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Pied Kingfisher.

Flitting over the water,

then hovering,

wings fluttering at a great pace,

then diving, coming up and flying

off to the bank,

where with much head shaking… 13 more words

Charles Elffers

America's Greatest Idea Turns 100

This year is the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service’s creation by the federal government. It should come as no surprise to my friends and readers that I am a tireless cheerleader for the US National Parks – especially given the title of this post. 1,562 more words


...That plant becomes your teacher.

“The moment you become aware
of a plant’s emanation
of stillness and peace,
That plant becomes your teacher”

– Eckhart Tolle

Photo credit: “Waftings from the Ether” … 10 more words


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Stormy Spring Fever

Not only the children have spring fever; I’m afflicted, too. In this rainy afternoon, the children are outside, equipped with boots and splashed bright cheeks. 163 more words

Canada's Creatures of the Night

We began our walk along the dark trail guided only by the beams of light provided by our head lamps and flashlights. The low, constant hum of crickets could immediately be heard from the brush lining the path and was occasionally punctuated by the chirp of birds that had bedded down for the night. 1,132 more words


Tiger numbers on the up, a crab invasion & why ‘Zootopia’ is...

Tiger numbers on the up, a crab invasion & why ‘Zootopia’ is bad news for fennec foxes 

Wild tiger numbers on the rise for the first time in a century, thousands of swarming red crabs filmed off Panama’s coast, a 24-foot long python dies just days after being found and why Disney’s Zootopia spells trouble for fennec foxes.

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May is Wetland Month

How about this to bury the lead – wetlands can be buggy, stinky places?

But they are also beautiful.  Used by iconic species such as grizzly bears and by lesser known species such as the… 47 more words