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I’m sure there have been many an iconic verse throughout the annals of history, dedicated to trees. Keats, possibly, Wordsworth, inevitably and Shakespeare almost certainly. I’ll be honest, I did think about searching ‘trees and Wordsworth’ in Google in order to bestow a deceitful intelligence upon myself and provide a nice opening sentence for this blog post on trees. 1,002 more words


How London is shifting the nature debate

This post is by Peter Massini, principal policy officer – green infrastructure, at the Greater London Authority. He writes here in a personal capacity.

The natural environment sector shares a general aim: the protection, conservation and improvement of nature. 802 more words

Nature And Wildlife

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Interesting thoughts on valuation of the natural environment and how it links / resonates with people. Sutton Nature Conservation Volunteers will be, in part, discussing such themes on Tuesday 23 Feb at our next meeting, where we will hear from Nick Dovey of Sutton Council about MySutton and what message(s) we may wish for Nick to promote in the interactive MySutton space. We hope that you will join us to listen and think on what Nick says and how we can all work to promote the value of nature. Get in touch for more details sncvvolunteers@hotmail.co.uk

Roughin' it in Ruffet and Bigwood

After my latest trip out with the Sutton Nature Conservation Volunteers, I am now relaxing at home with aching biceps, feeling tuckered out yet exhilarated. Earlier today I have been putting my newly acquired tree felling skills to good use in one of Sutton’s precious woodland habitats. 412 more words


Natural capital and nature conservation champions don’t need to fight

This post is by Green Alliance’s policy director, Sue Armstrong Brown.

The internecine struggle between supporters of natural capital and nature conservation continues to dominate the debate about how to restore the declining health of the UK’s natural environment. 971 more words


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A really interesting blog on the links that can be made between conservation and natural capital; have a read and a think!

Inspired to Inspire

Many people ask

Many people ask me why I came to South Africa to study. I usually answer with “It is the best place in the world to study forest diseases”. 469 more words


Winter Color at the Arnold Arboretum

Here in Boston, after a long and uncharacteristically balmy autumn, it’s finally starting to feel like winter. Before the big storm last weekend, I decided to take a walk around the Arnold Arboretum and photograph some plant anatomy. 1,403 more words