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Monsoon - “Sawan ka mahina” - 5

The southwest monsoon is commonly said to have two branches, the Arabian Sea branch and the Bay of Bengal branch.
They are complementary to each other but sometimes in competition. 701 more words

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Earth: The Only Home We've Got

In honor of Earth Day, Saudi Arabia has resumed bombing Yemen, this of course coming just one day after the “royal kingdom,” as it were, announced an end to its bombing campaign. 1,616 more words


Monsoon 2015 could be 93% with ifs and buts

The India Meteorological Department has just released it’s long-awaited forecast for the 2015 Indian monsoon. In terms of the quantity of rainfall over the duration of the monsoon season (June to September) the IMD has said it will be 93% of the ‘Long Period Average’. 392 more words


Monsoon - “rim jhim” - 4

During the summer months of March, April and May, thunderstorm activity is at its peak over many parts of India.
If conditions are favourable, cumulonimbus clouds form in the afternoons and quickly grow to great heights. 692 more words

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Monsoon Malhar and Guddi ! - 3

In the middle latitudes of the globe, the year gets neatly divided into four seasons,
each of 3-month duration:
spring (March-May),
summer (June-August),
autumn (September-November) 506 more words

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collecting magic dust

I am always surprised and completely taken aback by even the smallest encounter with the beauty and complexity of nature. Yes, it sounds rather excessive, but it’s true.   230 more words


Monsoon - the-courtesan of chandishwar - 2

(many thanks to Nana Joshi for the painting  – http://www.joshiartist.in/kalidas-meghaduta/the-courtesan-of-chandishwar/ )

“Meghadoot”, meaning the Cloud Messenger, is a Sanskrit poem of 120 stanzas or slokas, composed by the poet Kalidasa.Briefly, the poem is about a yaksha, who is banished from Alakapuri, takes refuge in Ramgiri, shares his sorrow with a cloud, and requests the cloud to go and tell his beloved in Alakapuri that he is safe.Kalidasa indeed has developed this simple theme into a great literary masterpiece of unparalleled beauty.Even after a passage of 1600 years since it was written, Meghadoot continues to captivate the minds of its readers. 1,402 more words

Ecology And Environment