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Zebra finches prepare their eggs for climate change ... by singing to them?

I’ve been keeping zebra finches as pets for ten years now, and I’m constantly amazed by these incredible songbirds. Not only do they have wonderful personalities and are very bright, intelligent birds, but they have done wonders for scientific research. 259 more words



Herbarium Specimen Art Prints from Day Three Creations


Fast Food And Face Wash Might Drive Orangutans To Extinction By 2026

Palm oil is pretty useful stuff. It’s solid at room temperature, lacks trans fats, it’s cheap, and it yields the most oil per acre. So it’s in everything from fast food to soaps to biofuels. 224 more words

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EcoPolitics of and for Climate Health

EcoPolitics explicitly intends to be culturally normative
and evolve in capacity to become historically descriptive
of cultural-historic nondual mindbodies.

Politics is about the effectiveness of power in relationships. 438 more words

Rocky Mountain Columbines

One in the prime of life and another getting ready to burst onto the scene are a pure summer delight along the trails in the Rocky Mountains.

A Stock Market Crash and the Onset of Ice Age: Disaster Siblings?

That is indeed a strange title. But stranger are the ways of stock markets.

While financial analysts can guide you through the daily ups and downs of a stock market, accurate forecast of an imminent crash is still a dream. 973 more words


New Clothes

we produce,

but not creators

but not inventors

eating up the world piece by piece

Unwanted guests at a kings party… 73 more words