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Top 6 Collisions at Sea: Japanese Whalers Vs. Sea Shepherd

A very interesting video and quite dramatic in places. Japanese whalers, pretending to carry out “scientific research,” are seen ramming vessels of the environmentalist organization Sea Shepherd, which each year deploy to the Southern Ocean to confront the whalers. 16 more words


Winds of monsoon India

This panel of four images shows: top left, winds at around sea level; top right, winds at about 1,460 metres altitude (around 4,780 feet); lower left, winds at 3,010 metres (9,880 feet); lower right, winds at 5,570 metres (18,280 feet). 315 more words


Asian Antelope in Throes of Catastrophic Die-Off

[The earth presently is experiencing, according to one source, one of the worst waves of species extinctions since the loss of the dinosaurs some 65 million years ago. 413 more words


First warm-blooded fish–Opah

The opah, or moonfish, a large colourful fish living across the world’s oceans, has been found to have a warm heart and maintain a high body temperature. 336 more words

Ecology And Environment

a mother's day feast

The rhodos and hawthorns were abuzz these last few days with a variety of pollinators:  flies, wasps, solitary bees, bumblebees and honeybees. A feast for the eyes! 202 more words



Bluebells have appeared in my garden faithfully every spring since we first moved into our home. They came gratis. Originally I thought they were the native bluebells famous in English countrysides, but no, my bluebells, and white bluebells and pink bluebells are Spanish hybrids and therefore have no claim to fame. 146 more words