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Former Grand Jury Member calls B.S. on the system

We just love when people go all buck-wild and call their former colleagues out on their bullshit. Alfred Parodi, a former Humbolt County Grand Jury member, is no stranger to doing so. 504 more words

Reason #20: Superfast world-class internet

In 1992 a member of the Cedar Falls Municipal Utitilies Board Bill Appelgate attended a conference in Kansas City about municipal utilities building their own communications utility. 214 more words

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No Simple Solutions

“Poverty is extremely complex. Picture the poor caught in a spider-web of interwoven causes that trap them hopelessly while the marauding spiders of hunger, war, disease, ignorance, injustice, natural disasters, and exploitation prey upon them unrestrained.

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New five year economic development strategy passed through council

This may not be the sexiest post of the year but I was pretty chuffed that at our council meeting this week we adopted a new five year economic development strategy (the Fremantle Economic Development Strategy 2015-20). 286 more words


Our Maritime Heritage

Just when the weather turns warm and visions of sugared tourists are dancing in our heads comes more on our maritime embarrassments. The Bluenose, the money drain and symbol of maritime boat building and design skills has developed more steering problems. 434 more words

Economic Development


August 28, 2015

Soon, all the deals made by economic development authorities all over the state and country, will have a little sunshine on them, and the taxpayers that end up paying for those deals will have a… 497 more words

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Jim Roberts: Harbor candidate, lover of rainbows

As THC continues our look into the various Harbor District candidates, we swore to ourselves that we would avoid talking about Jim Roberts. The guy is just too easy to pick on. 403 more words