is an early pioneer of ecology-based green design and masterplanning, carrying out design and research in this field since 1971. 295 more words