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How To Prepare for The Next Megastorm? Protect Wetlands, Mangroves and Reefs

How To Prepare for The Next Megastorm? Protect Wetlands, Mangroves and Reefs

We weren’t ready. Not for Maria, not for Harvey and Irma, not for Katrina before them. 333 more words

Resilience: What is ecological anthropology?

Theresa May to spend aid money on insurance against disasters in Africa

Theresa May is planning to spend tens of millions of pounds of aid funding on buying premiums with British insurance companies to help cover the costs of natural disasters in African countries, such as severe drought. 183 more words

Impermissible Exchange

The door refused to open. It said, “Five cents, please.” –Philip K. Dick (1969)

For some, Jean Baudrillard writes in postmodern twaddle. I recommend reading him first as heady science fiction that suddenly rewards that suspension of disbelief. 1,400 more words

Ecological Resilience

How urban planning can contribute to resilience and disaster risk reduction

Adult education – a tool for risk resilience in Serbia?

The Republic of Serbia has been faced with visible impacts of climate change in recent years. 159 more words

Ecological and Social Resilience to Rising Sea Levels: The Dutch Case

An interesting read in New York Times about building ecological and social resilience towards rising sea levels in Netherlands. “It is, in essence, to let water in, where possible, not hope to subdue Mother Nature: to live with the water, rather than struggle to defeat it. 114 more words


Underwater volcano eruptions allow new bacteria to take over seafloor

Put a price on the costs of disasters, says UN risk chief Robert Glasser

Calculating the costs of natural disasters is a valuable way for governments to recognize and limit the potential for damage, especially as extreme weather linked to climate change occurs more often, the United Nations’ disaster prevention chief says. 144 more words

'Big Farms' Makes Big Reviews

Reviews of my book Big Farms Make Big Flu are beginning to roll in.

Spatial ecologist Marius Gilbert reviews Big Farms for Lancet Infectious Diseases: 843 more words

Ecological Resilience