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"Your Dollars At Work — For The Rich": We’re Not Talking Trickle Here, We’re Talking Cascading To Privatize Everything

Conservative pundits and politicians routinely divide our U.S. economy into two totally distinct spheres. We have the noble private sector over here, they tell us, and the bumbling, bloated public sector over there. 584 more words


Truro Quakers open letter to parliamentary candidates

Sarah Newton MP and Conservative Party parliamentary candidate
Rik Evans, National Health Party parliamentary candidate
Simon Rix, Liberal Democrat Party parliamentary candidate
Stephen Richardson, Mebyon Kernow Party parliamentary candidate… 436 more words

Economic Inequality

Truro Quakers open letter to Truro Business Improvement District on the Living Wage

Neill Scott, Manager
Truro Business Improvement District
56 Fairmantle Street

Dear  Mr Scott                                                     11 March 2015

A Living Wage for Truro

As the election draws near, we felt it important to raise with you as the manager of the Business Improvement District, with Truro Chamber of Commerce  and with parliamentary candidates our concerns over growing inequality and poverty. 600 more words

Economic Inequality

Truro Quakers open letter to Truro Chamber of Commerce on the Living Wage

Truro Chamber of Commerce
Municipal Building
Boscawen Street

Dear  members                                         11 March 2015

The Living Wage

As the election draws near we have decided to send an open letter to all parliamentary candidates about growing inequality. 531 more words

Economic Inequality

"Clinton Must Address Income Inequality In 2016": Hillary Needs A Set Of Policies That Go Beyond Raising The Minimum Wage

Poor Hillary Clinton. She’s rich. And that’s a problem for her presidential campaign.

Even as the economy finally mounts an apparently sustained recovery, income inequality remains a primary worry for American voters. 660 more words


"Nickel And Dimed": The Very Real Scourge Of Wage Theft

Last week, the owner of a chain of Papa John’s was ordered to pay $800,000 in back pay to workers he’d shortchanged by rounding down to the nearest hour on their time cards and failing to pay overtime properly. 1,083 more words


"The Insurgent Strategy": It's Going To Be Hard To Convince Voters Of Republicans' Compassion On The Economy

In recent months, Republicans have been searching for ways to talk about the economy that go beyond their traditional supply-side focus on growth, which says that if we do a few key things (cut taxes, reduce regulations), the economy will grow and everyone will benefit. 628 more words