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Wind and soil, culture and change

With soils and humus, with grasses wild or cultivated, with water whose form may be a hill tarn or a great tropical river, has intangible cultural heritage found expression and renewal. 328 more words

Ecology And Environment

Big cities, large appetites, fewer farmers

By March or April 2016 the populations of several of our smaller Class I cities (those whose populations are 100,000 and more) will pass certain marks. 933 more words



I am the proud new owner of an electric car, purchasing a VW e-Golf at a time when the company deserves to feel collective shame. Yet, no company is a monolith, and I would like to believe the division producing the e-Golf was grounded in an ethic that our future must be clean. 412 more words

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My First Slime Mold

Our backyard is like no other backyard in town.  It’s somewhat of a liminal place, located as it is on the exact boundary where the town ends and the country begins.  820 more words

Ecology And Environment

P is for Pine

Whenever I write about a tree, I feel like I always introduce it as “one of my favourite trees.”  The western redcedar, the “tree of life” to many west coast peoples, is one of my favourite trees. 

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Ecology And Environment

The Mauritian Bat Cull... Tackling Some Illegitimate Outcries !

I may not agree to the thought of a massive, blind uncontrolled bat cull in Mauritius, but what I dislike most are the downgrading comments from some down-looking, colonial-thinking tourists who see Mauritius as their legacy and its Fauna and Flora as their property. 1,582 more words

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Cities by numbers, a count of our cities

The 27 cities shown on this map are no different from many others like them in India today, and the selection of these 27 is based solely on a single numerical milestone which I am fairly sure few of each city’s citizens (or administrations for that matter) will have marked. 462 more words