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China Leans on Old-Time Drivers to Reach 6.8% Growth in Third Quarter -- Sixth straight quarter of overall capacity rising -- Productivity growth "hasn't happened"

The Chinese economy expanded at a robust 6.8% pace in the third quarter, meeting market expectations, as traditional growth drivers such as manufacturing and exports gained steam. 877 more words


And Happy Birthday, Economic Recovery!

Picture this—it’s Friday afternoon, your work is done, and you have the weekend ahead of you. But what makes this weekend different from any other weekend is that two-week vacation following it. 1,626 more words

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The Current Stock Market Bubble Shall Soon Explode

The latest in a long line of stock market bubbles is being fueled by record amounts of debt according to the New York Stock Exchange. This debt is called “buying on margin” (BOM). 414 more words

Income Redistributed to the Rich: The Precarious State of Family Balance Sheets

The US government has been redistributing income from the 99 to the 1 percent for the last thirty-five years. The result of this government created income and wealth inequality has been an economy far weaker in virtually all measurements than any of the last century. 324 more words