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Why India needs a national culture policy

‘Culture’ in India is an idea influenced by two contrasting views.

Either, India possesses a superabundance of culture and a great pool of talent – which takes inspiration from excellent Akademis – to work at preserving traditions, re-inventing them with new orientations and new media, and supplying burgeoning cultural industries with material. 2,568 more words


Mass Animal Die-Offs in 2017

One issue I’ve followed off and on over the past year is that of mass animal die-offs. A website that keeps regular tabs on this issue is a site… 249 more words


Geoengineering Report for week ending November 18

Program includes updates on Fukushima, including spiking cancer rates in Japan, as well as dire health impacts upon military personnel who were aboard a US Navy ship that was kept in the vicinity of Fukushima in the immediate aftermath of the disaster; Fukushima fallout surging to higher-than-normal levels in Hawaii; massive marine life die-offs on the west coast of the US; an alarming story regarding plans by the US Department of Homeland Security to conduct biological research on the public–specifically a bizarre announcement that the department intends to release “chemical and biological simulant materials” at the Chilicco Indian School campus near Newkirk, Oklahoma; Trump’s practice of appointing industry lobbyists to regulatory posts; and finally the administration’s attack on net neutrality. 248 more words


Lewd Sky-Drawing Sprayed in Sky Over Washington State

A Spokane, Washington TV station has aired a report concerning lewd, obscene drawings being sprayed into the sky by aircraft. The skydrawings were spotted in Okanogan County, located in the northern part of the state. 614 more words


Take an Interactive Tour of Antarctica

Al Jazeera has posted a fascinating interactive video presentation that takes you on a scientific expedition to Antarctica. Join with a team of scientists as they study the impact of climate change–watch as they drill for ice core samples, and also send a robotic submersible deep beneath a glacier where it measures warmer-than-expected ocean temperatures. 32 more words


On the Lighter Side: Rock-Juggling Otters

No one knows exactly why otters do this — but it’s completely mesmerizing.

(And not only do they juggle rocks, but they manage to have fun doing it.)


Some Thoughts on Geoengineering and the California Wildfires

The Equine Rescue Center is a sanctuary for rescued horses located in northern California. Presently the center and its 72 horses are completely surrounded by wildfires. 474 more words