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Strengthening capacity for economic growth in developing countries

The growth of an economy is usually caused and sustained by three basic variable factors, which may broadly be identified as technological progress, capital accumulation, and growth in labor force. 462 more words


The Working Donkeys of Egypt

Egypt’s past and future jostle against one another when traveling down the side streets of Cairo. Taxis, mopeds, and old pickup trucks share undivided roads with camels that rest under the shade of tall… 3,431 more words

Economic Development

Military Safeguards Cuban Economy

Doing business in Cuba means doing business with the Cuban military. While the idea may be uncomfortable for some international executives, the armed forces are comparatively efficient and bribe-resistant. 126 more words


Some Low and Moderate Income Neighborhoods Have Higher Credit Possibilities Than Others

A report published by the Federal Reserve documented an important point. Some low and moderate income neighborhoods have an easier time getting credit than others. Why this is so is difficult to say. 1,205 more words

Affordable Housing

Economic Development

Economic Development has been a main focus of mine. I have dedicated time to work with the Economic Development Commission and the Manufacturing community to focus on jobs and training. 27 more words

Relief or Development?

As an organization and as individuals, we continue to wrestle with best practices to engage material poverty. We continue to rest on these definitions from Brian Fikkert and Steve Corbett in… 194 more words

Economic Development