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Bharat at 1.3 billion

In July 2016, the population of Bharat will cross one billion three hundred million. In 1937, the population of what was then British India was 300 million. 508 more words


The Wolves of Isle Royale

When I was an undergraduate, I spent a considerable amount of time completing coursework and projects in ecology and field biology as part of my original biology degree emphasis. 304 more words


A monsoon to look forward to

The Indian summer monsoon in 2016, for the months of June to September, will be normal to better-than-normal in almost all of the 36 meteorological sub-divisions. 415 more words


The Beeman of Gaza

You’ve heard of the Birdman of Alcatraz. Here we have the Beeman of Gaza. Twenty-five-year-old Kanaa’n Abu Rook, who lives in Khan Yunis, in the southern part of the Gaza Strip, obviously has a unique talent for beekeeping. 25 more words


All in the family: 2 cherries, a plum, a pear and a quince

As March progressed and passed, and April followed–our city in full bloom with the flowers of thousands of ornamental trees– already tiny white and pink petals swirl in the wind and gather in the gutters–still a delight. 416 more words



One of the earliest sources of pollen for honeybees comes from hazel trees. Hazel produces copious quantities of yellow pollen from its male catkins. The powdery shower is a delight to observe, but of course, not so delightful for those suffering from allergies. 59 more words


A Vegan Change of Heart

Go vegan. It’s the best thing for your health, your fellow creatures, and the planet itself.