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Vatican says ‘amoral’ financial system needs infusion of ethics, more regulation — The Crusader Journal

By Philip Pullella VATICAN CITY (Reuters) – The Vatican called for more regulation of markets and financial systems on Thursday, saying economic crises showed they were not able to govern themselves and needed a strong injection of morality and ethics.

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The Crusader Journal

Venezuelan Crisis - Death, Dread, and Decay

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So this post is special, because it highlights some important and horrible events that are happening in Venezuela. 1,390 more words


Global debt crisis ahead?

Argentina is seeking International Monetary Fund aid after a series of drastic interest rate rises failed to stop the slide in the peso, pushing the country towards a financial crisis. 991 more words


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NZ is balancing a mortgage debt time bomb. Will it blow? - Liam Dann.

We kid ourselves we’re wealthier because of capital gains on our homes but in reality our collective balance sheet is looking worse than ever.

Last week I wrote about the world’s total debt hitting a record $230 trillion. 862 more words

Economics 101

How Will Capitalism End? Essays on a Failing System - Wolfgang Streeck.

Capitalism is subject to ‘a long-term structural weakness’, namely ‘the technological displacement of labor by machinery. Electronicization will do to the middle class what mechanization has done to the working class, and it will do it much faster. 7,926 more words

Economics 101

Venezuela's Ecological Crisis

Venezuela’s Oil Industry Leaves Polluted Legacy

In Venezuela is Lake Maracaibo, the largest lake in the South America. It covers around 13,210 square kilometres and is not actually a lake as it is connected to the Gulf of Venezuela by the Tablazo Strait. 702 more words


GUNS & BOMBS. Donald Trump's hair-raising level of debt could bring us all crashing down - Ambrose Evans-Pritchard.

If there is such a thing as a capital crime in economics, it is Donald Trump’s exorbitant fiscal stimulus at the top of the cycle. … 1,110 more words

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