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Book Note: A Brief History of Neoliberalism by David Harvey

by Dan Miller.

The roots of the anti-establishment mood that was so visible this year in the US presidential primaries and the Brexit vote in the UK are no doubt many and complex. 830 more words


Big economic ideas: Breakthroughs and brickbats

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Erdogan’s revenge

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Big economic ideas

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IT IS easy enough to criticise economists: too superior, too blinkered, too often wrong. 142 more words

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Economics, politics and markets: Why people don't tend to forecast recessions

IN LATE 2008, during a briefing at the London School of Economics, Queen Elizabeth II famously asked why no-one had seen the downturn coming. There can be no better answer than the current furore over the outlook for the British economy in the wake of the vote to leave the EU. 184 more words

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Notley says slow Canadian economic growth part of NDP's case for pipelines

Premier Rachel Notley says a slowing Canadian economy will be a key part of her message to her fellow premiers as she pitches the need to get new pipeline projects built. 758 more words


The 'Web Bot' - Collective Human Consciousness As Predictor of Future Events

At the risk of climbing out on a limb MHB is bringing to readers’ attention a rather unusual project devised by an individual who goes by the YouTube handle ‘Clif High.’ He’s a former computer programmer who has developed a system, Asymmetric Linguistic Trends Analysis (ALTA), which collects massive amounts of data from the World Wide Web and algorhythmically processes the information to detect and analyze linguistic patterns from which future social, economic, and environmental events and conditions may be foreseen. 679 more words