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Week of 5/29: Ecology and Biology Review

This week, we will be discussing ecological topics and watching the movie Zootopia. The following class will be spent wrapping up ecology and reviewing for the final exam. 46 more words


Summer is upon us! Heaven for a botanist like me, with all shades of green and sparks of color popping up wherever you look.

Two consecutive winters of stubborn species studying is now again put to the test, and the results are promising: I think I have never recognised more plant species than now. 44 more words


Misunderstanding the Microbiome: misuse of community ecology tools to understand microbial communities

Understanding how the vast collection of organisms within us (‘the ‘microbiome’) is linked to human (and ecosystem) health is one of the most exciting scientific topics today.   491 more words

A De-Sexed, De-Humanized Society

A De-Sexed, De-Humanized Society

The Facts

“Physical reality exists independent of “gender identity non-discrimination” law—or any man-made law. Laws have no power to make reality go away, but they can change how people behave in response to reality. 44 more words


Saved by a bee: a true story, with reflections and photos from PopBio2017

The blog has been a bit quiet of late, due to a lot of traveling on my part, starting with field work in Tenerife, then a weekend away with friends on the Isle of Wight, followed by the topic of this post: … 633 more words


Chilled-out fish: antidepressants in waterways impacts animal behaviour

Medications excreted by humans are flushed into the sewerage network, with many bypassing wastewater treatment and flowing into rivers and bays.

Associate Professor Bob Wong… 431 more words