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Public servants and their inefficient ways

Society has always needed scape goats for its many failures, it makes it easier if one can identify a person or group responsible for these failures, it avoids any difficult soul searching into the real cause of the problem. 2,004 more words


Famous last headlines

In the The New York Times on this day in 1924: "Hitler…No longer to be feared." http://t.co/lGiopIUCDT
Matt Zwolinski (@Mattzwolinski) October 03, 2014

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Has there been any labour market deregulation ever in the UK, Australia or New Zealand?

Major deregulations and re-regulations of the labour market in Australia and New Zealand did not move the employment protection inducts around that much in figure 1. 85 more words

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Congress is more polarized than any time since the 1970s

And it's not just the public – Congress is more polarized than any time since the 1970s: pewrsr.ch/SCAUr3 http://t.co/ccjXByaTdY
Drew DeSilver (@DrewDeSilver) June 12, 2014

Politics - USA