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Boston's Climate Action Plan "Greenovate Boston"

Stephanie posted this link, and her message follows here.  Please leave any comments that you have regarding the Boston report after you take a look at it. 27 more words

Urban Forest Structure

Physical or economic - which factor drives the population pattern.

“Economic characteristics of an area exert a much more direct effect on its population pattern than do physical characteristics.” Explain with examples. (200 Words)

Human population can overcome any difficulty with respect to the physical characteristics of a location, but overcoming natural difficulty has economic, ecological and cultural costs associated with it. 191 more words


December Economic Activity Around Idaho

Information provided in this article has been gathered from various sources throughout the state, including weekly and daily newspapers, television and other media.

Northern Idaho… 7,429 more words
Idaho Department Of Labor

Will the cold winter in Europe impede recovery?

Much of the Europe ended 2014 with heavy snow and low temperatures and I just wanted to question whether this would act as an obstacle to Eurozone’s economic activity. 313 more words

Oil Falls, Dollar Rises, Stocks Get Confused

“Reality is that financial markets are self-destabilizing; occasionally they tend toward disequilibrium, not equilibrium.”  George Soros.

As we come close to the end of a volatile year in stocks, one sudden an unexpected development (for some surely it was expected) slowed down the pace of a typical Santa Claus rally, it caused a shallow pull back, and raised a lot of questions. 1,481 more words

Economic Activity

Most Hated Bull Still Running

“You know how advice is. You only want it if it agrees with what you wanted to do anyway.”  John Steinback, Author (1902-1968) 1,198 more words
Economic Activity