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Chinese Navy Will Grow Stronger than the US, What for?

In its article “How Does China’s Navy Compare to America’s?”. Newsweek quotes Admiral Phil Davidson, a nominee to lead U.S. Pacific Command and current head of the Navy’s Fleet Forces Command on the East Coast, as saying at the Senate Armed Services Committee hearing that China “is no longer a rising power but an arrived great power and peer competitor.” 329 more words

Stocks May Tumble 10%, But Hang In There, $141 Billion Fund Says -- "Recession is not imminent in the U.S.”


By Adam Haigh

February 4, 2018, 7:42 PM EST


  Shane Oliver — AMP Capital Investors Ltd.



Equity investors are in for a further stomach-churning down-draft, but it will pay off to stay the course, according to AMP Capital Investors Ltd. 182 more words

Opinion: Donald Trump unmasks World Economic Forum in Davos

There was not really anything essentially new in US President Donald Trump’s speech in Davos. But his appearance there highlighted the well-known restrictions of the World Economic Forum, DW’s Andreas Becker writes. 509 more words

The Coming Boom?

We wrote more than a year ago about the steady if slow growth of the economy. Just as a slow-burning fire might last longer than a raging conflagration, we expected that the economic expansion would persist longer than some commentators believed. 421 more words

Mark Leibman

China’s Third Round of Peaceful Economic Expansion

In my post “China’s Second Round of Economic Expansion” yesterday, I regard overseas Chinese’ economic successes in Southeast Asia as China’s first round of peaceful economic expansion. 1,199 more words

Europe and China Compete for Belt and Road Projects in Iran

The US and pro-US media are unhappy about China’s Belt and Road initiative and even regard it as China’s attempt to replace the US as world leader. 539 more words

Global Growth in 2018 Will Be 'As Good As It Gets,' Goldman, Barclays Say

Outlooks for next year from Goldman Sachs Group Inc. and Barclays Plc predict global growth will reach 4%, with G7 economies expected to beat projections for the first time since 2010. 317 more words