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Say NO to Earth Hour!

28 March 2015 – Earth Hour. The chance for every stupid man to “prove” his love for Earth even though throughout the whole year he uses electric power to eat, to see, to play games on the computer, to dry his hair, to have hot water, to make coffee, to charge his 2 phones, to chat, to write how much ecologist he is in FB! 31 more words


Circles in the sand

For most travelers and visitors to Africa, and in particular, South Africa, the expectation is a ‘safari’ with game drives viewing specimens of the ‘Big Five’. 328 more words


I Dance into Spring

We have just passed the spring Equinox on the 20th March, it also happened to be the date of the solar eclipse and the super-moon, whereby the moon is at its closest point to the earth. 256 more words


Misstery Bird, Missing binoculars, Missing Birds. How many birds will we miss?

My first ventures at bird photography with the LUMIX was more successful than the dear old iPhone. It was also quite good to zoom in on birds to identify them as our binoculars have gone walkabout. 404 more words


Roasted partridges do not fly into one's mouth

That’s a strange expression, right?  But one that has guided me and made me think things thru for many years.  When I was first married, my husband’s old grandmother gave each new couple a copy of a cookbook called Mennonite Community Cookbook.   482 more words


Forests Can No Longer Be Considered Wilderness: Study

Deforestation: 70 percent of remaining forests less than 800m deep

Seventy percent of forests left on the planet are within 800 meters (0.5 mile) of a forest edge due to land use changes, especially encroaching urban, suburban developments and agriculture, which are causing global declines in biodiversity, according to a new study lead by North Carolina University. 324 more words

News Alert

It depends!!

Should burns take place in spring
Or wait for autumn rain?
Would baiting help or hinder?
Can owl chicks live through flame?

‘I dunno,’ we had to answer.

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