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Wintry gremlins transform the mundane

“But frost, like the crystallized dreams of autumn, began to coat the clearing with its sugar glaze.” ― Victoria Steele Logue

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New Infographic: Monarch Butterfly Research

We’ve created another scientific infographic to communicate the key findings of recent research about Monarch Butterfly egg density that may inform milkweed restoration. The infographic was shared in social media to engage a larger audience and increase access to the information.  23 more words



In autumn, leaves rapidly loose photosynthetic efficiency when chlorophyll is broken down, which reflects in their levels of chlorophyll fluorescence. This breaking down of chlorophyll is a patchy process, however, with increasing variation in fluorescence levels when leaves start coloring. 62 more words


Animals Have Rights Too You Know!

Animals Have Rights Too You Know!

There is too much cruelty to animals – l could gloss it up, make it more aesthetic or just say it how it is which l have chosen to do. 660 more words


Standing in the Flames of a Prescribed Burn

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To prevent mega-wildfires from spiraling out of control, technicians set landscapes ablaze on purpose.

Wildfires have become increasingly intense and dangerous, burning millions of acres annually and costing billions to control nationwide. 151 more words

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Democratic Confederalism - Democratic Nation - War and Peace in Kurdistan – Liberating Life: Woman's Revolution

Ocalan, Abdullah

A new paperback 4 booklet set revised editions

I offer the Turkish society a simple solution. We demand a democratic nation. We are not opposed to the unitary state and republic. 548 more words

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Really, Michigan?!

He said he’d be mostly concerned about PFAS levels in the river’s “resident” fish, like trout and bass, but not migratory fish, like steelhead and salmon. 

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