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Reprint: Edificio España / The Building (Víctor Moreno, 2013)

This piece was originally posted on the old blog in October 2014 (how the film came to my attention is explained within the piece) – I have only edited it for clarity (some of my sentences are too long in the original version) and so that any dates referred to make sense. 3,051 more words


about "work"

another function that – work as rehabilitation/someone’s ability to (submit to) work (discipline) as a measure of their willingness to rehabilitate- ideology serves, is to hide from us the fact that work is contingent on the market, is not always available, and markets can be prone to recession. 11 more words

Ten years on: Where might the next crisis come from?

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TEN years ago, BNP Paribas, a French bank, temporarily suspended dealings in three funds, citing “the complete evaporation of liquidity in certain market segments of the US securitisation market”. 188 more words

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Reprint: En tierra extraña / In a Foreign Land (Icíar Bollaín, 2014)

This was originally posted on the old blog in October 2014 (my practice now when I reprint something from the old blog is to remove the original content and in its place leave a link to the post here) and is an extended version of the review I wrote for  1,639 more words

Cine Español

Front national 'refoundation'

 by Olfa Ayed writing in l’Humanitè

Future of France’s Front National: Interview with political scientist Jean-Yves Camus

Translated Tuesday 1 August 2017, by Tom Gil… 654 more words


The punishment continues: America’s new economic sanctions may hurt Russia’s recovery

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Do economic restrictions change Russian behaviour?

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The punishment continues

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Sanctions on Russia

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standard article … 113 more words

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Hermosa juventud (Beautiful Youth, 2014)

Directed by Jaime Rosales

Written by Jaime Rosales and Enric Rufas

Starring: Ingrid García Jonsson, Carlos Rodríguez, Inma Nieto


In December 2014, the Spanish Prime Minister  ̶  Mariano Rajoy  ̶  claimed that the economic crisis was ‘history’. 498 more words