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Mike Maloney: The Next Economic Crisis Will Never Resemble The Previous Ones

In this recent interview Mike Maloney of Gold Silver discusses the upcoming economic crash that is coming our way. It is unavoidable at this point and it is going to be nothing like the crashes we have seen in our past. Get ready.


Standard stuff: Timelier provisions may make banks’ profits and lending choppier

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Timelier loan-loss provisions may make earnings and lending choppier

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Stage fright

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Accounting and banks

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Mike caressed the worn woodwork in a way that he had never caressed his wife. Each dent and patch of sticky varnish rekindled memories beneath his fingertips; the chip where the ladder had fallen whilst decorating for Paddy’s Day; the dark red stain where Beth had dropped an entire bottle of rioja over a customer; the shreds of silver tinsel still stapled to the underside. 455 more words

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State Monopoly Capitalism published by Manifesto

Manifesto Press has published State Monopoly Capitalism. This monograph by Gretchen Binus, Beate Landefeld and Andreas Wehr, originally published in German, revisits the discussions on SMC theory in Germany, France, and the Soviet Union, demonstrating their contemporary relevance. 229 more words


Welcome to Option Solving (for dealing with your Decision Dilemmas) -also see latest examples below...and many more.


See below, “Peeling the Onion: What would be the most valuable approach our organization could take today to increase its people performance effectiveness?”  At our next blog in five weeks time (vacation due), we will deal with: … 155 more words

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Euro-zone to agree to a new Stabilization Lending Instrument proposal

The euro zone should agree on a mechanism to provide loans to countries hit by an economic crisis, without demanding reforms in return as in case of all the bailouts so far, the governor of the French central bank said on Thursday. 205 more words

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Mapping Human Dignity, and Redefining Borders in Contemporary Filmography


Currently, Ai Weiwei has put up works all around New York City in a multi-location and multi-disciplinary exhibition titled Good Fences Make Good Neighbors… 889 more words

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