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Bray-Curtis dissimilarity on relative abundance data is the Manhattan distance (aka L₁ distance)

Warning: super-technical post ahead, but I have made this point in oral discussions at least a few times, so I thought I would write it up. 213 more words


Happy New Year and "autocatalytic sustainability"

Happy New Year Everyone!

Yes, we’re a bit late…

We hope you all had a good start to 2018 and that you’ve already broken your new year’s resolutions! 1,601 more words


Norway to ban fur farms as fox, mink go out of fashion

OSLO (Reuters) – A plan by Norway’s government to phase out fur farms by 2025 dismayed producers and delighted animal rights activists on Monday as a sign that fur is out of fashion even in a nation that was once the world’s top producer of fox pelts. 320 more words


Big trees and tiny birds

Up and down and up and down. These little birds never cease to amazing me with their constant motion and why do these little birds always choose such big trees? 15 more words

Rivers (II)

Some more observations from the book and related links below.

“By almost every measure, the Amazon is the greatest of all the large rivers. Encompassing more than 7 million square kilometres, its drainage basin is the largest in the world and makes up 5% of the global land surface. 2,452 more words


A practical guide for inferring reliable dominance hierarchies and estimating their uncertainty

There are thousands of academic papers published each year. But how do they all come about? Damien Farine and Alfredo Sánchez-Tójar share the ‘behind the scenes’ story of their recent paper on dominance hierarchies, and how it was all due to a fortunate encounter… 927 more words

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