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The Tick Eater

To some people, the warming of the season and growth of green vegetation means some sort of glorified, golden sun with trim lawns and swimming. I don’t know. 461 more words


One of the Best Climate Communication Talks I Have Seen

A guest post by Marshall Shepherd, Director of the Atmospheric Sciences Program, University of Georgia, and author of the Weather Underground blog “From the Mind of J. 1,158 more words

Environmental Management

What is it?

It has been a bit since I had a photo quiz. Is it a pine cone? How about a wooden flower?

A hint…it was found on a willow. 105 more words


The Drift Line's Getting Slippery on the Northern Oregon Coast: By-the-Wind Sailors Wash Ashore in Great Numbers

Free-floating hydroids, by-the-wind sailors, Velella velella, have been washing ashore in great numbers, for weeks. It’s a fairly common event on Oregon beaches, but this happens to be one of the biggest I’ve seen, so I’m sharing a few images that captured my imagination. 166 more words


Arthropod April: Insects are animals too

When people say ‘wildlife’, they usually mean ‘animals’ (and sometimes birds). Occasionally, they might lend a fleeting thought to botanical beauties. But rarely are arthropods thought of. 1,256 more words


Tourist Excursions

Morning all,

Apologies that it’s been a while since the last post. This was due to…er… “Technical difficulties”. In other words, I wrote this post and it was rubbish, then spent the best part of a week tinkering with it, then scrapped it and started afresh, then failed to save the new version, so this is iteration 7(ish). 1,164 more words