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Double Peak-Oil: None More Black

A recent study (http://priceofoil.org/2016/09/22/the-skys-limit-report/) determined that: we’ve not just passed “peak oil” in terms of the apex of the supply-demand curve, where the Earth’s reserves have been so depleted, that demand will always outstrip supply (from here on in); but we’ve also outstripped usage versus ecological consequences, ie – any further oil wells means that exceeding 2 degrees of global warming is inevitable … and thus, the amount of new oil wells we can drill is NONE, NONE MORE BLACK. 499 more words


Major earthquakes might be caused by the moon - The Washington Post

The 2011 earthquake in Japan and the 2004 temblor in the Indian Ocean may have been precipitated by tidal stress from the moon.

Source: Major earthquakes might be caused by the moon – The Washington Post… 207 more words


August 2016 Sets Record As Hottest Month So Far: NASA : SCIENCE : Tech Times

August 2016 has set records as the hottest August since the beginning of climate record-keeping, a new NASA study revealed. This means that 2016 may be in the running for the warmest year on record, scientists said. 230 more words


Ecosystem services vs. disservices: it’s really not that simple

A key argument against the ecosystem services concept is that it doesn’t account for most of the ecological complexity around us. This is a valid criticism. 1,011 more words