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Now about Wilbur..........

Last fall I wrote a couple blogs about our resident groundhog (thief) Wilbur.  https://sarasinart.net/2016/11/26/wilbur-wrote-a-blog/ Well, now there is more story about Wilbur, and I need to especially say that he is not Wilbur, she is Wilburina! 214 more words


New paper: Top predators constrain mesopredator distributions

Authors: Thomas M. Newsome, Aaron C. Greenville, Duško Ćirović, Chris R. Dickman, Chris N. Johnson, Miha Krofel, Mike Letnic, William J. Ripple, Euan G. Ritchie, Stoyan Stoyanov & Aaron J. 271 more words


No pesticides needed in my garden to tackle "pests"

After the cold April month with a predominantly Northern wind, I welcomed the warmer weather in May. We also had some much needed rain. Our weather is quite inconsistent these days with highs and lows. 206 more words


Newt survey log #3

After a few shadowy, eye-strainy outings with sup-par lamps (detailed in my previous newt survey logs #1 and #2) we finally received our shiny new batteries – and they really did shine! 534 more words


Optimal Mangrove

Thanks to Anthropocene’s Brandon Keim for the summary and insights from  Mangroves optimized: How to make coastal habitats sequester even more carbon:

Of all the carbon buried in the floors of Earth’s oceans, most of it is found in the narrow strip of tidal marshes, seagrass beds, and mangroves along their edge.

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I am Catastrophe


Living near the coast of Lake Michigan I find myself in the liminal space where things are always changing. As an artist I go to the shoreline frequently to absorb the atmosphere. 1,204 more words