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Insect Armageddon reprise

I was recently interviewed for a great new podcast on ABC called Science Friction by Natasha Mitchell. The episode is about insect declines, including the… 86 more words


Natural Toxins and Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs): Analysis, Toxicity, and Risks

The following post is one of a series previewing the research that will be presented at the SETAC Europe Annual Meeting in Rome, Italy (13-17 May 2018). 769 more words

Environmental Policy & Regulation

Apocalyptic Conditions of a Future Time

You can imagine that in a hundred million years, the world map will be unrecognizable, along with the creatures that inhabit the territory. Certain tendencies in Earth’s past may reemerge, like the trope of supercontinents. 549 more words


New paper: Assessing the potential for intraguild predation among taxonomically disparate micro-carnivores

Authors: Tamara I. Potter, Aaron C. Greenville & Chris R. Dickman.

Great work by Tamara and her first paper from her Honours work!

Published in… 287 more words


Spring has finally arrived!

The cherry tree is full of flowers and looks so pretty. It’s 25 years old and the last couple years it hasn’t had many cherries. And there is a small split in the trunk.  166 more words


"Read this and call me in the morning"

-Darryl Herron, Tree Doctor

The forest floor may not always seem as impressive as the giant trees that congregate around it but it is probably one of the more interesting places you’re likely to come across. 776 more words


Global Problems, Forests & Solutions

Thomas E. Lovejoy a pioneer in the use of economics to conserve forests and other ecosystems globally is joined by John Reid, who has worked in the Amazon since 1965, in presenting a case for: 639 more words