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Creative destruction in book production

Scribes – Gutenberg – steam power – the internet

Productivity increase in book production over time http://t.co/yuvD7esnD1
Max Roser (@MaxCRoser) September 23, 2015

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Will Auckland become like San Francisco?

Nearly TWO OUT OF THREE homes in San Francisco are worth over $1 milion http://t.co/5TCkBLWiJ5 pic.twitter.com/zqJfJhdsGt

— Josh Zumbrun (@JoshZumbrun) October 9, 2015

Mailer for Prop I — officially "Mission District Housing Moratorium" — does not mention the moratorium.

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Refugee populations by country of asylum – UK, USA, France and Germany since 1960

I had to use two charts because Germany hosted so many refugees after in the early 1990s that it made the reading the remaining data not possible because of the scale of the axis. 12 more words

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Map of cables laid internationally

The Internet underwater.
Map of cables laid internationally.

(by The Guardian) http://t.co/FrBpHsTs7t
Max Roser (@MaxCRoser) September 19, 2015

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British, French, German and Italian asylum seeker intake since 1980

The Germans admitted so many asylum seekers in the early 1990s that I have had to reproduce the graph without Germany so some meaningful interpretation can be made of the three other countries. 83 more words

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