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In homage to Jadav "Molai" Payeng

In homage to Jadav “Molai” Payeng who with his own hands has created a forest of 550 hectares of forest on his beloved island in the Bramhaputra River… 135 more words


The Ecology of Extended Minds

I wasn’t going to post this since the event has unfortunately been canceled, but Matt Segall threw his up so I figured I’d leave this here for future reference. 338 more words


The Map May Not Be the Territory, But Differences and Affordances Have More Fun

Some Key Terms to Remember:

Affordance – is part of the relationship between the environment and animal that can be found through “the terrain, shelters, water, fire, objects, tools, other animals, and human displays,” but  it “must be measured  1,975 more words


1. Gregory Bateson & Media Ecologies

Gregory Bateson was a pivotal contemporary thinker of his time who radically challenged and shifted ways of thinking about, and working with media and communications. 320 more words

Ecology Of Mind

Zeitgeist: moving forward

It is very long, but worth watching. A very utopian vision….

Ecology Of Mind

Thomas Metzinger and our sense of self

I was fortunate enough to meet the philosopher Thomas Metzinger last weekend at the Spatial Thinking 2 conference in Innsbruck. Here he talks about what he calls our phenomenal self model (PSM) which is a mapping of our body, and talks through some experiments that you can do to see this, such as the rubber hand illusion. 78 more words

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David Harvey

There are some great lectures from geographer and urban theorist David Harvey at www.davidharvey.org

Here is an animation based on a lecture at RSA

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