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Is Ebola Vaccine-Resistant?

The Freudian unconscious also has a formal aspect and is not merely a matter of content: recall the cases where Freud interprets a dream so that what is repressed/excluded from its content returns as a feature of the form of the dream…the true secret of the dream is not its content…but the form itself. 551 more words

Ecological Resilience


Five of us Meadowcreekers took a trek into the Big Woods yesterday.  The White River, Arkansas and Mississippi Rivers come together there and flood regularly into each other.   998 more words


Eating the Brown Acid

The surrealism packed in Stephanie Strom’s piece on a new ractopamine-free label the USDA approved turns the newsprint into blotting paper.

Ractopamine hydrochloride, developed under the Dickensian proprietary name of… 840 more words

Ecological Resilience

Happy Labor Day!

From which Hegelian delusion do you suffer? Are you a Beautiful Soul who deplores the world’s wicked ways while actively reproducing them? Do you follow the… 189 more words

Ecological Resilience

This Bitter Earth

The most turgid of radicals have ripped liberals for aestheticizing injustice at the expense of struggling against it. The dig — beating the Adornian plowshare into a fundamentalist sword not out of place in… 250 more words

Ecological Resilience

Making what is important measurable …

I heard an interesting discussion on Radio 4 a couple of weeks ago that set me thinking about the theoretical basis of ecological assessment. The discussion, paradoxically, was about education rather than ecology, but I have mentioned in the past that there is common ground between these two disciplines (See “ 841 more words

Poultry of Minerva

Last week I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Peter Shea, the Bill Moyers of the Twin Cities, for The Bat of Minerva show. 100 more words

Ecological Resilience