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"Clinton Must Address Income Inequality In 2016": Hillary Needs A Set Of Policies That Go Beyond Raising The Minimum Wage

Poor Hillary Clinton. She’s rich. And that’s a problem for her presidential campaign.

Even as the economy finally mounts an apparently sustained recovery, income inequality remains a primary worry for American voters. 660 more words


"Nickel And Dimed": The Very Real Scourge Of Wage Theft

Last week, the owner of a chain of Papa John’s was ordered to pay $800,000 in back pay to workers he’d shortchanged by rounding down to the nearest hour on their time cards and failing to pay overtime properly. 1,083 more words


"The Insurgent Strategy": It's Going To Be Hard To Convince Voters Of Republicans' Compassion On The Economy

In recent months, Republicans have been searching for ways to talk about the economy that go beyond their traditional supply-side focus on growth, which says that if we do a few key things (cut taxes, reduce regulations), the economy will grow and everyone will benefit. 628 more words


"More Worried About Their Reputation": Republicans Don’t Really Care About Inequality

The Republican Party appears to accept that poverty and the inequities of wealth and political power that have prevailed over the last 15 years are issues it can no longer ignore. 788 more words


"Keeping Desperation As High As Possible": Why The Greedy Upper Class Loves The GOP

Last week, Reihan Salam took a whack at America’s upper class in Slate. His charge? That the upper class uses its considerable political clout to protect itself from competition and keep its own incomes high, thus making life harder on everyone else further down the economic ladder. 1,119 more words


"The GOP; Still The Party Of Stupid": Scott Walker's Speech Was A Little More Than A Series Of Red-Meat Appetizers And Entrees

Mitt Romney definitely had his down sides as a candidate: the retread factor, and, as I noted two weeks ago, the fact that he made all those dramatic and (apparently) wrong predictions about the future of the economy. 953 more words


"Efforts To Reposition Themselves": Can Republicans Create Their Own Credible Economic Populism In Time For 2016?

When Republicans trooped to Iowa over the weekend for Steve King’s “Freedom Summit,” it was as much of a dash to the right as you would have expected from an event hosted by perhaps the most fervently anti-immigrant member of Congress, in a state whose presidential caucus was won by Rick Santorum in 2012 and Mike Huckabee in 2008. 738 more words