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The Italian way to a better capitalism

Economic democracy is about creating the opportunity and ability for people to influence decisions that affect their personal economy. This could range from worker representation within a firm, through shareholder decisions on bonuses, to a government’s representatives being given first-hand understanding of how austerity will affect its people. 886 more words


The case for economic democracy

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Not since the 1930s have we lived in such economically precarious times, and not since then has capitalism been subjected to such intense and hostile scrutiny. 1,034 more words


Capitalism, Socialism, and Community

I have not posted here for almost a year now.
The primary reason for this has been that I have been placing my primary
energies at the service of the Social Democrats USA of which I am a member. 1,593 more words


An Alternative Socialism

While the headline in a national news weekly recently started with an article entitled “We Are All Socialists Now,” the reality is obviously quite different. From all appearances Capitalism has won the ideological war against socialism which began when socialism took the world stage during the first half of the 19th century. 1,297 more words