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re-blogged: Cocoa nut Oil Heals Cancer

This oil is perfect match for killing colon cancer! This year, in the USA, According to the American Cancer Society, there were 95,270 new cases of colon cancer diagnosed.

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Shout out to my field assistant/husband

I was just going through some of my field work photos and decided a shout out is in order – to my amazing field assistant/husband. 140 more words


A post on the Functional Ecology conference in Montpellier, organised by AnaEE France.

Montpellier, the city that opened up the views on the interesting topic of functional ecology (the theme of the 3-day conference I attended here this week). 147 more words


Stupid, Senseless, Helpless Kindness

For those of us tied to nature, for those who know our links to our neighbor’s suffering, for those  who have watched our race evolve however slowly towards a place of fragile peace where we might all be nurtured in body and soul by the world around us, the violence, destructiveness and gratuitous cruelty of our current government seems incomprehensible. 331 more words


Simon Coleman

Image source: https://www.nasa.gov/sites/default/files/1-bluemarble_west.jpg

I recently came by chance upon a booklet of lectures by Indira Gandhi, Prime Minister of India in the 1960s and 1970s (her career continued into the 1980s).  943 more words


Ambient Poetics in Timothy Morton's Ecology Without Nature

Some notes on the first chapter of Morton’s Ecology Without Nature :

Ecomemesis is the rhetorical device through which the narrative frame is both identified (the “as I write this…”) and, in some sense, exceeded (the description of what’s “happening” as I write). 1,091 more words