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What Do Revitalization Movements and Elections Have in Common? And Why Does It Matter...Especially Now?

Whenever my Anthropology of Religion class coincided with an election cycle, I would task students to bring to class examples in which a campaign showed characteristics of a  religious revitalization movement.   887 more words

Election 2016

Welcome to Contexting

Welcome to Contexting, a blog that comments upon contemporary life with an anthropological bent.   Why?  As an anthropologist, that’s what I’ll do even if I don’t plan to, so I might as well just tell you.   826 more words

Election 2016

What I do for work and why I think it matters.

I get asked these questions all the time: What is it you do for Actua? What is coding, what is computational thinking and why is it important? 308 more words

Come To The Fair!

In 1945, Rodgers and Hammerstein produced “State Fair”, a musical centering on the trip an Iowa farm family took to their state fair.   It was somewhat ironic that the songwriting duo chose this as a topic, since by the time the musical was made into a movie in the late 1950s, family farms and agricultural shows were disappearing.   626 more words

Chapter: Social Change - Beck & Purcell (2010). Popular Education for Youth and Community Development Work.

The author focuses on three foci of Social Change: Legal change, Economic Change and Individual Change and the need for a little of each in community-based campaigns. 21 more words


The defining moment of our time

By Jon Crooks

The UK and the world at large is in a bad place, heading in the wrong direction. To get out of this we need new economic systems and a new force in politics. 3,069 more words


The New Normal

The world has changed and it’s never going back to how it used to be again. This is for real and for ever. The evidence is abundant and unavoidable: 243 more words