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A Much Better Way to do Tax Reform

My last two posts, here and here, have pointed out the folly of the tax plans of the presidential candidates from both parties:

  • The Republican plans would stimulate the economy but at a cost of huge increases in the national debt, even using dynamic scoring to take into account the growth effects of these plans.
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Jack Heidel

The Politics of Distrust

I define myself as a fiscal conservative with a social conscience, because I want to address budget deficits and income inequality at the same time.  295 more words

Jack Heidel

A Fiscal Conservative with a Social Conscience

My last two blogs were “Why racism exists in America” and “Educare and the Academic Achievement Gap.”  I often describe myself as a fiscal conservative but it would be more accurate to say that I am a… 294 more words

Jack Heidel

"Moneyed Elites Get Richer The Old-Fashioned Way; Stealing": Preferential Tax Treatment For The Narcissistic Money Manipulators

With the 2016 presidential campaigns in full swing, the burdens of the working middle class have taken center stage. And believe it or not, there is bipartisan support from the frontrunners on a key issue brought up over and over again. 629 more words


"Why The GOP Is The True Party Of 'Free Stuff'": Bush’s Logrolling Directs Almost All The Benefits To People Who Don’t Need It

While other candidates are a lot crazier, Jeb Bush is clearly the most fumble-brained option in the presidential race. He can’t seem to string two words together without committing a grievous political faux pas. 804 more words


"Ornery People R Us": Anxiety Is Pervasive On Both Sides Of Political Spectrum

In achieving their improbable surges in presidential polling, Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump have profited from the same wellspring of anxiety, a deep-seated fear about the future that is rising across the land. 666 more words


The GOP debates, Jesus, and inequality

Poverty and Inequality Are Everybody’s Problem

by Rev. Paul J. Bern

As I was watching the GOP presidential debates this past week, I was struck by the fact that several key issues were completely ignored. 1,601 more words

Economic Inequality