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On "Literate Lives in the Information Age: Narratives of Literacy From the United States"

A textbook which I have been assigned to read recently (and am still reading, very gradually) is Literate Lives in the Information Age: Narratives of Literacy From the United States… 676 more words


Forest Fires: A burning issue — Eco-Intelligent.com

Forests have been a natural resource that humans have depended on for millions of years. Today, forests are also one of the most “endangered” natural resource.

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Making Sense of Scents compiled by Julia Kendall

  • “Perfumes are increasingly used in an ever wider variety of fields, including perfumes proper, cosmetic products, hygienic products, drugs, detergents and other household products, plastics, industrial greases, oils and solvents, foods, etc.
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The 40 year old Federal Salmon Study that should have killed Pacific Northwest LNG

Desmog Canada: By Emma Gilchrist                                                                              September 29, 2016

The report is dated July 17, 1973, and stamped by the Department of the Environment.

Scientists had undertaken a study of fish in the Skeena estuary due to proposals to build a super port in the Prince Rupert area. 770 more words

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No Time for That

Thinking about the short-sighted ideas which move us to do things for the shadiest of reasons, especially for quick profit. Usually, the ones who set the plan in action are those who already are well-off and hope for much more. 659 more words

How much water can ants drink?

Written by Joe Ballenger

Your Name: charles
Your Bug Question: How much can an ant drink of water?

I thought this question about how ants drink was really cool.

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