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Automobile Exhaust and Horse Manure: Two Things We Can Live Without

Well, here’s an interesting thing.  Only 20% of Chinese own cars; they are buying them at the fastest rate of any country in the world.  China is also investing more money in battery technology than any other country in the world. 179 more words


First Month at HKU

So I said I would update my blog every two weeks, and I lied (obviously). After posting the first bird factsheet, I moved back to China, did this and that, and all of a sudden I am already three-weeks into my PhD here in Hong Kong. 812 more words

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America: Born Bankrupt

America was born bankrupt. We won the revolution, but lost everything else. Our economy was dependent on Great Britain. We produced raw material, but Great Britain turned those materials into goods for the world’s markets. 2,046 more words


Or "harvesting". Or "safaris"

Talk about “culling”
crocodiles and people start
slaughtering them all


Dearest Donald

Dear Donald,

I heard it said
it is your position
that reducing carbon emissions
and other climate therapeutic investments
are not a healthy US priority. 238 more words

Scars of summer

As summer comes to a close a Lorquins Admirals wings tell the tale of a summer passed.

It’s safe to say those scared and faed wings have served them well. 26 more words

The restoration of large woody debris rapidly increases degraded river biodiversity

Large woody debris‘ – the trees, logs and sticks which fall into rivers and streams from woodland – can significantly shape the flow and shape of their channels, and the biodiversity habitat they provide. 821 more words