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Why Oasis Refused to Play to 1.75 Million People

With over 20 years having passed since Oasis played what, at the time were the biggest concerts ever on British shores, it’s easy to forget just how big the Manchester group were. 690 more words


Washington voters reject historic carbon tax proposal

This refinery, operated by Texas-based Tesoro Corp., is one of Washington’s major sources of greenhouse gas emissions. Image courtesy Wikimedia.

Voters in Washington state defeated last week the nation’s first proposal to enact a tax on carbon dioxide emissions. 999 more words

Climate Change

Incentive to Conserve: Mechanisms Under Kenyan Law

The newly published draft guidelines under the Wildlife Conservation and Management Act, No. 47 of 2013 cited Wildlife Conservation and Management (Community Participation) Regulations 2016 provide a mechanism for community participation in conservation. 174 more words

Business leadership and the making and punishing of unethical employees

A study published in the current issue of Business Ethics Quarterly links ethical leadership with improved engagement of employees at work, greater employee voice and lower intentions for employees to exit. 507 more words

Ethics And Morality


Interview #1

Hey, sports fans, fall is in the air, the groundhog can see his shadow, and we all know what that means: SIX MORE WEEKS OF BASEBALL! 640 more words


Where Should All the Coal Miners Go? – Pacific Standard

An interesting discussion about the failures and lessons for broad scale retraining programs.

My own thought is that we need to buy out the homes of displaced workers at the higher of either their purchase cost or the assessed value to facilitate moving to a new job location. 10 more words

Other Economic Thoughts

How to misconstrue statistics in your favor: an example arguing against SB 32

This blog post on Fox & Hounds is an example of how to take statistics of one cause-and-effect relationship and misapply them to another situation. In this case, this graphic above shows how GHG emissions have dropped dramatically in states that used to burn coal to generate electricity, but now rely much more on natural gas. 175 more words