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Norris Quoted in the Portland Tribune

Economy on the Rise 

Portland Tribune
by John Vincent
January 26, 2016

Speaking before a packed Portland Business Alliance audience, economist John Mitchell predicted that the region’s economy will continue to expand at an annual rate of about two percent through 2016. 625 more words

Ferguson Wellman

The Worst Economic Expansion Since World War II Was Even Worse Than You Thought

Since the recession ended in June 2009, the economy has advanced at a 2.2% annual pace through the end of last year. That’s more than a half-percentage point worse than the next-weakest expansion of the past 70 years, the one from 2001 through 2007. 365 more words

Is the Verizon-AOL merger a sign of an overheating economy?

The announcement that Verizon is buying AOL has the financial media buzzing more for what it says about the future of the media and telecom businesses than for the pure size of the deal. 470 more words