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Working in the garden....in February.

For anybody who says climate change doesn’t exist, or, worse yet, that it doesn’t matter, you should have seen me the last 2 days working in the garden, at 65 degrees, here in south central PA.   398 more words


Why did the mushroom go to the party?

Because he was a fungi!

Sorry, I had to get the groaner out of the way, as the temptation would probably be too much to bear later on. 1,229 more words


Snow Story

I have to share a video (see below for YouTube link): please watch billy barr’s deeply moving short story of snow. It’s a Gothic tale of a man living in a cabin in the woods, in winter – all those clichés, but for real and with a difference.

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Artificial pollinators are cool, but not the solution

Agreed, bees and other insect pollinators are under threat globally from multiple human pressures. If pollinators disappear completely from an ecosystem, their loss will affect the structure of those ecosystems and the natural foods and fibres we use from the ecosystem. 886 more words


A WATER HUNGRY NATION: Yearning for fire-pool downpours from heaven

We must pray for His divine intervention!!!… But we must not pray like those who do not have faith…” While you may think that this is a sermon, it is a cry from the Minister of Water Affairs to the nation to pray for the heavens to open up, the rains to kiss the barren African soil. 380 more words

Science Communication

Job Advert for Biodiversity Assistant. Why you should apply - a Biodiversity Assistant's perspective!

Sutton Nature Conservation Volunteers and London Borough of Sutton’s Biodiversity team are looking for a second Biodiversity Assistant.

I have been in the role for a good few months now and am enjoying it immensely. 508 more words


Over the rainbow

Knee-high in snow and clinging to memories of how the African sun warmed my skin and heart, I reflect on my journey from the rainbow nation to francophone Canada. 551 more words