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Why Inequality Is Harmful and What to Do About It


I describe this blog as addressing our fiscal and economic problems, meaning deficits and debt on the one hand and slow economic growth on the other.  336 more words

Jack Heidel

"Race, Class And Neglect": Baltimore, And America, Don’t Have To Be As Unjust As They Are

Every time you’re tempted to say that America is moving forward on race — that prejudice is no longer as important as it used to be — along comes an atrocity to puncture your complacency. 783 more words


Will Wage Stagnation Continue Indefinitely?

It is widely deplored that wages for both middle- and lower-income workers are stagnant and have not even recovered from where they were before the beginning of the Great Recession.  261 more words

Jack Heidel

"Bernie Sanders’ Presidential Run Really Matters. Here’s Why": The More Attention He gets, The More Attention Economic Inequality Gets

Vermont senator Bernie Sanders is officially running for president, meaning that there will be at least two contestants in the Democratic race (after what’s been going on in the city where he was mayor for eight years, Martin O’Malley may be reconsidering). 693 more words


"Field Starting To Get Pretty Crowded": Everyone’s Hopping On The Populist Bandwagon; Will It Lead To Actual Policy Change?

There’s no shortage of groups and people who want the 2016 presidential race to be about their issue of choice, hoping that all the candidates will be forced to answer their questions and maybe even support their preferred policy solutions. 720 more words


"Demand A Higher Wage, People!": The Status Quo Of Wage Injustice And Greed-Driven Inequality Relies On Our Complicity

Chasten Florence was on his lunch break when he decided to join a protest outside a McDonald’s in New York City on Wednesday. To be honest, Florence wasn’t really sure what he was helping protest. 863 more words

Economic Inequality

"Heightening Inequality To Even More Astronomical Levels": If Inequality Worries Republicans, Why Do They Keep Making It Worse?

You can tell things have gotten very bad when the issue of economic inequality — a serious national problem mostly ignored for more than three decades — is suddenly in political vogue. 689 more words