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Space Ethics: Is Exploration a Moral Imperative? Why to Go or Stay Home

Space exploration is important to me. I think it is an important activity for humans, with important associated moral questions. I’ve written before about why I think… 1,028 more words

Brian Green


Authentic necessity is rooted firmly within our relationship with the world. Because of this Ecology is a science of Authentic Necessity. It is time for us to stop treating this science frivolously: it is not a New Age fantasy, nor should it be the object of cynicism or disdain that the politics of capital often tries to turn it into. 160 more words



This post includes a quote from my frenemy Tony, which is part of a much longer post on capitalism, and my response.  I think the texts speak for themselves, but I will be interested in your comments. 1,130 more words

Now this moves the ball downfield!

Grandson Andrew Hans Kloosterman moving the ball downfield.
Photo © Nelson D. Kloosterman

With this very helpful post, the discussion of “two kingdom theology” is surely being advanced! 185 more words

Christianity And Culture

H. Henry Meeter on the Bible and "the book of nature" in the Calvinist worldview

If you hurry, you can get this wonderful primer on classic Calvinism before Christmas. In fact, get a copy for each of your children . 828 more words

Christianity And Culture

H. Henry Meeter on the Bible and politics in the Calvinist worldview (3)

By now, those following carefully our presentation of material from Dr. H. Henry Meeter on “The Bible and Politics” will realize that, given the “sides” often portrayed in contemporary discussions of “natural law” and “two kingdoms,” Dr. 723 more words

Christianity And Culture