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New study: 'Sudden oak death' disease spreading fast, harder to eradicate

Over the past two decades, California and the federal government have faced harsh criticism for failing to take stronger actions to stop a highly contagious disease that has killed millions of trees along coastal regions from Big Sur to portions of Or… 311 more words


Why is the spring "In like a lion, out like a lamb?"

We all know that in this area, it can seem as if the warm, sunny weather is here to stay (finally!) but then it becomes colder, wetter, and windier for a stretch of time. 347 more words

Bucks County Audubon Society

Energy Waste Almost Everywhere

Energy is something that we “moderns” have put to incredible use to create the grand complex systems that have served us in many ways. But are likely to be our undoing. 1,452 more words

Social Change


BY Jim Harding Ph. D.

We didn’t hear a lot about Earth Day in Saskatchewan this year. There is a reason why.

I had the honour of speaking at a Multi-Faith/Multicultural event at the Natural History Museum which awarded art created by Saskatchewan students on the theme “caring for the planet”. 1,126 more words

R-Town News

Speck of Science - 4/19/16 - March of the Crabs

Mass migrations fascinate me – massive swarms of creatures on robotic treks to satisfy deep-seated needs for resources – nature’s automatons reaching for food, for mates, for brighter skies. 164 more words