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Multiple Choice Quiz - Economic Change (Unit 3)

Hopefully revision is going well – here is a 40 question multiple choice quiz to test yourself on some of your work on Economic Change for Unit 3.


GeoTweet Revision - Employment Structure

A summary of tonight’s GeoTweet revision on Coastal Management can be found here…


The Next System Project: Can We Imagine a Future Worth Fighting For?

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By Community Wealth

April 6, 2015

We know that we have big problems: The climate situation is dire, inequality is on the rise, democracy’s been captured by corporations, and we have unprecedented numbers of people locked up in prisons and jails. 412 more words


How Green is Coke's PlantBottle?

Coca-Cola has recently been accused of green washing. Green washing is when a company claims to be environmentally safe and green, but yet operates in a way that is actually harmful to the environment. 304 more words

The Axis Turns

The axis is changing.

The Lord will pour out His glory upon countries that have been neglected and have been looked down on as the least in their regions.   209 more words