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See below, “What is my organization’s best option for enhancing performance to the next level?”  At our next blog in two weeks, we will deal with: … 164 more words

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Denmark Central Warns Next Financial Crisis is Coming

The Danish Central Bank has come out to warn that there is another financial crisis ahead. The central bank identified several indicators that point to growing risks from its analysis perspective.

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Αλλαγή στρατηγικής στο Κυπριακό που να θέτει την Κύπρο εκτός τροχιάς ηγεμονίας της Τουρκίας

Η λύση Αναστασιάδη και των συμμάχων του θα υποχρεώνει ξένες χώρες να διαπραγματεύονται με την Άγκυρα για ό,τι θα αφορά την Κύπρο!

Ο Πρόεδρος της Δημοκρατίας Νίκος Αναστασιάδης υποκλίνεται στον υπουργό Εξωτερικών της Τουρκίας Μελβούτ Τσαβούσογλου στο Κραν Μοντάνα.


Venezuela's cryptocurrency plan means it could have two mismanaged currencies

Venezuela might be about to get a second currency, and it could be just as mismanaged as the first. Amid a severe social and economic crisis, Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro said his government plans to launch the “petro,” … 409 more words

An outsider's update on the Greek economy

I’ve been going to Greece every two to three years since 2001. I was in Greece in the European summer of 2004 when the city of Athens dazzled like a block of white marble in the sun. 992 more words

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Dealing with Denial: Cause and Cure of Brexit

For our understanding of history we like to distinguish between structural developments and contingencies.

Examples of structure would be the rise of the world population and Jared Diamond’s… 2,750 more words

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