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A Note on the Econometric Evaluation of Presidents

Sometimes, I feel that some authors simply evolve separately from all those who might be critical of their opinions. I feel that this hurts the discipline of economics since it is better to confront potentially discomforting opinions. 332 more words


Economies of scope are underappreciated

Today in my antitrust and regulation class we talked about natural monopoly theory and what drives the natural monopoly cost structure. A lot of times in practical conversation with regulators and industry we talk about economies of scale, the decrease in average cost of production as the quantity produced increases, as being the main factor behind the natural monopoly structure and the associated theory on which utility regulation is based. 456 more words


Peak Coffee?

Coffee consumption in the world's major economies over the last 50 years. pic.twitter.com/uiyENfDeSi

— Robert Wilson (@CountCarbon) February 1, 2016

Economic History

Economic history at the seminar series

This afternoon we had the distinct pleasure of hosting Ed Kerby of LEAP at the School/TRADE seminar series. Ed presented a paper on the role that Asian migration and business networks played in international trade in the 1970’s and 80’s in South Africa. 62 more words

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