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Money is a mode of governance in a material world of capitalism

Money travels the modern world in disguise. It looks like a convention of human exchange – a commodity like gold or a medium like language. But its history reveals that money is a very different matter. 356 more words


Post-war reconstruction then Eurosclerosis – Germany, Italy and France 1950-2013

Figure 1: Real GDP per German, Italian and French aged 15-64, converted to 2013 price level with updated 2005 EKS purchasing power parities, 1950-2013

Source: Computed from OECD Stat Extract and The Conference Board, Total Database, January 2014, … 159 more words

Economic History

Swedosclerosis and the British disease compared, 1950–2013

In 1970, Sweden was labelled as the closest thing we could get to Utopia. Both the welfare state and rapid economic growth – twice as fast as the USA for the previous 100 years. 1,244 more words

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