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Terry McAuliffe 2020? Name one Democrat who can stop him

This piece first appeared April 25, 2017, on  Washington Examiner . Then Drudge linked to it on June 13, 2017. I say to my friends, “File this away!”) 826 more words

Economic Crisis

The Humanitarian Consequences of Chinese Steel and Rare Earth Elements

It shouldn’t just be American steel workers and steel companies outraged by the dumping of Chinese steel into America. All Americans should be outraged.

The humanitarian and environmental consequences of Chinese steel are very profound within its own country. 41 more words


David Rosenberg: Here are 10 tips for investing late (very late) in the business cycle

Where are we in the business cycle?


Just how late?

Very late.

In baseball parlance, I would say the bottom of the eighth. This long economic expansion and bull market run is into year number nine, and really is long in the tooth. 862 more words


The Economist explains: Why is Swedish monetary policy so loose?

Main image: 

THE Swedish economy is, by all accounts, booming. Output, adjusted for inflation, has grown by 2.8% on average since 2009 and rose by a robust 3.2% last year. 207 more words

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