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Lessons of monsoon 2015 for district India

With two weeks of the June to September monsoon remaining in 2015, one of the end-of-season conclusions that the India Meteorological Department (IMD) has spoken of is that four out of ten districts in the country has had less rainfall than normal. 433 more words


opening last week and culture days this

Vernissage! A great evening at the Richmond Art Gallery with the opening of two exhibitions, Cameron Cartiere’s and mine. We heard a beautiful performance by members of the renowned musica intima ensemble. 228 more words


Earth over shoot day

When a country plummets into a massive financial deficit, it attracts worldwide attention. Yet countries today are largely ignoring another form of overspending: their ecological deficits. 237 more words

Ecology And Environment

The Most Hated Dentist in the World

To tell you the truth, I would not want to be in Walter Palmer’s shoes. As you can see from his picture, he certainly has a bright smile, but in a relatively short length of time he has managed to turn himself into one of the most hated people in the world– and certainly by far the… 2,035 more words


alien among us or beautiful invader

This amazing plant is purple loosestrife (lythrum salicaria). It has a terrible reputation as an invasive species and is black-listed nation wide because like so many introduced species, it has no natural predators here, so it takes over and displaces the native plants in its environment. 303 more words

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The power-guzzling Indian steel genie

The Parliamentary Consultative Committee to the Ministry of Steel and Mines has just met. Its chairperson, the Union Minister of Steel and Mines, Narendra Singh Tomar, has following the meeting made an announcement which, if even partly pursued, will alter hugely India’s energy use, our energy mix and our emissions of CO2. 1,129 more words