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On the Verge...

What’s this? A fritillary? No — look at those eye spots, it’s a wall butterfly (Lasiommata megera).

They live in short grassland especially where the sward is broken by rocks, furrows and walls (they like Wales), they are seen on grassy railway embankments and green verges, usually alone.

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Creating a Home through the Green New Deal | Common Dreams Views

A review of Bruno Latour’s Down to Earth.. Near where I live, in Pacifica California, there is a big piece of land right at the ocean that was once slated to be the site of a giant freeway… 13 more words

One of the most prevalent trees interspersed throughout the northern Rocky Mountains makes itself at home throughout the northwestern region of the U.S. as the state tree of Montana.

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URGENCE ECOLOGIE! / Ecology Emergency!

 Two days after seeing this poster on my weekly shopping trip to Narbonne, I saw an announcement in the local paper for a demonstration on the 25th of May. 604 more words



Common frog tadpoles (Rana temporaria) in the little pond under the Decorated Bridge. 381 more words


Jem Bendell - Deep Adaptation

Scientists’ Warning at Foresight Group, EU Commission


Student Proposal for Microbiology Final: Microalgae for Biofuel Production

Marine Microalgae for Biofuel Production: Implementation, Issues and Benefits
Author: Megan Lorino. May 25, 2019 

 Microalgae for use in biofuel production is a complex concept that is still being studied by the scientific community to find the best possible usage and means of production, both in cost and environmental sustainability. 1,066 more words