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It's Evolution Stupid!

The recognition of one’s own ignorance is a valuable component in the character of the individuals I care to correspond and share personal time with.  In a world of “leaders” and followers, politicians and prophets, “experts” and arm-chair economic theorists, positioning yourself as ignorant won’t do much in the way of establishing credence amongst your fellow travellers on the ship of so called Progress.   953 more words


Creative strategies to communicate science

With so much clamor these days on environmental science literacy and policy leadership, I am encouraged to remember how to keep things simple. How to communicate about environmental science with children and community. 96 more words


Growing Up in Los Gatos, California in the 1960s - and then Chico, Washington, DC and Eureka. by Gregory Vanderlaan


Born in 1954, I moved to Los Gatos in 1960 and lived there until graduation from LGHS in 1972… an Ideal Childhood… Then I Went to West Valley Jr College, learned electronics drafting and got a job at System Industries in Santa Clara… I feel blessed that not only did I grow up in a great location but I also grew up at a great time. 9,166 more words

Top 5: Eco-documentary movies

We live in a predominantly visual society.  I have posters in my art room with a wide variety of visual arts information; arts related jobs, an infographic that illustrates the contribution of the visual arts to the UK economy and all the soft skills that can develop through studying visual arts. 228 more words


Toxic problem: ecologists call for European standards for pesticide control

“Are pesticides that are recognised as toxic in Europe  safe in Ukraine?”  This alarming question was the topic of a round table held in December by the international charitable organisation, Environment-People-Law, and the Reanimation Package of Reforms. 896 more words


How Wolves Change Rivers

Trophic cascade is an idea i first heard of while listening to Jack Spirko’s The Survival Podcast. Trophic cascade is described as a small change that creates a series of indirect interactions that can effect change in an entire ecosystem. 16 more words

Ep 45. Wing Threads: Flight to the Tundra with Milly Formby

To raise awareness for shorebird conservation, zoologist and illustrator Milly Formby has formed an epic plan; she will circumnavigate Australia in a microlight aircraft. This journey is roughly the same length as one of the worlds most important seabird migration routes, the East Asian-Australian Flyway. 109 more words