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Kabbage Ecommerce Tax Calendar

Keeping track of your taxes as an online seller is tough, especially when you have so many dates to worry about. Between paying your quarterly taxes, filling out your mid-April forms, and worrying about extension, it’s easy to become confused. 309 more words


Common Tax Deductions for Online Sellers

Every year online sellers try to find every deduction they can get on their taxes. These deductions often make the difference between a large refund and a small refund, or even a refund and paying more taxes! 588 more words


Taxes: Do-it-Yourself or Hire an Accountant?

It’s one of the toughest questions faced by a non-tax savvy business owner and individuals everywhere: do I do my own taxes or hire someone to help me? 495 more words


Small Business Taxes Checklist 2012

Staying organized always makes doing a difficult and detailed task that much easier. And with a task like doing your taxes, staying organized can often in itself become a huge ordeal. 447 more words


What You Need to Know about the New 1099-K Tax Form

This guest post is brought to you by Outright.com, the easiest way to manage your small business finances online.

What is form 1099-K and who receives it? 542 more words