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Poultry of Minerva

Last week I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Peter Shea, the Bill Moyers of the Twin Cities, for The Bat of Minerva show. 100 more words

Ecological Resilience

Los Lechugueros

People have been too kind. Online responses and an audience in Minneapolis have met my H5N2 commentary with the kind of reaction that marks as much a change in the cultural weather as anything in my presentation. 350 more words

Ecological Resilience

Bidding Up Bird Flu

Twenty-one thousand turkeys in Otter Tail County. Forty-five thousand in Meeker County. Fifty-thousand in Kandiyohi. Fifty-six thousand in Redwood. Sixty-seven thousand in Stearns. Do I hear 76,000 in Stearns? 103 more words

Ecological Resilience

Why Does Plant Diversity Matter? Help Us Figure It Out!

How important is plant diversity in restored prairies?

Are diverse prairies more resistant to drought and invasive species than less diverse prairies?

How does plant diversity influence invertebrate communities and their ecological functions? 613 more words

Prairie Natural History

Pigskins for the Ancestors

Bolivian medical anthropologist Isadore Nabi recently visited Minnesota. With his permission we reproduce an excerpt of a draft report he is preparing.

Despite constructing sprawling… 208 more words

Ecological Resilience

Everything and the Cop

In an interview with Wolf Blitzer on CNN, U.S. Representative Peter King (R-NY) blamed Eric Garner’s death not on the cop who choked him out, but on Garner’s underlying medical condition. 482 more words

Ecological Resilience

Ecological Resilience

Resilience as a systems concept was pioneered by Crawford Holling in 1973 in his paper Resilience and Stability of Ecological systems where he defined the resilience of an ecosystem as the measure of its ability to absorb changes and still exist. 267 more words

General Resilience