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Some Thoughts on Geoengineering and the California Wildfires

The Equine Rescue Center is a sanctuary for rescued horses located in northern California. Presently the center and its 72 horses are completely surrounded by wildfires. 474 more words


Taxing knowledge and nature

The success of GST cannot come at a cultural cost to India. A well-informed tax system must widen the dialogue finance has with handicrafts and hand weaves. 1,121 more words


My Opened Awareness after Taking the TLA Class: The Five Senses and the Four Elements

by Karen Silsby

I highly recommend this class (TFSATFE) with Angie Rivers, our instructor! While moving through the weekly assignments, I had a profound opening up of my inner awareness. 743 more words


Psychological or Biological? What's Causing Americans to Hate Each Other So Much?

What can be causing the deep divisions in American society we are seeing now? Why are people so viciously at each other’s throats? Is it solely due to incitement by the media, or are there other factors? 768 more words


Aerial Pesticide Spraying on Texas in Wake of Harvey--Health Risk to Humans, Boon to Agro-Chem Industry

[ Ed. note – I guess the US Air Force is reliving its glory days when it rained Agent Orange down on the jungles of Vietnam. 858 more words


Mass Animal Die Offs for Month of August

“Fish do not show signs of disease but are lethargic, stop eating and die abnormally.”

So says a fish farmer in Vung Tau, Vietnam, where 90 tons of fish have died in the region’s fish farms. 457 more words


Highways of Hell

I peel my sweaty fingers off the sticky steering wheel.
Flicking the vents in the optimistic hope of even a small breath of cool air. 179 more words

Tedrowe Bonner