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The Larsen C Ice Shelf Collapse Is Just the Beginning—Antarctica Is Melting

National Geographic

I subscribe to the Geographic, and this story caught my attention.

It has made the news, in a general way – but the illustrations here make it explicit.


Conditional Occupancy Design Explained

Occupancy surveys are widely used in ecology to study wildlife and plant habitat use. To account for imperfect detection probability many researchers use occupancy models. But occupancy probability estimates for rare species tend to be biased because we’re unlikely to observe the animals at all and as a result, the data aren’t very informative. 89 more words

Methods Papers

The Danger of Overlooking Biodiversity

Are the effects of biodiversity on ecosystem functioning being underestimated? – A synthesis on the current consensus of biodiversity importance.

Species extinctions are currently occurring at rates that greatly outpace those predicted from the fossil record1. 1,269 more words

By Ron Patterson: Africa in Peril


The wildlife decline in most of the world is terrible, but in Africa it is catastrophic. By 2100 there will be no megafauna whatsoever in Africa.

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