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The Airlines' Toxic Little Secret

An article on the potential dangers of breathing pressurized air inside the cabins of commercial airliners has been posted, along with the video above, at Veterans Today. 174 more words


Monsanto Chemical Killed Off US Monarch Butterflies, Suit Claims


The Environmental Protection Agency ignored the dangers posed by a widely used herbicide, leading to the devastation of the monarch butterfly population in the United States, an environmental group alleges in a federal lawsuit. 52 more words

Habitat Fragmentation

Landscape or habitat fragmentation is the breaking up of a habitat or vegetation type into smaller, disconnected sections. It is generally a consequence of land use: agricultural activities, road building, and housing development all break up existing habitat. 586 more words

Ecology And Environment

Future Cities – Future People

Perhaps few would argue there is nothing more joyful than watching children participate in group activities. The energy, playfulness, and exuberance are usually only pleasant memories for adults. 673 more words


Why did food need cities at all?

The industrialisation of the transfer of food produce from a food producing region to a net food consuming one is in my view the cause for what we have grown used to calling the rural-urban divide or difference. 489 more words


pollen quest

A visit to the Van Dusen Botanical Gardens recently proved to be a real treat–my first honeybee sighting of 2015! The intrepid bees ventured out between downpours in search of nectar and pollen.  213 more words


Fracturing the Earth: The 'Logic' of Capitalism

I haven’t posted a lot about fracking, but I came across this article today by Finian Cunningham, and it struck me as quite relevant and meaningful. 1,197 more words